1000s of Invaders Vanish, German Govt. Admits

Unknown thousands of nonwhite invaders currently pouring into Germany are vanishing without being registered, and trains initially packed with “refugees” are arriving at their destinations empty, German government spokesman have admitted.


According to North Rhine Westphalia state Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (a Socialist Party, or SPD member), “thousands of refugees are vanishing before they can be registered in that state alone.

“Asylum seekers are fleeing from trains and buses or are leaving allocated accommodation because they move in with relatives and friends in other states or go on to Sweden and Belgium,” Jäger said, in effect admitting that the system his government had set up to “orderly control” the invasion had collapsed.

In typical leftist fashion, Jäger went on to blame the police for their inability to cope with the invasion which his own government created, saying that the vanishing invader problem was caused by the police only being able to “register 10 percent of the refugees by fingerprint.”

In reality, as the police chiefs have already said, they don’t have the manpower to cope with over 10,000 invaders a day streaming across Germany’s borders, and as a result, they have said no one “has any idea who is in the country.”

A report in Der Westen newspaper explained the problem of the “disappearing refugees” further:

The instances of refugees disappearing without a trace pile up: A train from Munich which had 800 refugees from Eritrea, the Balkans, India, and Bangladesh had less than half that number on board when it arrived at Dortmund.

Refugees disappear overnight at lodgings because they do not want to stay in their allocated cities. They vanish with completely anonymity with friends or relatives, because the authorities cannot force them to stay in the residences.

Furthermore, said Der Westen, the chairman of the Federal German Police, Andre Schulz, had estimated that at least 10 percent of the invaders were criminals and that many were young men who had no prospects at home but who would find none in Germany either.

The trend of vanishing invaders was confirmed in an article in the Focus news service, which said that their research in Brandenburg, the city of Bremen, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria, confirmed that large numbers of “refugees” were absconding from the allocated housing.

Focus said that at one center alone, the city of Bremen had housed about 400 invaders, of which at least a third had vanished before even being registered. A city spokesman said that they had no idea where the invaders had gone.

An Interior Ministry spokesman for Brandenburg confirmed that “several hundred” invaders were vanishing every week in that state, and that “the problem of individual departures from the initial reception centers plays a very significant role. They are simply at some point no longer there,” the ministry spokesman said.

In Lower Saxony, Focus reported, at least 700 invaders vanished without a trace in the first two weeks of October alone, while at least 580 vanished at the same time from a camp at Erding in Bavaria, without waiting to be registered. Later, the Münchner Merkur noted that every “second refugee arriving there just disappears.”

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  1. Just sick of commenting, sick of months and months of these stories, of images of these ugly creatures, of death and destruction. It is like the whole world is a mass of unruly, ugly people, everywhere you turn.

  2. The trouble is the majority , I agree an ever diminishing majority are living in their own white microcosms and until they actually witness these alien ghettos they have no real reason to be concerned . I myself was this way before I started a job which took me too cities all over Britain.

    With the Politicians and Media suppressing any negative stories , people simply do not look unless they confront this problem . Once people can see with their own eyes then that problem will be confronted . Publications such as this are critical to showing us the true state of our nation and the more they can integrate into mainstream media the better chance we have of stopping the influx before it is too late .

  3. Frankly I was shocked to see so little action after that murder in Woolwich 2 years ago. Maybee British are brainwashed almost as Swedish are … niaaa, just kiddin" – Swedes are already beyond any help!

    But I remember that Dutch burnt several mosques after some Dutch-born (!) muslim asshole murdered the outspoken film director Theo van Gogh!

  4. I don`t know about the rest of the UK but here in the northwest we have the usual non-stop
    BBC coverage of `Syrian refugees`.
    However I have yet to see or hear about even one of the European countries currently under
    intolerable pressure re the migrants nor of how the people are reacting.
    I only know what`s happening thanks to this site – certainly not from our own media.
    We are as mushrooms deliberately kept in the dark. I prefer the term`blanket ban`
    re our politicians and what seems to be the gagging of our own media.
    Sorry @John – `whitewash` just seems too anodyne a word considering the extent
    of how much – or rather just how little – we are being told about current events
    unfolding across other European countries.

  5. I don't think the UK public are oblivious to all this, I think it is mainly frustration with our dumb politicians and the main stream media who keep running stories of the 'poor' refugees in boats etc. It's just a whitewash by them all……………..

  6. Within 10-20 years from now it will be like the Middle East and Lebanon.

    The ISIS flag will be flying in Luxembourg and mass killings of Whites will be taking place. You can thank all your White traitor politicians and the clueless Whites who are welcoming Africans and Arabs.

    "Diversity means chasing down the last White person"

  7. What we are witnessing now is quite extraordinary: it looks to me that Mutti Merkel unknowingly is bringing EU to its collapse. What's quite comical that it's very similar what Gorbatschov did to USSR almost 25 years ago, but in his naive beliefs at least he tried to reform his own country. What could be the real Merkel's motives and why does he do it to the whole Europe?

  8. @ Jay: " Who decided and how is it allowed?" – couldn't agree more!

    Lookit: for decades they tried to scare all citizens of Western Europe with all kinds of danger coming from commie Russia but now they are bringing hundreds of thousand of uneducated freeloaders from Africa without asking them any questions! Is it even constitutional? I mean EU laws are nothing but a laughing stock anyway, but how come only Orban publicly questioned legality of all that? How is it possible that illegal migrants march freely thru Europe being fed, transported and given accomodation with no prior registration? I makes me sick when I see all those brainwashed "commie-wanna-be" losers who go along with that and even work volunteerly on train stations as greeting staff? I'm truly disgusted when I hear those unelected loonies like Schulz or Juncker try to impose their opinions on millions of taxpayers in Europe … quite fvcked-up times, for sure!

  9. The writing is certainly on the wall.
    What I find truly terrifying is how many Uk citizens are totally oblivious so far to the sheer scale of the daily invasion of Europe.
    Where are our press /TV reports re the ethnicity of and huge numbers of Third World and Middle East migrants flooding into Europe plus photos confirming the horrendous reality of the current situation.
    Where are reports and photos of the many European citizens protesting as the hordes are billeted into towns, small villages and even homes with no consultation.
    Is there a blanket ban on information which is affecting – indeed changing – the whole of future Europe?
    Are all countries simlarly affected?
    If so – Who decided and how is it allowed?

  10. Kol Me Krazy I do not like what Frau Merkel has done and is doing. But you are Wrong sir She was Born In Hamburg West Germany in 1954 Look at her CV.

  11. Never mind where they "decide" to settle – much more important is that they are allowed to do so. I mean inruders who are not even registered are vanishing en masse without a trace on the continent with no border controls … freakin' madness!

  12. Merkel is a former commie "youth activist" from East Germany turned "liberal" politician and for that reason only she shouldn't be trusted.

    Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann is and a former taxi driver form Vienna turned leftist politician.
    Schulz and Juncker … well, they are Jewish.

    It doesn't take a genius to see the writing on the wall – certainly there are rough times ahead for Europe in the near future and it's only a matter of time that irresponsibility of these lunatics will end up in some serious social unrest on the whole continent!

  13. They are probably heading for the UK,because Germany is not pathed with gold,as the parasites thought.Thankyou Merkel,i hope your countrymen make you accountable for this crime you have inflicted on all of Europe.

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