10,000 Africans per Week Invade Italy

Last week at least 10,000 Africans invaded Italy, and since the beginning of the year, nearly 200,000 have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean coastline, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced.

According to an IOM press release, an “estimated” 194,611 invaders entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, through May 25.


According to the IOM’s Rome representative, Flavio Di Giacomo, at least 37,363 nonwhite invaders arrived on Italian shores through May 25, including all “rescued” by the naval ships deployed by the European Union.

 This figure of 37,363 will “certainly climb,” the IOM continued, because it does not include the 10,000 invaders who have been “rescued” at sea in the period May 23 to May 27.

From January 1 to May 25, 2016, some 156,157 invaders arrived in Greece, the IOM said. Another 37,363 arrived in Italy, and 1,063 landed in Spain. Another “estimated” 1,475 drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

The increase in drowning is attributable to the fact that the number of smugglers has dramatically increased. These smugglers—of assorted Third World origin—have been encouraged to set up business as the realization has dawned that the European Union is not prepared to defend its borders, and simply takes in any nonwhite who arrives and demands “asylum.”

The increase in smugglers has led to the price of a crossing dropping from €2000 last year to only €400 this year—and the smugglers are now putting to sea in any vessel they can lay their hands on—including absurdly unsuited rubber dinghies stashed to the brim with nonwhites.

The number of sailings from the Libyan coast has increased, with the smugglers taking advantage of the total collapse in law and order following the French, British, and American military intervention and destruction of the Gadhafi government.

* In the UK, two extremist leftist activists have been charged with facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants after they helped a group of invaders try and cross the English Channel from France on a rubber dinghy.

Robert Stilwell, 33, from Dartford, and Mark Stribling, 35, from Farningham, appeared at Medway Magistrates Court accused of people smuggling, according to the BBC.

The UK coastguard said it was called just before midnight on Saturday to an incident off the coastal village of Dymchurch. Those on board the boat reportedly alerted their families in Calais after their inflatable boat started taking in water.

A second vessel—which officials say could be linked to the incident—was discovered on the beach at Dymchurch, which means that at least one more group of invaders entered the UK undetected.

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  1. And yet again we have members of our own race actively working against the survival of their people by smuggling foreign invaders to our shore on behalf of the chosenites. Friends, is it not time to dedicate a poem in their honor? Of course it is! Here goes:

    Once Odin came and spoke to me,
    My son, it’s time to trim the tree.
    But ‘tis not Yule, did I reply,
    And Odin fixed on me his eye,
    Go ride out to the Vermin’s lair,
    And seize all traitors feasting there,
    Else once your life has ceased to be,
    Your children at your grave will kneel,
    And piss upon your headstone white
    And curse your name into the night.

    1. Brilliant poem, Justagirl; it says a lot about the non-white invaders pouring into Europe and white libtards working against actively working against the survival of their people by smuggling foreign invaders to Europe’s shores on behalf of the Chosenites.
      Indeed, that poem says it all.

  2. Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. Sound familiar ???????
    If the intention of `megalomaniac` Merkel was to empty the whole of Africa and wreck the EU in the process then she and her crazy cohorts are doing a mighty fine job.

  3. They will not stay in Italy.
    Their goal is the UK, which they will enter eventually do to EU rules.

    Britons, ignore the propaganda, and vote for ‘brexit’ . If you do not, Britain will not exist in a generation’s time.

    1. Agree 100%. Why does Italy keep rescuing these creatures? These negros have an avenge IQ of about 68. Just what the hell do they think they’re going to do with them? Or maybe they’re just brought over as breeders (rapists), although I’ve no idea who would touch one of these cretins with a 50 foot pole.

    2. eventually, you will either have to fight or watch yourself and your family die….this is the first stages of a civil war brought on by our governments and the longer we wait, the uglier the war will be. One thing that has not been mentioned is that each of the African Nations is engaging in massive birthing campaigns which are designed to overpopulate everywhere they go. They deserve to starve since they are waging warfare.

      Nigeria, has been doubling it’s population every 22 years and this is after massive diseases, starvation and warfare. And soon you will be asked to give up your homes, your jobs and your food to feed them.

