1,100 ISIS Terrorists in Germany

There are at least 1,100 ISIS terrorists in Germany, drawing from a pool of around 45,120 hardcore Islamists, according to a new report by the German Federal Police (BKA).

The report also said that there were at least another 780 nonwhites with German citizenship fighting for ISIS in Syria right now.


ISIS returnee Harry S. sits handcuffed in the dock of the Court of Appeal in Hamburg.

The existence of the secret BKA report was revealed in an article in the Bild newspaper, which also provided a partial list of the convictions of “returning ISIS fighters”—those nonwhites who, having obtained German citizenship, had gone off to fight for ISIS and have since come back to Germany.

According to that report, at least 130 of these “German” Jihadis have been killed in the fighting in Syria.

As of the end of the calendar year until May 2016, the BKA has recorded at least 820 “departures” (as they are called) of individuals heading to fight for ISIS in the Middle East.

This reflects an increase of 40 over the previous recorded calendar year, the report added.

“Almost all German Syria fighters had, before their departure, some form of contact with Salafism or had been radicalized by Salafist internet propaganda,” the report said.

Currently, the Attorney General in Germany is investigating almost 120 cases involving more than 180 suspects, accused and defendants in connection with the civil war in Syria.

The charges against the nonwhites vary from belonging to or supporting a terrorist organization (usually ISIS, but also Jabhat al Nusra, Junud Al-Sham and others).

Some of the cases discussed by the Bild include:

Iranian-origin Aria Ladjedvardi, who has just received a prison term of two years in the Frankfurt regional court after travelling to Syria in 2014. His role in Syria included taking part in an attack on a Syrian army checkpoint near the town of Binnish, in Idlib province, during which government soldiers were captured, beheaded, and their heads impaled on metal rods.

Ladjedvardi was photographed posing with two of the heads, and the photograph circulated on social media where it was spotted by law enforcement authorities. He was arrested upon his return to Germany.

Aria L

Aria Ladjedvardi in court this week.

Another Muslim, named only as Hassan M. (24), from Offenbach, managed to leave Germany for Syria in Spring 2014 despite being tagged with an ankle bracelet.

Another nonwhite, identified as Harry S. (27), from Bremen, was identified as a member of a one of ISIS’s “special units” which took part in the bloody massacres in the ancient desert city of Palmyra. Harry S. was involved in the mass slaughter of prisoners, and was identified in videos which were made available on the Internet. He was sentenced to three years in prison last month.

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  1. Prophetic Words: “The USA has become a state as a result of liberal ideas and various other factors, through financial monopolies too. But they will never be a nation: they will always be the scene of internal disturbances, ideological, religious, ethnic and religious rivalries. The USA will be overtaken by events.” ~ Adolf Hitler Interview. Chicago Tribune, February 15 1931.

      1. Thanks to Hitler having lost the wear and the governance of Europe ever since being in the hands of a faction that wants to replace Europeans with nonwhites.

  2. That’s what hitler wanted but if push comes to shove you will see the USA stand together more than he cud ever thought

  3. Three years in prison for taking part in the Palmyra massacre. That will only teach him that Germany is ruled by wishful fool. In three years they will put him back on German streets for a repeat performance.

  4. Under incompetent EU leaders, expect more troubles. Their way of solving any troubles is to bring forth more troubles. EU was created as a scam to bring tensions and unrest into this part of the world so the elites can profit from it.

  5. So two or three years for mass murder in Syria errr doesn’t seem quite right to me,If I did it here in England they would throw away the key,Is it cause I am not an invader ???

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  7. Whaat?? “Returning” Isis fighters just about sums up the sheer bloody madness of Merkel`s deathwish scheme.
    I`m only surprised that they don`t hang out `Welcome Back` bunting and banners and organise cheering crowds.
    The invaders must be pi**ing their pants at crazy western liberalism.

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