178,882 Invaders This Year

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced that as of April 17, an estimated 178,882 nonwhite invaders had already landed in Europe this year by sea.

The IOM said that the 178,882 invaders included all those who had landed in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, through April 17.


On Friday, April 15, IOM reported some 177,207 invaders had arrived in Europe via Mediterranean Sea routes, meaning that they are currently invading at the rate of 5,000 per day—a substantial increase even from the beginning of the year.

The number of estimated invaders in Greece through April 17 was 153,625, or 85 percent of the total. Italy followed with 24,581 invaders, with much lower numbers registered in Spain (648) and Cyprus (28).

This compared with a total of 52,570 invaders arriving by sea between January 1 and April 30 of last year, including 22,408 to Greece and 26,228 to Italy.

About 90 percent of the nonwhites invading Italy come from Libya, while the remaining 10 percent leave from Egypt, according to IOM.

IOM estimates that some 24,581 invaders arrived in Italy by sea between January 1 and April 17, 2016. Of these, 6,200 arrived during the first two weeks of April.

According to data provided by the Italian Ministry of Interior, 16,065 invaders arrived in the first half of April 2015. For the entire month of April last year, 26,228 arrived in Italy.

The nationalities involved in the latest invasions, the IOM reported, were Ethiopians, Somalis, Sudanese, Eritreans, Egyptians, and “other nationalities.”

These nationalities show clearly that the controlled media’s continued description of the invaders as “migrants” or “refugees” is a deliberate lie.

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Furthermore, this invasion is not, as the controlled media continues to insist, a “European migrant crisis,” but simply a nonwhite invasion of the white First World.

These are not people fleeing “war zones” where their “lives are in danger,” but are millions of nonwhites who are leaving their own self-created disaster zones in order to parasite off white taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s statistics agency Eurostat has announced that EU countries granted “asylum” to more than 330,000 nonwhite invaders last year, a 72 percent increase over 2014.

Around half of them—166,100 people—claimed to be Syrian citizens, while 27,600 came from Eritrea, and 23,700 from Iraq. Germany, Sweden, Italy, and France approved most applications. Germany took in 60 percent of the “Syrians,” the agency says.

Eurostat did not say how many of the approved asylum applications were made before 2015, nor did it say how many applications from last year are still pending. Most are likely to have been made before the mass 2015 invasion, which means that the greater flood of “applications” has yet to be announced.

Eurostat did report that the number of first time asylum applicants from “Syria” rose to 363,000, or only 29 percent of the total. The rest were made up of Afghanis, (14 percent), Iraqis (10 percent), Kosovans and Albanians (5 percent), and Pakistanis (4 percent).

Italy received 17,780 asylum applications from Nigeria, 10,285 from Pakistan, 8,015 from The Gambia, 6,370 from Senegal, and 6,015 from Bangladesh.



  1. ONE is one too many. These European countries are stark raving mad. Socialist, liberal filth. They mustn’t believe in karma. When it hits them, there will be no going back! They think that the invaders like them. Ha ha ha.

  2. September 18 1739 the Treaty of Belgrade was signed, here is Article XVI Hostile incursions and invasions and any insult whether secret or open, devastation or depopulation of either territory shall be expressly forbidden. Violators of this article shall, no matter where they are caught, be immediately imprisoned and punished without fail, according to the seriousness of the crime, by the judge of the place where they are arrested…
    Public incitement to violate a Treaty was described as a Crime Against Peace in the Charter of the Military Tribunal which met in Nuremberg, and the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Criminal Court are there now to sort out the violators and ensure that local courts uphold these agreements.

    1. Why has Mrs Merkel gone so quiet of late and why are her government not asking for her resignation? This stupid woman has done irreversible damage to ALL European countries many of which may never recover. This act of madness will take years to sort out and the hatred and hostility will fester for years.

      1. I can`t see how any of it can ever be sorted out without strife .
        WE know how and when we`d like it to end but where would you even try to begin ?
        No turning back now – the die is cast.
        Which was the whole point of doing it this way right from the start wasn`t it , Merkel ?

      2. She’s busy being awarded the “four freedom” price in Middelburg, The Netherlands. Many other accomplices of the euro-genocide were attending, some of the Orange roryals, bilderberger members, and the weasel; that calls itself the prime minister of Holland, Rutte. Some hired black “VIP” was giving a speech as to how wonderful mutti Merkel is.

