101 Fake Refugee Iranian Invaders Land in Britain this Month from France

At least 101 Iranian invaders pretending to be refugees have landed in Britain so far this month by crossing the Channel in small dinghies and sail boats, marking a major change in the way that the nonwhites have switched tactics in their attempts to parasite of the UK taxpayers.

According to a report by the BBC—which falsely describes the invaders as “migrants”—another eight Iranians were found in a dinghy was spotted off the Kent coast in south eastern England.

The invaders were located by the coastguard and Border Force officers at about 07:15 GMT and brought into Dover, the BBC said, adding that their landing had brought to 101 the number of Iranians who had “reached UK shores this month.”

According to the BBC, the surge in attempts to cross the Channel is “being blamed on a rise in organized crime in France.”

In reality, the surge is linked to the fact that increased security on the cross Channel train and traffic links have cut down on the possibilities of invading England through those routes, and it has finally occurred to the nonwhites that they can simply sail across the English Channel which is only 21 miles wide at its narrowest point.

On Thursday, 14 invaders claiming to be Iranian were rescued from two dinghies. A first boat, with six men and one woman, was intercepted by Border Force officers off the coast of Dover at about 01:30. A second, with seven men on board, was spotted at about 08:00.

On November 23, eight invaders were located in a dinghy off the coast of Dover, and on November 22, thirteen men and one woman were intercepted in two dinghies off the coast of Dover.

On November 18, nine invaders were found clambering up rocks in Folkestone after crossing the English Channel in a small boat, while on November 16, seven invaders were found off Samphire Hoe, near Dover.

On November 14, nine invaders were found off the Kent coast, and another ten were found near Dover Docks. Yet another five were found the same day several miles off Ramsgate.

On November 13, seventeen invaders entered the Port of Dover using a French fishing boat they had stolen, and on November 9, another seven were found in the English Channel off Dover

On November 3, eight invaders were stopped off the Kent coast, and seven others were stopped at Dover Western Docks.

These are, of course, only those who have actually been intercepted, and does not include those who have managed to evade the UK coast guard.

As a result, the final tally will only be known later, because most of the invaders register with the UK “asylum” system in order to gain the benefits—which include pocket money, housing, food, transport and telephone/internet facilities, all courtesy of the UK taxpayer.

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  1. They’ve started to use the same trick as they use in the Mediterranean.

    It’s only a matter of time before they start crossing the Atlantic on stolen or hijacked boats.

  2. the Brits should instigate local militia’s,like in world war 2,they should be armed citizens who look specifically for invaders! It’s then up to the judicial system to quickly send these folks packing back to France! or wherever these dangerous 5th columms arrive from…

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