Italy Braces for 10,000 Invaders a Week

More than 5,000 sub-Saharan Africans landed in Italy last week, and coast guard monitors are predicting another 10,000 this week—an indication that the cross-Mediterranean route of attack is now once again in full swing.

Intelligence sources quoted by the media in Austria have confirmed that the government is now bracing for a renewed invasion over the “Alpine route.”

african invaders

According to a report in Austria’s Kronen Zeitung newspaper, the threat of over 10,000 Africans invading Italy per week—and then moving up into Austria and Germany—has triggered an “alarm” amongst Austrian authorities.

As a result, the Austrian government has already started placing troops at the Brenner Pass with Italy.

“The weather in the Mediterranean is now good, and a very large number of boats have been spotted leaving the North African coast for Italy,” the Kronen Zeitung quoted a military intelligence source as saying.

The European Union’s border protection service, Frontex, and its allied NATO patrol vessels are still barred from intercepting the boats and turning them back—as would be the case under any normal political setup.

Instead, they are limited to merely reporting the presence of the boats and can only intervene if the vessels start sinking.

Then the invaders are rescued, taken on board, and ferried the rest of their way to Europe in comfort.

“In any event, none of these people are war refugees,” the military source told the Kronen Zeitung.

The newspaper also revealed that a current graphic from the EU’s “crisis committee” had been leaked which contained a breakdown of the nationalities of those invaders coming over the Mediterranean.

Most of them come from Nigeria (18 percent), Gambia (15 percent), Senegal (10 percent), Mali (9 percent), Guinea and the Ivory Coast (8 percent), and 5 percent from Morocco.


The Kronen Zeitung pointed out that none of these invaders could in any sense be classed as “war refugees,” and that Morocco was in fact a holiday destination every year for “thousands of Austrians.”

This fact alone proved that the Moroccans coming over the Mediterranean are simply invaders seeking to parasite off Europeans.

The paper went on to reveal that the Austrian government had prepared a crisis unit to “deal with the arrival of this next influx.”

“In about a week, the ‘migrants’ will have passed through Italy and will arrive at the Brenner Pass,” the sources told the Kronen Zeitung.

“Since the German government is already pushing Moroccans and people from West Africa back into Austria, we have to assume that this will happen again,” the source continued.

Therefore, the official said, the plan was to halt the invaders at the border and push then back into Italy.

The Austrian government is well aware of the potential political explosiveness of this policy, the paper concluded.

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  1. Hope Austrians stay strong and remember die Schacht am Kahlen Berge aka the battle of Vienna. It will only get worse

  2. It’s time to put an end to this PC nonsense before Europe is on its knees. Until decisive action is taken and these migrant boats are turned around and sent back to where they came from this is only going to continue.

    Once word gets out that there is no entry in to Europe this will soon stop, or at least will be drastically reduced.

    It is well past time to use force if necessary to get the message across that illegal immigration is ILLEGAL

    1. Sorry Mr Angry, you will soon be Mr Bloody Furious when you realise that the decisions have already been made by the UN & EU that the great invasion will continue in order to implement the New World Order agenda.
      Under the UN & EU nothing they want is illegal. Only a military coup will get anywhere close to restoring the status quo. Problem with this scenario is that NATO forces stand in the way. The left are very well positioned to do anything they want to. I don’t think the NATO forces could be persuaded to revolt!

      1. Not to mention the carefully crafted legislation that has been put in place surreptitiously over the decades in preparation for this event. In effect, anti-immigrant legislation with penalties for the indigenous populations of Europe should they object……………….

    2. Ship Merkel to Africa, make her rescind her invitations on TV, radio and a soap box in the village square. Then, put her up for auction as the best that European womanhood has to offer. If that doesn’t stop the people smugglers in their tracks, nothing will.

  3. Unfortunately the unelected politicians in Brussels and that disgusting woman called MERKEL are calling the shots.
    The German politicians here in Germany are clinging to their jobs for dear life and are to cowardly to open their traps.
    We have “anti-white “police that arrest and charge people if they speak out against the invasion but it seems the invaders are free to rape, steal and treat us Germans like “crap” and the cops will sometimes arrest one or two of them but within a hour or so….they are free again to carry on with their pillage. VERY SAD AND DEPRESSING

    1. Well Dixie, we all know what the answer to this is! We just need someone over there to make the first move. Some group or person will have to cause the “authorities” to act act in way that inflames the masses. Once the people start to move nobody can stop them.
      Problem is that Europeans have been brainwashed to the extent that they will just lay down & die before revolting.
      Either you act now or just simply accept your fate. That’s what you have been taught to do!

  4. Crazy. After WWII, the Allies ethnically cleansed Eastern Europe and pushed the Volksdeutsche (ethnic German civilians) into Austria and Germany. Now they expect Germany to accept all the riff raff and human trash from Africa and the Middle East, too?

  5. The question that must be asked is this:

    Just why is the EU racially discriminating against Syrians?

    Why is it that Syrians who land in EU territory are summarily deported, whilst black Africans are allowed to stay?
    Why are black Africans ‘more worthy’ than Syrians?

    1. This was never about genuine refugees, that was a red herring. Smoking out the wasp’s nest was the plan, and poor sickly migrants, women and children don’t figure in the plan, despite media showing otherwise, to trick the sheeple. Strong, young male ethnic creatures are needed to impregnate our womenfolk for a diluted race of complicity. A sprinkling of reality dust for the sheeple.

      1. but it woke up many of our people quickly the fact so many were coming in and were all young fighting age males. I think our people WILL win and this is what it took. As usual, the Jews always overreaches themselves and goes too far too soon and it always ends up with Jews getting ‘persecuted’ or expelled.

    2. Black Africans are being imported to breed with White women. Part of the NWO’s plan to destroy National identities.

  6. EU has to go. It cannot solve any crisis but keep on creating new ones. It makes people poor, jobless and homeless. It wants to destabilize and destroy people.

  7. Those who arrive via Italy only end up in one place, Calais, and all looking to reach the land of British welfare.

  8. We were planning a beautiful honeymoon in Italy NOT u kidding me keep your invaders don’t want black babies,have fun, no ravioli for me

  9. You will have to make it more unpleasant than their home countries currently are for them. Only then will they turn around and return.

    1. The problem is, Sam, all the European States have to comply with the values enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights which, in its original form, dealt with far different and basic rights. Now, with decades of case law embroidering the Convention it is transformed into some model only fit for a Utopian state. The analogy is, two boxers fighting with one of them having one arm immobilised by having it firmly tied behind their back.

  10. The Jihadi’s won’t be able to resist an attack on the Vatican for too much longer. It is too big a target with huge propaganda value.

    Don’t hold your breath for any reaction though. The pope will undoubtedly blame the whole thing on climate change or Donald Trump.

    1. Not forgetting blaming the white Europeans of course, after all, they were responsible for letting these poor “refugees” in………………….

    2. I’m hoping that when the pope visits Greece soon, the invaders will attack him and shut him up. He is dancing with the devil and promoting Christian genocide!

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