109,902 Invaders Land in Spain since January 2015: EU Tries to Stem Flow with Cash to Morocco

European Union and Moroccan officials have settled on a €140 million ($160 million) pointless “emergency funding package” to try and stem the tide of nonwhite invaders flooding into Spain, with at least 109,902 mainly sub-Saharan African landing in the west European nation since January 2015, including 50,347 this year alone.

The deal makes Morocco the third largest recipient of EU funds earmarked for the purpose of stopping the invasion, and much of the money will go to stepped up border security, according to Morocco’s chief government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalifi.

About €40 ($50) million will be spent to secure the sea invasion routes to Spain and the extensive desert borders with Algeria and Mauritania.

Morocco says it already has 13,000 security personnel deployed to deal with the growing flow of Africans seeking to reach Spain. Units of riot police are permanently encamped along the borders with Ceuta and Melilla – two Spanish enclaves on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast – while the navy operates guard posts along the beaches and patrols the coast to intercept boats making the dash to Spain.

The pressure on Spanish borders results from the relative success of Italian efforts to slow the invasion from Libya and other countries further to the east. That has diverted the flow of invaders toward northwestern Africa, where the numbers crossing the Strait of Gibraltar has tripled in the past year.

About 55,000 Africans, mainly from sub-Saharan countries but increasingly including Moroccans, have tried to invade Spain during the past year, according to the Moroccan government. Most originated from Syria, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Central African Republic and Congo.

The Spanish government says 43,000 invaders have crossed from Morocco this year, twice as many as in all of 2017. Several thousand more have broken through the border fences around Ceuta and Melilla to reach Spanish soil. The latest figures from the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) put the total at over 50,000.

The president of European Commission, Jean Claude Junker, said he will visit Morocco in February. His approval of the new aid package followed a meeting of EU heads of state last week in which Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez described the need as “urgent,” according to Spanish foreign ministry officials.

The aid package represents a major increase in EU funding to the North African kingdom, according to EU officials, but it still below the annual $304 million which the EU has given Libya, launching point for tens of thousands of invaders bound for Italy every year.

* The “aid” package is of course pointless, because the driver for the Third World invasion of Europe is simply that the nonwhites know that if they can make it to European soil, they are guaranteed a free ride with welfare, housing, food and clothing.

The only way that the invasion could actually be stopped would be by ending the entire “asylum” swindle completely, and making it clear to any would-be invaders that once caught, their deportation will be immediate and that they have no chance of staying.

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