14 Identitarians Arrested in Calais

Fourteen members of the French Identitarian movement have been arrested by police after they blockaded the three major roads from the “Jungle” of Calais to the town center, the organization has reported.

“Several activists are still in custody for fanciful reasons and the socialist regime will probably try to criminalize their courageous and legitimate efforts,” the organization said on its Facebook page.


“If they are not released without any charges, we will release videos which show the violence used by police against our activists, as we filmed everything,” the statement added.

The arrests followed a demonstration by one hundred and thirty activists from the Génération Identitaire movement, who yesterday morning blocked the access roads from the nonwhite invader camp into the city.

“Since the state is unable to really defend Calais,” a statement issued yesterday said, “its people have, since 7:30, taken control of three bridges” used by the invaders to reach the Calais city center.

“For months, Calais has become a symbol in our country of the real invasion confronting our continent. Attacks against the police, against motorists and truck drivers, riots in the city, and the total disintegration of the social and economic fabric—all that has become the city’s daily martyrdom,” the statement continued, adding that there had been a “tremendous acceleration in incidents in recent weeks.”

“In the Jungle itself, countless acts of violence have taken place, and many journalists have paid the price. This situation is the result of the irresponsible policy for which our national political leaders are guilty, along with those leaders in Paris, Berlin, and Brussels.

“Since these governments refuse to protect people by restoring the borders on a national and European level, they will now see how the people build barricades!” the statement ended.

The group took over the bridges with large barricades and burning barrels. At the same time they hoisted banners reading that they were defending their city and calling for an end to the invasion of Europe.


Local Calais activists were well-represented, and were on hand to let local white French people—who they recognized—through the barricades when needed.

The group also handed out leaflets telling the invaders to go home: “All accesses to Calais are blocked. You won’t pass, go back and go home. We won’t step back anymore. This is our country, get back to yours.”

By 1:30 in the afternoon, the police had shown up in large numbers, and set about attacking the protestors.

“Once again, the socialist system showed that, when faced with a choice between acting against illegal immigrants or the defenders of Calais, they chose the side of the illegals,” a Génération Identitaire Facebook update post said—pointing out that the French government had never acted to stop the illegal invaders from entering France and wrecking Calais, but now saw fit to act against French people who objected to the destruction of their country.

“The socialist regime and the illegitimate ‘European’ Commissioners must understand that people will never agree or let it rest as long as the borders are not restored,” the third statement of the day read.

With reference to French government plans to “relocate”  the invaders to a newly-built center near the Jungle, a Génération Identitaire statement added that the “only ‘relocation of migrants’ which is worthwhile is back to their countries of origin.”

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  1. More patriot action at last – bring it on !! Should have been obliterated years ago. Better late than never !
    Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) law enforcement agencies will have to decide which way to jump.
    Looking at the photos, police violence is to be the method of choice.
    Hoping adverse reactions of Calais residents to such tactics could alter things.

      1. the people should ostracise the police …do not serve them.do not talk to them,give them no information and make no complaint…do it all on the internet ,let all the people know!!

    1. Sickening. I hope that they can garner enough support that the police are rendered helpless just by weight of numbers. I hope Hollande is held to account for this, and faces thr wrath of the people.

      1. True. I wouldn’t expect any help from the President of France, the fake Catholic & crypto-Jew Francois Hollande, who is following in the footsteps of that other fake Catholic & crypto-Jew Sarkozy, who, on his mother’s side is descended from a long line of rabbis. As always it is these Talmud-inspired Jews who are ithe puppet-masters behind the curtain who will not rest until their Lies & their One-World govt agenda destroys every White nation and we Whites cease to exist.

  2. What a choice the Police are faced with, they know that if they don’t kowtow to Hollande and Merkel’s demands to physically attack citizens who are merely fighting for their community as the alternative they will be out of a job. The United States of Europe is hell bent on dictatorship, and as Hollande’s mob did not field candidates to stop Ms Le Pen from gaining any seats, there is no democracy in France any more.

  3. Well, this is it. The police fail, they can’t or won’t do their job to protect the (French) citizens of Calais, so when someone else does, they get arrested. You can be a violent benefit-shopping thug beating up lorry drivers and committing what crime you like in Calais, but not a citizen of Calais defending your people. Bloody Hollande, the socialist twerp just can’t it together. He’s put these Muslim parasites above the law.

  4. This summer, I’ve seen the police in Nice, France, pick up illegal migrants off the trains arriving from Italy, to then see those refugees come out of the police station, with a ticket for the high speed train to Paris, and hop on board the train that I paid dear money for.

    A French friend of mine was attacked by an Algerian for wearing a German football T-shirt. He went to the Police. And they told him, they couldn’t do anything, and that my French friend probably was racist.

    That s the French police as I have witnessed them myselves. A danger to their own people.

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