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Indonesia Starts Expelling Invaders

The Republic of Indonesia has started with a large-scale program…
Africans Paying Thousands to Invade US

Africans pretending to be refugees are paying thousands of dollars…
Lutherans Pushing Invaders on North Dakota

The Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota (LSSND) has been…
US Black/Jewish Alliance—But Not in Israel

The Jewish supremacist “Foundation for Ethnic Understanding” and the Anti-Defamation…
NPD Celebrates Victory over Stasi State

“Our commitment to the people of Germany is not unconstitutional,”…
Mexico-California Tunnels Reopened

Many of the tunnels dug by drug cartels and people…

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Five More ISIS “Immigrants” Arrested in Spain, Hungary

Five more armed nonwhite invaders—all apparently legal immigrants—with European citizenships were arrested last week in…
German Govt. Ignored Invaders’ Fake Passports

Hanson Won’t Go to Trump Inauguration

Strache: Zero Immigration, Ban on Islam

Trump: Merkel’s “Catastrophic Refugee Mistake”

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ICE Deportations Hit 10-Year Low

“Interior deportations”—that is, of illegal invaders inside the U.S.—totaled 65,332 out of an estimated population of 12 illegal million aliens, a ten-year low, a new…
Goblin Attacks Sweep Zimbabwe

25,800 “Children” Invaded Italy

EU Ships 10,000 Invaders Northwest

Greek Minister: Invaders Not “Refugees”

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Longtime black supremacist and hater of white people, Rev. Al Sharpton, has promised a “season of civil disobedience” in reaction to the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general in the Trump administration.

A boatload of Africans who last week set sail from Sabratha in western Libya in an attempt to invade Europe, have had their hopes dashed by their extremely poor navigational skills—as after a three-day journey, they only succeeded in landing back on the Libyan coast.

Hundreds of Africans are illegally crossing the unprotected U.S.–Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota—and claiming “asylum” in Canada, even though there is no reason to “flee” the U.S.

Third World invaders in Germany committed one crime every two minutes during the first nine months of 2016, including at least 366 murders/attempted murders, and 214,600 other serious crimes—or 32 crimes every hour, 787 per day, and 23,844 every month, an official police report has revealed.

Israel’s brazen interference in British politics has been revealed once again with the covert filming of the senior Jewish political officer at its London embassy boasting that he is going to “take down” senior politicians who are hostile to illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Over 100 shopping malls across America have implemented a curfew on “unaccompanied teens” after 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays after thousands of blacks rioted in shopping centers for the second year in a row the day after Christmas.

The controlled media has used kosher conservative news outlet Breitbart’s exaggeration and errors in reporting the invader New Year’s Eve chaos in Dortmund, Germany, to launch a general attack on the true events of the evening—which were first correctly reported in English by the New Observer.

The Anti-Racist Hitler Returns

Johnny Racist I

How the Whites Took over America

Johnny Racist II

How Whites Took over America II

The Endgame: White Genocide