1,134 Fake Refugees Invade Canada from U.S.

At least 1,134 nonwhites pretending to be refugees invaded Canada from the U.S. during the first two months of this year, according to the first official figures released by the Canadian authorities.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) had “intercepted 1,134 people entering Canada outside an official entry point over January and February.”

This figure was comprised of 476 invaders in January, and 658 in the following month.

Quebec saw the largest number of arrivals, 432 people, up from 245 in January, for a two-month total of 677.

Manitoba also experienced a large increase, with 142 individuals crossing between border points of entry, up from 19 in January.

The number of people apprehended by the RCMP entering British Columbia dropped to 84 last month from 207 in January.

Saskatchewan saw five arrivals in January and none in February.

Individuals who make a refugee claim at an official border crossing are handled by CBSA staff, and can be turned away if arriving from a “safe third country” such as the United States.

The RMCP are responsible for intercepting anyone who enters the country illegally — that is, without first presenting to border authorities.

Once a person steps onto Canadian soil, they can stay to make a refugee claim.

Since U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of a crackdown on illegal immigration and a travel ban for residents from several Muslim-majority countries, many of the invaders already inside the U.S. have tried to cross into Canada.

Canadian border officials have processed nearly 3,000 refugee claimants over the past two months, including those who entered the country illegally, the CBSA reports.

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