1 Murder Every 3 Days in Nonwhite Overrun London and New York City

There has been one murder every three days in the nonwhite overrun cities of London, England, and New York, USA, so far this year, according to official statistics—the inevitable and direct consequences  of mass Third World immigration which has ethnically cleansed both those cities of most of their white residents.

According to a report in the UK’s Sunday Times, there have been 37 murders in the British capital city so far this year, compared to the 35 in New York City.

The Sunday Times—part of the race-denying establishment—pointed out that both cities have populations of “almost exactly the same population.” (In reality, New York has a population of 8.5 million, while London has a population of 8.7 million).

London’s murder rate has grown by nearly 40 per cent in just three years, not including deaths caused by terrorist attacks, the report added.

In New York, the police investigated 290 homicides during 2017, down 45 from the previous year, while they also recorded 784 shootings.

Non-Hispanic “whites” in New York city make up 35 percent of the city’s population (a figure which includes millions of Jews, which means that the actual European-origin population is even smaller), while British whites became a minority in London six years ago already.

According to the most recently available crime reports from the New York Police Department, “Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City  (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2016),” murder and “non-negligent manslaughter” suspects were only 6.8 percent white, 56 percent black, 35 percent Hispanic, and the rest other races.

The Metropolitan Police in London do not release suspect data by race—a practice which was stopped after the last such report showed similar racial data to New York—but a review of their press release database quickly reveals that the vast majority of their suspects are nonwhite as well.

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  1. The London police and the rest of the UK police are unwilling to pin point the reason for the violence and grooming of children that plague British cities namely Third World immigration. UK police are weak, liberal and stifled by political correctness.

    They are building more and more houses in London to accommodate the non whites and their off spring creating more and more densely packed ghettos where crime and third world living will flourish. Look at a city like Johannesburg to see what the future holds. The Whites in London and most English cities are not even strong enough in numbers to vote themselves out of this spiral of decay now.

    1. So totally true with regards to the inability to change anything through the ballot box. This has been creeping up since the arrival of the Caribbean people in the late 1940’s who supported the UK during WWII. The early arrivals came from shacks, totally incapable of understanding housing with toilets, kitchens, refuse collection and many other aspects of the way of life of most people living in London in those years. Politicians keep banging on about social cohesion, yet how many live in a predominately area of non-British Christian people? There will never be such cohesion irrespective of what laws exist to prevent open disagreement to government policies and those laws. Glad to be over 70, and I despair for the next 3/4 generations who will have to fund the madness of the last 30 years of incompetent politicians whose one and only thought is getting people to vote for them. Perhaps I should call myself Guy Fawkes?

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