1500 Invaders to be Dumped in Village of 60

Another dramatic example of genocide which Angela Merkel’s government is committing against the German people has come to light with the news that at least 1500 nonwhite invaders are to be dumped into a village that has only 60 inhabitants.

The move—which will overnight transform the pretty village of Gross Weeden, located near Lübeck in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, has taken astonished locals completely by surprise—with even those deluded enough to be fooled by the “refugee” nonsense expressing doubts.


The move to swamp—and instantly turn the village into a Third World nightmare—was announced by Schleswig-Holstein’s interior ministry in a brief statement this week.

The 1500 nonwhite invaders—all pretending to be “refugees”—will be housed in a large building which is currently used as a discotheque, the interior ministry announced.

Apparently the plan entails not only housing the invaders in the building, but also adding a set of the infamous “container” housing which is springing up all over the country as local authorities try to find accommodation for the mass Third World invasion.

The interior ministry statement said that in total some 275 containers will be placed at the site.


In their reaction, the local authorities admitted to being taken “completely by surprise” by the announcement.

The District Administrator for the area, one Christoph Mager (a member of Merkel’s CDU party), openly expressed his dissatisfaction in a media interview.

“I have serious doubts that the placement of 1,500 refugees and asylum seekers in Gross Weeden with its 60 inhabitants, is sensible,” Mager continued.

“We are not responsible for the accommodation of refugees. I wonder why they have not looked around to find more suitable areas. I’m not surprised at anything any more now,” he said.

On the discotheque’s Facebook page—where the immediate closure of the site was announced—local citizens expressed their outrage.

“Where are all the workers going to come from?” one asked. “There is simply no infrastructure in Gross Weeden to handle this.”

A local farmer, Herr Zühlke, was quoted by the media as saying he did not “understand. I look with concern to the future. 1,500 is a large number. I wonder what they will do here. For example, shops and doctors are very far away.”

The bus runs only during the holidays and even then only a few times a day, and Gross Weeden has no bakery, pub, or grocery store.

The local mayor, Iris Runge, was quoted as saying that the “fresh water comes from partly dilapidated lines, and the lagoons are designed for 500 inhabitants …” There are only four police officers who cover a large area, not just the village, and they too will have no chance of policing such a large number of nonwhites.

Another local, who lives next door to the discotheque building, one Diana Berg, told the media that she had met her husband years ago at a dance in the disco, and had settled in the village. Now, with four children, she was suddenly worried about the massive influx next door.

“I welcome all who wish to integrate in Germany. But how will that work here?” she said, expressing the view of many deluded liberals who are quite happy with the nonwhite invasion as long as it does not happen in their area.

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  1. Merkelova tam s nimi bydlet nebude. To se to plánuje , ona nepocítí dopady. Komu slouží?
    Projekt Euromed je pouze její dílo?
    Multikulturní diktatura EU.

  2. Excellent conclusion, German welcome, just as long as it is not in my back yard.

    I’m glad this is happening, it might open the eyes of the gullible who think that a country can just open the doors and share the welfare system that was built up over generations and continues to be supplied by the working masses.

    Just have to wait for the ghettos to form and the crime to soar now. Germany, you have voted your country out of existence, world wars couldn’t have done this much damage.

  3. Merkel is either senile ,insane or both.She is leading Europe into world war 3.She has the cheek to invite the entire world to live in Germany. And finding Germany can’t cope with the numbers after all has the cheek to tell the rest of Europe to take these unwanted invaders off her hands. She asked them, she got them. She is responsible for this mess and no-one else. She is a megalomaniac and a ghastly undemocratic tyrant. Merkel will destroy Europe all on her own initiative..

  4. I just hope Europe’s imminent collapse shakes the US out of its apathy of slipping into Euro style socialism before we turn into another Brazil. California is about half way there already. If you want the multi-cultural experience where immigrants out birth us and bankrupt cities, you dont need to go to Europe.

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