100 Molenbeeks in France

There are at least one hundred neighborhoods like Molenbeek in France, that country’s Minister for Cities, Patrick Kanner, has announced—another indication of how legal nonwhite immigration is overrunning Europe.

Speaking on French radio, Kanner said that previous riots in the nonwhite dominated regions had already created radical enclaves of Salafism in France.


Asked about the Brussels suburb—now infamous as the headquarters of Islamic terrorists after being ethnically cleansed of whites by legal and illegal nonwhite immigration, Kanner described Molenbeek as a “huge concentration of poverty and unemployment.”

It is, he said, a region run by a “mafia system with an underground economy, where public services have disappeared or almost disappeared, and where elected officials have given up.”

“There are right now, you know, a hundred neighborhoods in France which have the potential similarities with what happened in Molenbeek,” he added.

“The 2005 riots have clearly allowed Salafism to develop [in these suburbs] and an exposure of the youth to [radicals] moving into the neighborhoods,” Kanner continued.

It is not only in France where fears have been raised of Molenbeek-style nonwhite ghettos forming. According to an article in the German Die Welt newspaper, the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party’s Bundestag parliamentary caucus has also raised the possibility of “Molenbeeks” appearing in that country.

Seeming to forget that it was their own policies which have allowed the nonwhites to flood into Germany, the CDU Bundestag group made the warning about “ghetto formations” in German cities after the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

In such ghettos, interior affairs group spokesman told Die Welt, “radicalization is taking place through personal contacts. The current events in the Brussels district of Molenbeek show this danger very clearly.”

The CDU’s concerns were dismissed by their Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) allies, in the form of Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, who said that it was “not possible for neighborhoods such as Molenbeek to arise” in Germany.

He was, of course, lying, as there are already several suburbs in many German cities which are nonwhite—and Muslim—ghettos, with the largest being in Berlin where an estimated quarter of a million Turks already live, most of whom have arrived there through legal immigration.

Die Welt went on to point out that Berlin and Hamburg are the two cities in Germany which “have a problem with potential Islamist terrorists.”

According to that paper, the police are currently monitoring 447 Islamists in both those cities. The police described these Islamists as “dangerous fanatics capable of a significant attack.”

A particular danger is posed, the police said, by Muslims who have German nationality, and who have returned from service with ISIS in Syria or in Iraq.

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  1. Quote…” a region run by a “mafia system with an underground economy, where public services have disappeared or almost disappeared, and where elected officials have given up”
    You don`t say !!

    Whites across Europe [excluding libtards ] have been saying this for years.
    The `mafia culture` is now endemic across Europe because politicians have allowed it to fester unchallenged, having been imported from cesspits where it`s the norm.
    Supposedly brought here to further “diversity” and our “cultural enrichment” `
    As for `certain` Muslims posing a particular danger. HELLO politicians !!!! Breaking News!
    They ALL pose a danger ! They worship Islam.

  2. In France, there are parts of towns called ‘Zones Urbaines Sensibles’, known as Zus for short. There seems dispute about the rule of law there; in accordance with the usual media/sociology lies, they are called ‘deprived’, even if illegals there are living better lives than their homelands, or for that matter some of the French. There are at least 750 of them and have been for years; so I think the 100 specially mentioned must be the most difficult and dangerous. It’s hard to be sure: no doubt the French, like others, are legally prevented from collecting or telling the truth by laws of the Fabius-Gayssot type.

  3. soon there will be no france they are getting uprooted in their own country where are all the french people going to go america

    1. The best part of a Trump victory will be when he visits Merkel. Love to be a fly on that wall. Sure we’ll see a reversal of lunacy then.

  4. Sharia law is used in the UK but is not publicised, and no one, certainly not any politician of any party will admit it to their constituents if ever asked. Build a wall around these enclaves and starve them out. Yjose that ope to leave get deported.

    1. There are 85 sharia courts currently operating in the UK – possibly more – using the `start off small … end up big` ploy.
      Such moslime “toe in the door” techniques work every time on gormless UK politicians.

  5. The dog under control in the photo, should be let loose. Notice the nervousness of the enemy. 100 dogs let loose through Molenbeek!

  6. Isn’t this all part of the “master plan” to soften up the EU and make the vision of one nation a reality. By destroying the part of us that makes us German Dutch British French etc. The instability since the 9/11 lie, followed by gulf war then followed again by the engineered financial crash is all just part of it. New World Order is coming to a street near you, don’t you just love the filthy rich. They term us as “useless feeders” I term them the enemy!!

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