      One way or another this will lead to a massive world wide culture war. And your governments are on the wrong side there fore they are the enemy. We should begin treating them as such……………

  4. I notice that the BBC has shut down any negative references to the invasion of Europe (not that they permitted much in the first place). This is their subtle background support to the UK’s ‘Remain’ campaign because they know that immigration and such associated issues is one of the major planks of the ‘Leave’ campaign’s arguments. I really do not know how to overcome this information deficit. I am sure if more people were aware of the growing debacle and failure to deal positively with this invasion it would obtain many more converts to the ‘Leave’ side. After all, once the invaders obtain German nationality and are free to move, I guess we all know where they would prefer to be…………….

    1. What if 2,000,000 or more of us white Europeans form a movement and go to Africa? We’ll have our OWN invasion of THEIR continent. We can set up our own laws and live as Europeans? That could be an answer, we’ll swap Europe for Africa! We’ll have NO private central bank and we’ll issue own debt-free currency. The area we choose must be defendable.

    2. Size of continent doesn`t count Kevin….it`s the prize money and everything else on offer that matters,
      Merkel untied the purse strings and sent a carte blanche message to all and sundry willing to pitch up and plunder.
      A real no-brainer.

  5. What does one expect. These parasites have destroyed everything that the whites built up in Africa. Now they are coming to do the same to Europe and the UK! No respect for law, property, culture or the whites. Just take, take, take. Lazy parasites!

  6. The powers that be across the whole of Europe could have stopped this last year, but there are too many do-gooders stopping them. The rich people will not have these people living anywhere near them let alone offer them a home within the many they own. The future is one of bankruptcy because without taxes there is no money for all these people and EU unemployment is staggering.

  7. I am so glad I am on my way out and not a young person just arriving in this life.
    Would hate to be alive in a total Islamic caliphate and wearing a black sack.UGH!

  8. Being in West Africa for some years a common theme generates, ‘I have no chance here so I can get there and do any kind of work, Yes, even clean toilets, or drive a taxi, hairdresser, No amount of presented Facts can dissuade them. You will be tested and never pass the exam as you must know the city in order to get a taxi certificate. At least 60 or more hours of instruction at hair school before you can Legally fix anyone’s hair. The replies may surprise you: You just don;t want tot help me and we do not believe that so many over there with college degrees are unemployed – Look at the Movies!

    This Invasion as you may rightly call it can not and will not stop until the Free Lunch is cancelled. Some of the areas here are almost Void of young-men and this despite hearing that a friend or relative Fed the Fish.

    One should keep in mind what was declared our of Israel in response to supporting the boycott and the Palestine problem, We will flood your cities with the Worst Lowlife and criminals out of the Middle East. Boom Boom Syria, etc, and here they come.

    If you do not organize against all this you might as well leave as suggested by Brit on May 31. Plenty of room here as they continue to leave.

    1. Do you have a link please for the last bit about flooding our countries with low life? I have never heard of this before, although I would well believe it!

      1. Without getting into potential posting problems – One might remember that Nice Woman that was in-charge of the West Bank Gaza invasion and served as the TV spokesperson as the Bombs were being shown. Later avoided a requested UK arrest warrant by deciding against a planned Visit.

        Has a mouth that even toilet cleaner cannot clean.

        Pray to whatever god that she doesn’t run for election again.

        US has an estimated 2.3 million jailed inmates with at least 30+ percent the Hardened Type. Most can;t match those that have been Dispatched to Those Quoted European Capitols that will be Flooded.

        As stated, plenty room here as more boats are being loaded at the Discount price of $500
        down from a Season high of $3000. Even Rubber inflatables. Note: when the Cubans came some were using tire inner-tubes.

  9. If the sight of a boatload of these next to useless retards doesn’t make you shudder, then how about a thousand boatloads of them/ Ten thousand?

  10. I don’t wish anyone bad will or death by any means, but we must understand there are differences on this Earth with cultures and classes of people. Each culture has a right to their beliefs and ways as long as their ways do not impede other cultures or cause harm to others.
    The system was balanced as long as these cultures stayed in their countries and just visited others with respect, but plunging a culture and a people into another by force is going to cause problems- this I’m sure the leaders already know, so I can surmise their intent and it isn’t good. The population of this Earth is being played with by the elites running the world. It is their intent to depopulate the earth and have the people themselves do much of it by killing each other, starving them, spreading disease and causing chaos so severe, death is welcome.
    With the new reduced population, people can be controlled and be forced to work only to feed and pamper the rich.

  11. Nature thins out through pestilence and disease. Evil has it’s tentacles currently in the West, ready with the warm blankets and nourishing food and medical care for the vermin; rape, murder, disease and destitution for the indigenous. Disturbing.

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