17 Third World Countries Refuse to Take Back Nationals

The German government has sent letters of complaint to seventeen Third World countries which have refused to take back their nationals who have had their “asylum” applications rejected in Germany.

After inviting the entire Third World into Germany, the Angela Merkel government has found that hundreds of thousands of them have not come from “war zones,” and were simply opportunistic invaders seeking to parasite off and criminalize white European society.


The letters of complaint were mostly sent to capitals in North and West Africa and in the Indian sub-continent, the German newspaper Die Welt has reported, adding that the government is “desperately trying to find solutions to deport the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have had their asylum applications rejected.”

Last year only 21,000 of the 200,000 “asylum seekers” whose applications were rejected left the country, meaning 179,000 remain in Germany as so-called ‘tolerated’ people.

Most of the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who entered the Federal Republic during the course of the year still to have their applications decided on, so this number is set to grow exponentially.

The most common reason why Germany cannot deport people is that as many as 70 percent of the invaders arrive in the country without official documentation, making it extremely difficult for the government to find out where they are originally from.

But even if Germany does know where an invader originally comes from, the problem of returning them home often does not end there.

States like Pakistan, Algeria, and Tunisia simply refuse to cooperate with German authorities, despite being obliged by international law to comply.

Pakistan is particularly problematic. In 2014 there were only two deportations to that country despite 580 people having their applications rejected. In 2013, 533 Pakistanis had their asylum applications rejected but only three of them were sent home.

Local authorities often didn’t chase up German inquiries about invader’s identities because they involved long journeys into distant parts of the country, Die Welt writes.

North Africa is another problem region. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere is travelling to the region at the end of the week to try and convince governments there to start taking back more invaders.

With North Africans the problem is particularly urgent because migrants from there have often been associated with crime.

In Saxony, where the majority of Tunisian invaders are sent, authorities have reported that while Tunisians make up 4 percent of the migrant population, they are found guilty of a quarter of crimes committed by the invasion population.

Tunisians almost never have their asylum applications granted—only 0.2 percent are successful. Nonetheless, of the 678 Tunisians told they wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Germany, only 66 were deported in 2015.

Meanwhile the majority of invaders from Morocco and Algeria have until recently been sent to North Rhine-Westphalia. Current investigations into robberies and sexual assaults during New Year’s Eve show that most of the suspects for these crimes came from these two countries.

Die Welt reports that there are several factors at play regarding why countries are so reluctant to take back their citizens. For some it means the tiresome bureaucracy involved in tracking down their identity papers in chaotic state registers to verify their identity.

The illegal migrants are often also a boon for these developing countries if they stay abroad—as when they “earn” money in Euros they send part of it back to their families and feed into the local economy. This “earning” is, more often than not, either welfare payments or the proceeds of crime.

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  1. There is a very simple solution, load them up in planes and drop them off in Siberia or even in the middle of the Sahara, and don’t allow them any baggage allowance either.

  2. I can only imagine the letter of reply.Something like this.
    Dear Angela.Thanks for your request, however, our crime rates have fallen, our women are happier, and we thank you for taking in so many of our criminals. Best wishes…

    1. With a return letter saying ” Dear Abdul, thank you for your kind attention. I have to inform you that your response is unacceptable. I draw your attention to the appended spreadsheet which lays out exactly how much ‘aid’ is sent to your country annually, by both the EU, and other EU members who individually contribute to your welfare. You will not be surprised to know, that this is now under review, as should be your unhelpful response to our request for repatriation of your citizens. Please telephone at your earliest convenience, before we announce our findings”.
      Yours, etc., etc.

  3. I am sick of the lack of action, by the authorities, as soon as its the Muzz. They want Shariah law ? Give it to them, even if it means renting swordsmen from Saudi or crane operators from Iran. Those countries still have public executions, and do so on a regular basis.
    Time to dump the Lefty PC handwringing EU.
    Not wanting to be Groped,Robbed or Raped, does not make you a Right Wing Extremist

    1. Holger, I’m all for it. If you can find some way to send the Lefty PC handwringing EU to Saudi for punishment, I’ll organise the crowdfunding for transport, think we might be a little oversubscribed!

