1,700 Police Stop Cologne Pegida March

New Observer correspondent in Cologne, Germany—More than 1,700 police, under orders from the German government, turned out to halt a 3,000-strong Pegida demonstration in Cologne city center today—a marked contrast to the paltry 150 officers who were sent to the same venue to counter the nonwhite refugee-criminal attacks on New Year’s Eve.

Koln-Pegida crowd-02

Helmeted riot police, armored vehicles, and water cannon were turned on the crowd of patriotic Germans who came out in their thousands to protest the nonwhite attacks.

Koln-Pegida crowd-01

The thousands who took part in the Pegida demonstration were of all ages and sexes—contrary to controlled media coverage.

The crowd chanted, among other things, “Merkel has to go!” and “Reker has to go!” (A reference to the mayoress of Cologne.)

Among the crowd, many German flags were to be seen, along with the old black-white-red flag of the World War I era, and the Crusader Flag.

Koln-Rapefugees Not Welcom

Placards carried by the crowd bore the “Rapefugees not welcome” slogan, while others read “Applauded yesterday, groped today, woke up tomorrow.”

A speaker described the New Year’s Eve events as a “Cologne pogrom” which was part of a “planned genocide of the German people.”

Trouble only started when a group of around 500 Communist thugs were prevented by police from attacking the Pegida crowd.


The Communists then threw firecrackers and bottles at the police, and in typical fashion, the authorities then used this violence to claim that the entire meeting was now a “danger to public peace” and without further ado turned the water cannons on the peaceful crowd.

Koln-water-cannon-03 Koln-water-cannon-02 Koln-water-cannon-01

The police attack on the Pegida crowd proved to be a final provocation for some of the more militant elements among the protestors, who then responded by pushing the police line and throwing objects at the armored cars and water cannons.

Police then used pepper spray and forced the Pegida rally to a halt, making most of the participants scatter in the direction of the main railway station.

The increasing militancy of the crowd has most certainly served as a powerful indicator that the public mood is increasingly restless in Germany, and large-scale demonstrations of this sort could easily escalate into a crisis for the Merkel regime.

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  1. This kind of movement needs to be spread throughout Europe. Notice the water cannons weren’t out on new years eve when the none whites were out raping and beating our girls up.pity merkel has no kids.

      1. I wonder what goes through the minds of some of the police. Surely, they can’t all think that the protesters are wrong, they must feel the same way?
        Didn’t any of them wonder why tear gas and water canon was not used against the Neanderthal criminals, that are destroying their way of life?

  2. Perhaps now that the Cologne police chief has retired he may wish to explain the police forces inaction’s on December 31 ? Defend yourself.

  3. Totally disgraceful. The old tricks of crying ‘racist’ and ‘Islamaphobe’ don’t work so they turn to violence. White people engaged in civil protest is ‘hatred’ and to be stamped out but a baying crowd of marauding rapists is permissible under ‘progressive’ dictates. Please, someone explain this madness.

  4. This is the ‘thank you for accepting us in our hour of need’ rape and abuse, and Frau merkel says they will look at the problem, it’s easier to just not to let them in,a pity she wasn’t abused as well, still who would want to touch that.

  5. The politicians really, really WANT to kill white anti-invasion protestors.
    They will run and re-run video footage of protestors being gunned down by police and masturbate to orgasm at the sight of whites dying and being killed.

    These are real monsters in charge of us.

    – and I’m not joking either.

    1. I totally agree with you…the white civilisation is doomed…unless we do someghing about it…all the traitorous governments are determined to wipe us out so they can go back to the dark ages of ruling with impunity….!!!

    2. This has now answered my question as to what will happen when the inevitable civil unrest really breaks out. It will be the indigenous who are sacrificed and the invaders protected. We are doomed as long as the left remain in control.

  6. And this is democracy in action ?? We`ve obviously reached the point where we are only allowed to believe , think, and act as instructed. Unbelievable !!
    The return of the Stasi by the back door.?

    1. The BBC reported that only a couple of hundred or so were protesting against the so-called “Refugee” influx and in particular the events 31st/1st. Whereas, anti-protesters, in declared, were in their thousands. The BBC’s own filmed footage of water cannon in use against, “a couple of hundred or so” clearly led the intelligent viewer to believe that it was obviously more (and many more) than a couple of hundred alleged protesters. “The Most Trusted Broadcaster in the World”? Every time this broadcaster makes assertions in this issue it amount to LIES and more LIES. As far as I am concerned every news item broadcast by the BBC is highly suspect and must be treated as such. The World should know this.

  7. Every day I see in “germany owned” media (TV and websites) in Poland, that democracy and media in Poland is in danger and EU have to make an intervention – usually German politicians say that. They’re right, in Germany there is TRUE democracy and everybody should follow this…

    I’m also surprised how long German people can withstand it… in Poland we would have raid to government by this time.

  8. 1700 police to try and stifle German democracy . Are Germans becoming tired of despotic
    Merkel yet ? Is communism the only political system permitted in Germany now ?

  9. The same thing is happening in Australia. Violent, left-wing rent-a-crowds turn up at peaceful right wing protests and the police protect the lefties who wear balaclavas, carry knives, and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them. There is no democracy in the west except for the pro-gay, pro-migrant, pro-muslim thugs of the ultra-violent left.

