Sweden: “15-Yr-Old” Murderer is Actually an Adult

Sweden’s Migration Agency has admitted that the “15-year-old” who stabbed a Lebanese aid worker to death at a refugee center for unaccompanied minors is far older than he claimed, and at least 18 years of age.

Regional newspaper Göteborgs-Posten first reported on the discrepancy, suggesting that the suspect, who was previously understood to be 15, had applied for a work permit in Sweden, where pupils don’t typically leave school until they are at least 18.

“The migration agency’s decision that he is an adult is also relevant in the criminal case,” prosecutor Linda Wiking told the paper, meaning that he will now be tried in an adult court.

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  1. Thank heavens they’ve started persecuting criminals righteously in Sweden. I for one, hope it happens sooner in Germany before they fall apart.

  2. Guess that put the cat among the pigeons !
    Don`t worry…..they`ll find another excuse for the murdering basturd (sic).
    It certainly won`t be his fault.

  3. The first photo showed this waste of space was an adult, so for those that had seen him and dealt with him prior to him killing an innocent young lady, perhaps they ought to get new glasses. Jail him yes but feed him on pork, then drop him off over Somalia without a parachute.

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