¼ Million Invaders Unregistered in Germany

The German government has admitted that more than a quarter of a million nonwhite invaders have entered that country this year without being registered.


The shocking admission has been reported by the Bild newspaper, which said that the “refugee crisis is still not under control” despite German government assurances to the contrary.

According to the plan laid out by the government, all the invaders were supposed to have been placed on a central register with name, photograph, and fingerprints recorded for control purposes.

Of course, the traitor German government was working on the deluded basis that all the nonwhite invaders were genuinely “refugees” who were “fleeing war” and not just Third World parasites seeking to leech off the European welfare system.

As a result, huge numbers of the invaders have simply vanished after being granted access to Europe.

The Bild newspaper said that the problem has been exacerbated by a “lack of premises, staff, and equipment,” on the German side.

“Therefore,” the Bild newspaper said, an “absurd shuttle traffic carries on in Bavaria: because their [the invaders’] data cannot be collected at the [border crossing] centers in Freilassing and Passau, the asylum seekers are transported hundreds of kilometers by shuttle bus to registration centers in Munich.”

This poses all sorts of problems, including the fact that once in Germany at the border, there is no real control on the invading hordes’ further movement.

“This distribution system is cumbersome and is frighteningly full of holes,” a senior government official told Bild.

“Nationwide, we are seeing a ‘shrinkage’ of about 30 percent of the refugees, and in Baden-Württemberg even 50 percent,” the government official said.

This effectively means that at least one out of every three nonwhite invaders “vanishes” before they are registered. “Overall, this is about 250,000 people, but we do not have exact figures,” the government official continued.

“We don’t even know if they are still in Germany,” he said, adding that the invaders had also learned how to activate the emergency alarm brakes on trains and buses. Once the vehicle stops, the official said, the invaders “just jump out and vanish.”

The Bild—like the rest of the controlled media in Germany—is always trying to put a “positive” spin on the situation, then goes on to assure its readers that those invaders who “go underground do not receive social benefits from the state.”

However, the very last sentence in the Bild article offers a rare honest insight into the danger posed by the nonwhite invasion: “A government official told Bild: This means that they will engage in criminal activities—which is a massive security problem!”

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  1. Of course they are disappearing so they can make a lot of money through drugs, theft and prostitution. All pay better than sweeping factory floors. They are laughing at the fool that is Angela Merkel. And yes there are terrorist cells too so the next few years will get interesting.

  2. As some politicians from the ruling party CDU stated before: the Mekel’s “plan” is that there is no plan. The more I hear about her many screw-ups, the more I believe that – sad!
    That old bag should be rather playing with her grandchildren … oops, I forgot she never had children “)

  3. In Order to perpetuate the memory of the deed: let it be known to each and everyone concerned… The Most Powerful Prince and Lord Leopold on the one side , and the Most Serene.. Lord Sultan Mustaffa Han, Emperor of the Ottomans… were moved to compassion, by the extremely distressing fate of their subjects… resolved in earnest to put an end to such great evils for the human race which were daily increasing… the solemn treaties for that purpose were brought to completion. Article lX Let it remain hereafter illegal in future times to give refuge or comfort to evil men, subject rebels, or malcontents, rather each party should be bound to inflict the deserved punishment on men of that type, and all robbers, and thieves, even if they are subjects of the other party rather than the one in whose sovereignty they are captured. Taken from the Treaty of Carlowitz January 26 1699.
    If you can spot the people who give refuge to evil men, rebels, malcontents, robbers or thieves they are participating in a Crime against Peace see the Charter of the Military Tribunal which met at Nuremberg Article 6a and this falls within the Jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of International Justice to sort out their problem and bring them to trial. (Article 36, Statute of the International Court of Justice.)

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