    Ironically, in Australia the police are the main targets of violent muslim jihadists, IS supporters, and their leftist thug supporters. I can’t understand why elected governments are using the police, who wear the brunt of muslim violence, to support their destruction of western culture. Unbelievable.

  10. If the news is as reported, then it’s shocking. Shocking but hardly surprising given that political correctness now pervades the police force/farce we have today, whether in the UK or Germany.

    In the old days we had a real police force made up of real policemen who went after real criminals; they didn’t protect them or assault innocent law-abiding members of the public.

    The special media pleading and coverage of this event was despicable and totally one-sided. PEGIDA has now gone from being a ‘far right’ organisation to a ‘very far right’ one.

    The BBC reported ‘only’ 500 PEGIDA supporters as against ‘over 1,000’ of the opposition. This, however, was contradicted by Sky News who reported equal numbers of over ‘1,000’.

    Particularly nauseating was media description of the ‘counter-demonstrators’ – not as pro-rapist, pro-criminal, pro-genocidal, communist thugs hell bent on causing trouble, but as ‘liberals’ calling for ‘tolerance’. Ugh!

    There’s nothing liberal or tolerant about this rabble. Just look at the film footage: Their sick and twisted faces are consumed and contorted with anti-White hatred.That says it all.They can only pull down, destroy and wreck; they can never create anything.

    But more media coverage was given to this scum than PEGIDA.

    These media ‘reporters’ (presstitutes) are fast running out of excuses. It’s not just Cologne which is suffering; things like this are taking place all over Europe, albeit on a smaller scale.

    The presstitutes are very coy and apologetic when it comes to reporting Non White crime; but if it was the other way round and a 1,000 White European men had assaulted nearly 200 Non White women in the same fashion their response would have been very different.

    Their liberal and leftist hearts bleed for the invader and occupier; but for the sufferings of their own people they will not shed a single tear.

    BBC Radio 4 also interviewed arch traitor Peter Sutherland, the UN special representative for ‘migration’. Sutherland is well in with Goldman Sachs and a Bilderberger. This is the same Peter Sutherland who once said that the EU should do its best to undermine the homogeneity of its member states. That is to ethnically cleanse them.

    His advice to Angela Merkel?

    Ignore the public and just continue on as before.

    One question the BBC obviously hadn’t had the bottle to ask him was; if ‘diversity’ is such a good thing then why is it only restricted to White countries?

  11. Next time a bunch of immigrants try to stick their fingers in your cooch, call the police and report a PEGIDA rally. The cops will be there in twenty seconds to break it up!

  12. The rent a crowd are mostly UAF/WSP members, main instigators are their members from well paid Muslim organizations, they are encouraged and sponsored by many politicians from all parts of Europe also unions and wealthy people outside Europe, this will happen every time there’s a peaceful rally, they will make trouble to have the peaceful demonstration broken up, a typical fascist attitude, most of the thugs will not be touched no matter what the bully’s and thugs do because of orders from the likes of Merkel and her cohorts.

  13. I was there with more than 3000 german Patriots and a few British Patriots. Thanks for support. 10.000 Patriots have watched the livestream.

    And i would say there were only 300 Communists. We call them in German Antifa. And u should know. The german Government pay every Antifa 25-45 Euro per hour for “Demo gegen Rechts”.(against Pegida).

    1. Antifa (Organisation against Germans). They destroy German cities (cars, buildings) and attack German patriots and German Polizists.

      They get:
      *25 Euro per Hour (now they want 45 Euro)
      *free buses
      *free beer

      their parole: Wir sind die Mauer! Das Volk muss weg! (we are the wall! German people must die)

      here is the proof:

  14. And another thing: What are all the fathers, husbands and boyfriends of the victims doing about this?

    There should have been millions, not thousands, of men out on the streets on Saturday all over Germany to express their anger. But then, of course, protecting women is very old-fashioned and unpardonably ‘fascist’ in the eyes of the ‘German’ establishment.

    Modern liberal ‘Germans’, like modern liberal ‘Englishmen’, ‘Frenchmen’ and ‘Dutchmen’, etc, are expected to take it all lying down and keep stumm.

    Only fascists fight back . . .

    1. U are right! Thousand Arabians/Africans attack our woman and only 3000 patriots fight against massimigration.
      There were a few more demos , but only fought for women’s rights or against bad police work , but not against massimigration. But let’s see what happens tomorrow in Dresden. I hope for more than 50.000 patriots on the street.

      1. Good and true comments,what these paid thug ‘soldiers’ have failed to realize when the very wealthy ‘one percent’ like Soros and his pals like Sutherland have what they want, complete control and dominance over the general public, they’ll be cast aside like a pair of worn out shoes,

  15. I do wonder why the left is allowed by the Merkel government to engage in intimidation tactics to hinder the lawful, peaceful exercise of the German People’s constitutionally guaranteed right to free political speech and assembly. I wonder if those communist “Antifa” thugs are in fact paid to intimidate by Merkel’s criminal, anti-democratic regime.

    1. Kartikeya, For Merkel it’s a dream coming true, following her hero from the past, for the rest of the traitorous leaders, it’s all about money.

  16. It’s got to the point where Merkel, the German government and the police better watch themselves. the country could go up like a tinderbox and Merkel could end up swinging like Mussolini.

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