1000s of Invaders “Vanishing”

Thousands of nonwhite invaders in Germany are refusing to be registered and are “vanishing” after arriving in that country, authorities have admitted—and many appear to be taking advantage of the European Union’s “open borders” policy to swarm across Western Europe.

The Third Worlders’ behavior has taken the race-blind liberal Germans completely by surprise, as they expected the invaders to actually be genuine refugees instead of blatantly opportunistic parasites.


For example, the German FOCUS news service reported that in Germany, “which is famous for its functioning bureaucracy, great effort was made to accommodate the many newcomers.”

The system was set up thus, FOCUS said: the refugees would be registered, housed, fed, and would then be expected to wait patiently while a determination would be made as to whether they qualified for asylum or would be deported.

This system was set up on the utterly ignorant assumption that the Third World invaders would be quite happy to abide by German laws and meekly submit to deportation to their countries of origin—in other words, that they would all behave like Europeans.

This failure to understand race, racial differences, and racial psychology on the part of the authorities has now created the situation where unscrupulous swarms of nonwhites have simply been able to take advantage of liberal gullibility.

The first inkling that something was wrong came with a study released by the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ) newspaper in Lower Saxony. That state had been instructed by the federal government to supply 4,000 beds for “refugees.”

But within a week, 700 of this number had absconded and no one had any idea where they had gone.

Local authorities now believe the “missing refugees” have simply travelled on to stay with relatives or friends elsewhere in Germany or Europe, the report said, adding that in some cases, “relatives had arrived by vehicle” and simply picked up the “refugees” themselves.

“But, because many of the refugees have not even been registered by local authorities yet, nothing is known about who they are or where they could have gone,” the report continued.

In one refugee center in Lingen, for example, the local member of parliament turned up for a visit last weekend to find that over half of the 212 invaders brought to the center “had already left.”

The Federal Ministry for Labor is now estimating that as many as 300,000 of the invaders who arrive in Germany in 2015 “will travel on to other countries,” the report said.


The Weser Kurier newspaper reported that the “registration of a single refugee” takes 30 minutes, but that over 1,000 invaders arrive every day in Lower Saxony.

This means that 30,000 minutes—or 500 hours—worth of manpower is needed every day in this one state just to keep up with the flood.

This is of course impossible, and, as the Weser Kurier admits, at least 15,000 invaders are already wandering around unregistered, with thousands more pouring in all the time.

This pattern is, according to the FOCUS news service, repeating itself all over the country.

* In Bremen, at least one third of all invaders in the city have vanished, with city authorities saying they suspect many have left for Scandinavia.

* In the Brandenburg region, “several hundred” invaders a week are vanishing. “They are simply at some point no longer there,” a Brandenburg state ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.

* Some 580 refugees left the shelter at Erding without even registering, en masse, the Münchner Merkur reported. “It seems that every second refugee just disappears,” the paper wrote.

The FOCUS review ended by pointing out that almost all of the invaders coming to Germany do so without papers, and all registrations are being done on self-reported data.

The “vanishing” refugees’ invasion into all Europe is yet another indicator of the extent of the treason that has been committed by Angela Merkel and her cohorts.

Merkel, who has recently admitted that she now expects “one million” invaders this year, and not the 800,000 she and the controlled media were claiming previously,  has been given until November 1 to “bring the numbers under control” by her most senior coalition party partner, the Bavarian-based CSU party.

CSU leader Horst Seehofer has threatened to take Merkel to the German constitutional court in Karlsruhe for breaking her oath of office by not protecting the state. Only time will tell if Seehofer will live up to his threats, or whether he is just another democratic windbag.


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  1. The German government claims that it will deport en masse hundreds of thousands of invaders found to have ‘invalid claims’ to asylum.

    Rest assured that if it ever did come to that – something I distinctly doubt – then the hundreds of thousands of young, fit, male invaders scheduled for deportation will all band together as one, in strategic strongholds, and will fight, fight band fight to the death to stake their claim to German soil.
    Anyone who thinks that can be meekly picked off as individuals and frogmarched in chains by police officers into aeroplanes home, is a deluded fool.

    1. I agree – nobody can deport those monkeys because of the fisco called Schengen. Plain and simple 🙂
      Even when Germans try to fly some of these “refugees” straight to Afghanistan they have to pay millions of € for “resettlement” of them – isn’t that ridicoulous?

    2. Can Merkel’s stupidity be a ground for some sort of trail in an international court like they tried war criminals before? It doesn’t look like this old bag lost her mind – that’s the premeditated act against whole Europe!

    3. I have little doubt many are criminals who will resort to other means of gathering money
      such as bank robbery , prostitution or drug dealing. Castro emptied Cuban prisons and pointed them north in similar fashion years ago.

  2. Our politicians are gutless,we the people of Europe,have got to make it clear to these parasites,they are not welcome.

  3. These missing people from the middle east will eventually be found. That is when we read about them in the news and the crimes that they have committed.
    The best way to for European countries to protect themselves is to reduce welfare payments to these people. Creating functional borders as Hungary has done is another. Massive surveillance of all European citizens is yet another. I know that may sound undemocratic but democracy and free speech in Europe left over a year ago when the news medias that Europeans depend on were silenced.

  4. Gee, it’s really too bad nobody said, hey Angela, you sure this no paper thing is a good idea and that all of these are actually Syrian refugees….what if – humour me here – a bad group like ISIS decides to use this horde to infiltrate this massive horde? Could that be possible. What about those men who arrived with no wives and no kids, just cell phone and tight jeans? Could THEY be potentially a problem. How about a REASONABLE restriction of movement until asylum grounds can be verified? Nope. Too bad nobody said that. I hope you guys like burying folks. And working hard while others don’t. Europastan is here.

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