  4. Just read that Afghanistan, too, only takes back their citizens if they voluntarily want to go back home. Guess how many of them are eager to do so. Meanwhile Germany supports that country with money and militarily.
    EU is a joke. Illegal immigrants arriving in Greece should be automatically shiped back to Turkey and EU should only accept genuine asylum seekers who come through the Greek-Turkish land border. If the turkeys let in criminal Maroccans, Algerians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, etc. to their own country let it be their problem.

    1. There was an old joke that the BBC did not do enough programmes for the ethnic minorities to which the answer was,- No problem, we’ll put Crimewatch on 5 nights a week.

    2. Thank God, I haven’t had to suffer that for 22 years. Crimestoppers occasionally here in Australia, but since I emigrated ,I’ve no complaints unlike you poor devils in Europe.

  5. Well of course they don’t want them back you dolts! They’re warriors for islam! They’re there to overthrow your countries and force them to accept sharia law. Can liberals be any more stupid?

  6. Simply solution really, round them all up, board them onto a few Hercs, then parachute them into mid-Saharan dessert….problem solved….!!!

  7. 1. Mandatory sterilisation of migrants.
    2. Possibly take them to borders and put the trouble onto the nations that let them pass through in the first place.
    3. Put them on live stock ships and at gun point put them on boats off shore from Israel.
    4. Use livestock trains to move them out of Germany.
    5. Lock all ability for welfare to migrants.

    It is a nightmare situation but it has to be resolved else revolution.

  8. Frau Merkel invited them in, and now Germany is stuck with most of them. What are you dummy Krauts going to do now? Allow the traitorous Frau M. to bring even MORE Allah Aliens into your country? Being the Sheeple that you seem to be, that’s exactly what will happen. More are on the way, Deutschers. Enjoy!

    1. No great signs of it so far. Of the west, I’ve only heard of the Austrian military stating that they’d defend their people, the Vizegrad 4 in east/central Europe, and the rest, deafening silence. I’m in Australia not Europe, so not really in a place to judge, but reading the news, from trustable sources such as this, I get the distinct impression of people holding their breath fro the dam to burst, would that be accurate?

  9. If these countries are receiving foreign aid, STOP it immediately. If that doesn’t work, fly the parasites back in Army transport planes, give them a parachute & push them out. It’s past time to get ruthless. Not to mention the fact that they are still pouring in.

  10. It IS possible to find out where they come from, or at least, where they grew up. It involves pulling a tooth which is then examined by a specialist in this field.

  11. Merkels Most Recent Lie – The none Afghan, Syrians,Iraqis will be deported.
    No they won’t , just more propaganda, just another lie. The only way Germans will get rid of all the propaganda and lies is to elect an AfD government. The rest of Europe is getting rid of their lying left wing governments.

    1. The problem with Germany is that they don’t have any balls anymore…and are being led by a pussy.(Merkel) I agree with some of the other comments, when push comes to shove…
      …Cut off all foreign aid, and trade imbalance, until these countries beg for mercy.

  12. If we give the immigrants their rights as set out in the Declaration on the Granting of independence to Colonial Territories and Peoples Dec 14 1960 we will have possibly 20 mini territories for each of the 17 Nations mentioned above, and that will add 340 mini states to the EU within the borders of Germany. They will each raise their flags in Brussels get a salary and have time to address the EU parliament and if anything happens before the Representative from an immigrant town near Tonder has his say it will be amazing.

    1. The trouble is, she doesn’t care, protected in her marxist bubble; it’s the poor German folk who are really suffering the fallout, especially the women and young girls. If she seriously thinks that German females will breed with these to create “Germans” she is seriously deluded.

      1. Ste-G, I don’t believe that’s in her calculations, she really doesn’t care, she’s distinctly anti-German, as proved with her antics with the German flag, if the girls/women have to be raped to be impregnated, she doesn’t care, where I think she has really stuffed up (and I regard her as inhuman) is not factoring in disease, apparently some of the ‘nasties’ these sub humans are carrying, have never been encountered in Europe before.

    2. Get rid of them Flashy? That was never the agenda, and, as you’ll see in the next month, max, her agreement with Erdogan say’s he’s going to release another 800-to 1000,000 all at once, to purposely throw Europe into chaos, so that the lords of chaos can make their move.

  13. If any of these refusenik countries are in receipt of EU monies, it should be stopped, preferably forever, or at least until these countries agree to take back their enricher spawn.