  3. At this rate the whole landmass of the EU will sink under the weight of this lot.
    Aww! Pity the millions of dependants on far off shores who`d hoped to join them

  4. None of these illegals wants to assimilate, they are just coming for the housing and welfare benefits, and all the European soft governments allow them in, ruining their countries for ever. If the governments stopped paying these people money and giving them a house each, they would stop coming, but the bleeding hearts believe every story these people tell of having their families murdered or persecuted, all well rehearsed and told over and over again, Europe is finished it has been over run.

    1. It’s not just welfare and housing benefits.The clue is in the sex of these creatures. They want to take, take,take…soon Europe will be a mulatto continent.

    2. Sadly I have to agree. There’s no undoing this mess now, no returning them to their own countries, and within a couple of generations Europe will be black. If you’re young and white, do everything in your power to move somewhere like New Zealand, although quite rightly, the New Zealand authorities are very careful who they allow into their country.

      1. I live in NZ and am alarmed by all this. We are only a small country with low wages, crazy high house prices, students with high student debt levels, high cost of living and lots of taxes. NZers are struggling to buy homes here for themselves. This is not the land of milk and honey, it is expensive living here – we have our own growing poor and working poor. Stay away and fix your own countries. Start by electing sensible leaders and being persistent in ensuring those that arent acting in your best interest are held accountable. Also stop importing savages that have no intention of integrating, a little tip here if they hate woman, think of other humans beings as propery or slaves, think rape is natural then hello big red flag, steer clear

          1. Agreed need to fight and stop the garbage from invading. So tired of all this PC BS, I do not agree that people that work hard have to sacrifice their own human rights for others, what kind of BS is that. Islam is sick, it is against the law of nature to inbreed

    1. What sickens me is that this is the policy as ordained by Jews for the rest of us.
      Their own bloodlines stay “pure” – untainted by other races – and they have the gall to tell us we must mix and match and indulge in Zanzu.
      Evil bastards! No wonder they are hated so much.

  5. Another thing to consider is this…with the massive influx of sub-Saharan Africans, comes a massive increase in the numbers of people with HIV. Now, given that we do seem to have a lot of (in my opinion) filthy white females, who do think having sexual relations with these ‘people’ is perfectly acceptable, I can see Europe ending up with a similar AIDS epidemic as Africa.
    Not forgetting of course the number who will be infected through rape, something which they seem to have a penchant for.

      1. It’s the one thing which would make me disown my daughter…I’d be physically sick if she was with a non-white.

  6. I can see this raft is severely overloaded. People with half a brain can see this raft is severely overloaded. Why can’t those onboard see that the raft is severely overloaded. Either these people are suicidal or they are really stupid. No oars, no motor , just a raft full of unemployable
    fools. Do they cannibalize each other along the way ? Send them all to Germany. This is all Merkel’s fault.

  7. Christine, I loved New Zealand when I visited, and I sympathize with your comments. But please be aware that many people here are fighting against what is happening, but our press, our police and our government here in the UK have ensured that we are practically powerless. This situation was set in train a long time ago, starting with the education system indoctrinating young people with multicultural diversity white guilt and so on. Our leaders are lying traitors, bent on importing a New World Order, and corruption is endemic. So fixing our own countries is probably going to be impossible without bloodshed, and you can’t blame people for wanting to escape.

    1. Yes well unfortunately we have white leftie clowns here too that think its their right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us taxpayers that are against it. If they want refugees then they should be taxed extra to support them or there should be a referendum on the issue. A Dutch dignitary criticised Maori welcome culture here, I say horray to Maori they own a lot of NZ I doubt theyd tolerate a Muslim takeover and a hell of a lot of them are in our Army here

    1. Yes, they puncture them themselves once they see a ship to rescue them.
      Personally I’d order my ship to turn 180 degrees and leave them to it!

    2. Very top heavy. They probably push each other overboard when they hang their ass over for a dump. I can’t see any of these unemployable young males working at anything. 500 drowned so far so they have become victims of Darwin’s Law.

  8. It is obvious this will all end in massive civil unrest. You have to wonder if this is what politicians want for their own benefit. Leave the masses to destroy each other and they make big money in rebuilding costs and healthcare.

  9. What do you expect when we house them and feed them. Not a female in sight and a boatload of horny savages, unimmunized and carrying STDs from shagging wildebeest. Plenty of sexy white girls where the’re heading, so all’s well that ends in rapes that will go unreported so we don’t offend them. Why don’t all the white’s go to Africa and leave the ‘ass’ylum seekers to move into their homes. Get this whole invasion done more quickly.


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