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Can NASA be Saved by Private Enterprise? New SpaceX Space Taxi Unveiled

May. 30 | The failure of America’s formerly world-leading National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to produce a replacement to the space shuttle fleet has opened the way for... Read more»

Latin America/Caribbean

Growing-up in Haiti

A Third World Disaster Zone: UN Report on Haiti, 2013

Mar. 11 | Haiti, the world’s oldest black republic, which is only 28 years younger than the United States of America, has been described as dysfunctional, corrupt, inhumane, and illiterate... Read more»



The World’s Shortest Books

May. 3 |   MY BLACK GIRLFRIENDS By Tiger Woods THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY COUNTRY By Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan & Michelle Obama Illustrated by Michael Moore Foreword by George Soros... Read more»



Vikings were “Real People” and Not Just Marauders, New Analysis of their Social Networking Shows

Oct. 6 | A modern analysis of social networks detailed in the Íslendinga sögur—the Sagas of Icelanders—manuscripts by a team of mathematicians from the Applied Mathematics Research... Read more»



Chinese Government Funds $1.5 Billion Drive to Discover Genetic Basis of IQ

Sep. 17 | The Chinese government—unrestrained by the deluded far-left political insanity which has the white West in a death grip—has set up a $1.5 billion project to identify for once... Read more»



‘Muslim Brotherhood – Get out of Australia’ Protest Report

Oct. 30 | The Australian federal government’s “open borders” immigration policy is negatively affecting all Australian cities and suburbs and in the process making many Australians... Read more»