    1. As someone else has said, not very bright is she! They should all be sent to her house/home town. A child of 12 could have anticipated what would happen. Trouble is she’s inflicted all this on the rest of us. Time to leave the EU and I hope it bloody collapses.

  14. This only happens because everyone knows Germany is too soft and nice to hurt anyone. When Indonesia refused to take deportees, Australia vowed to load them onto rusty old boats and ground them on Indonesian beaches at high tide. Indonesia relented and now accepts deportees.

    China, where illegal immigrants and other criminals are welcomed as a source of donor organs, does not have this problem.

    1. Not just old boats, shiny new plastic yellow lifeboats as well. But former Australian PM Abbott contracted the humanitarian malaise at the end of his reign in 2015. He accepted 12,000 Syrians, in a knee-jerk response to Merkel’s foolish largesse. Conservative politicians love to frolic in the soul-cleansing waters of the fountain of multiculturalism, as much as they loathe helping their own less fortunate citizens.

  15. It really is a farce, Italy & Greece being the two countries that have borne the brunt of these people arriving on their shores really did fail to do something about the fact that very many DID NOT HAVE MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION. All their countries have ID of one form or another, so no ID should have been no entry. The EU did nothing to help these two countries from the beginning, so that proves what a useless organisation it is.

    1. Great analogy Bryn. I would like to add that Germany’s Führer did her best to verbally abuse Greece during Greek default crisis. I am not saying that it wasn’t warranted but those thin skinned Greeks got even with Germany by just waving all the Syrians, Pakistanis, Moroccans, Iraqis, etc, through to the next border.
      Merkel does not know what to do anymore. She is twenty steps behind anything or any counter reaction. In short the EU is screwed. It will fall apart since Merkel will never admit error or relinquish power and Germans are too timid to force her to step down. That is the German paradox.

    2. You’re right Bryn, they seem to be quite clued up/ briefed by lefty’s. Had Merkel even said, “all welcome, but you must have legitimate ID papers”, apart from the fact that it would have done wonders for the forging industry, it would have been a first line deterrent. But I don’t necessarily think that was part of the plan for Merkel/EU/NWO.

  16. Can’t help but laugh. Again, Merkel’s mad naivety – what did she seriously expect? The countries concerned were glad to get rid of them! The EU is done for. Thank you Mad Merkel. And now they’ll breed and expect to have their families join them.

  17. Simple – re-colonise these obviously ‘failed states’ give big corporations statutory powers to run them profitably and securely, as the British Empire used to do, and offer all the ‘asylants’ jobs there, as opposed to being permanently confined to secure compounds in Europe or on offshore islands in the Pacific (there are plenty, the USA used to clear them for nuclear testing and bases with apparent ease). Who could possibly object to reviving these failed states except those pathologically committed to failure?

    1. Makes perfect sense to me Paul, however the only way you’ll ever get the idea to float, is to get rid of 3/4 of the whites in the world, who wouldn’t pass it doe to colonial overtones.

  18. Of course there is one solution that should be agreed upon within the EU. People like Juncker and his mates all advocate an EU Army. All men and women between 17 and 30 should be conscripted into the EU Army upon arrival in all 27 countries.

    The only problem could be that people may be killed in the stampede to return to where they came from.

  19. Germans are too law-abiding. If migrants arrive lawlessly and without papers, they must be removed in similar fashion. Simply dump them in their general region with airlifts. Of course, Europe and Germany must completely stop the influx and broadcast to the world that no asylum will be granted to anybody who enters Europe without paper or permission — like Australia does. Asylum law must in fact be completely annulled and no more asylum should be granted at all in Europe or any other Western country. They abuse it, they lose it.

  20. Merkel and her cabinet must be subjected to new Nuremberg trials and receive the death penalty. The German government must be dissolved and Germany made a protectorate of the US once Trump comes to power. The traitors and enemies of the German People must be destroyed.

  21. As we say in America, ‘You dont have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Just kick them to the border and say “Don’t care where you go, you’re not staying here (in whatever European nation).” That and start boycotting all products made in the Middle East and start banning all flights to/from Middle Eastern countries until these invaders go back.

  22. The there are only a few solutions , pressure by the UN and International NGOs , pressure from EU governments , refusing aid etc to these countries or the refusal to rescue people from these countries if they are seen at see , and shipped back to where they came from .

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