Jan/Feb 2017: 110,054 Nonwhite Invaders in 7 Weeks

A total of 110,054 nonwhite invaders have entered Europe during the first eight weeks of this year—and these are only the ones who have made any sort of effort to actually register or be seen.

According to figures released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), this figure includes 102,547 who have come through Greece, and 7,507 who have invaded Italy over the Mediterranean Sea.


This figure, the IOM pointed out, meant that the total for the first seven weeks of 2016 has already exceeded the entire number of invaders who landed in Europe until July 2015.

In the period January 1 to February 28, 2015, some 11,834 invaders arrived by both routes in Europe.

According to IOM Greece, an estimated 42,861 invaders have reached the Greek islands in the first twenty-two days of February 2016. The Greek authorities say that they are mainly Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, and Pakistanis. Others were from Morocco, Bangladesh, and Somalia.

Between February 11 and 17, the IOM estimated that some 7,286 invaders crossed from Greece into the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Meanwhile in Italy, following several days with no arrivals mainly due to rough seas, a total of 940 invaders were rescued in one day, February 22, in the channel of Sicily. Of these, 357 were brought to Pozzallo, 342 to Messina, and 241 to Lampedusa.

Most are from Sub-Saharan Africa and many are from Libya—which was a stable country until the European Union bombed away the Gadhafi government in the name of “regime change.”

* Meanwhile, all Afghans caught at the border crossing between Macedonia and Greece are being bused back to Athens after being denied entry into the Balkan state, the Focus news service has reported.

They will be temporarily housed in camps near Athens, as reported from police sources. It is not yet clear what is going to happen to them after this.


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  1. There is a contradiction in the whole of Europe. There is a problem between all the 28 countries over the definition of the word ‘UNION’. Had the union got off its backside over a year ago and stopped all the boats reaching Italy and Greece, would this problem have been allowed to escalate as it has done? But NO, each country passed the buck as is usual with all political organisations, it always has to be someone else’s fault, and that is so evident in this year of 2016. There is no Union, just a ‘gravy train system’ to screw masses of taxpayers money out of the people to fund their luxury lifestyle, pay, pensions and perks.

    1. No buck was passed. This is the result of conditioning women to vote LEFT for the past 30 years; and now with parliaments seeping with Liberal Marxist women and emasculated Beta males, the extermination of Europeans will be made manifest to all and sundry. This has been the goal of the Internationalists since the 1890s, and will not stop until every indigenous European is extinct. Without nationalist pride, Europe will be doomed. Now who was it that socially programmed Europeans to hate their own backgrounds after 1945? This also explains why Feminism and Islam are now bedfellows: all political and social platforms are now utterly anti-European, to the point of which that one is called a Nazi for saying he is a proud Swede. When the pendulum swings back to the right, I will be traveling back to Europe to take part in meting out the punishments to these various groups, and it will be a very “medieval” sight to see…


    1. Back in the day when a vessel full of invaders approached your shores you would sink the ship. Awe the good ol’ days!

  2. Maybe we can establish some more mini-towns for these gentlemen somewhere close to Skaerbaek and listen to their political representatives speech’s all day before the representative’s from Tonder finally have the opportunity to complain that the loss of their Rolex watches seriously effects their ability to obtain credit from the multilateral financial institutions to build schools, swimming pools and their own banks. Commitment 2c of Annex 1 to the Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development A/CONF.166/9

    1. Loads of built but unused town houses and apartments in the Middle East and particularly Saudi Arabia. Shame the Arabs refuse to allow ‘migrants’ access to these properties. They would sure scarper once they tasted Saudi justice………………….

    1. European Union runs on inertia until all this boils over, blows up and burns down. Stupid and greedy will have their lesson of life.

  3. Just send them to those africa countries that receive funding from europe. Those who accept them will be given extra funding to set up plants and factories so all will have employment at a very competitive rates. As China gets expensive, this is a good solution for europe companies looking for cheap labour.

    1. Having provided them with jobs I wonder how many would actually work for a living.
      A large majority enjoy being in energy saving mode.

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