180 Invaders Wreck German Gym Hall

Some 180 nonwhite invader “asylum seekers,” housed temporarily at a gym hall in Gräfelfing on the outskirts of Munich, have inflicted half a million euros damage on the facilities—including defecating in all the showers and drains, and ripping holes in the floor—while living there for just eight weeks, local media have reported.


According to a report in the Munich Merkur newspaper, the decision to house the asylum seekers “was only an emergency solution, but it has now turned out to be really expensive.”

Before the Dreifachturnhalle in Gräfelfing can be used once again as a gym hall for local schools—as was its original purpose—it has to be completely refurbished and disinfected at a cost of at least €575,000.

The Munich city authorities had used the Dreifachturnhalle to house the 180 invaders between August 19 and October 23, 2015, but once the nonwhites had left—to go to more permanent accommodation, also paid for the by the German taxpayers—the gym hall was completely unusable.

A major source of damage to the gym hall could be found in the toilet and bathroom areas, the Merkur reported.  The automatic ventilation system was smashed, and as a result, the walls were covered in mold.

All the toilets were clogged, and the nonwhites also used all the floor drains in the showers and elsewhere as toilets, resulting in major damage to the drainage system. It took engineers two days to clear all the piping, the Merkur said, even though there had been constant maintenance carried out while the nonwhites were living there.

The entire building also had to be disinfected. Tests showed “organic deposits” on the walls of the hall and all ancillary rooms, and health specialists found that they could only clear the infections with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the Merkur reported. Only then was it deemed safe to allow painters in to repaint the building.

The most serious damage was to the flooring, which has to be replaced in its entirety. It was, according to the paper, completely destroyed, with physical holes gouged out in many places. In addition, it had been soaked in liquids, trash, food, and mold.

An August 2015 report in the Merkur announced that specially designed floor tiles had been installed to provide protection to the hall and walls, precisely in an attempt to prevent such damage from taking place. Their efforts appear to have been in vain.

Although the bill for the refurbishment is being sent to the Bavarian government, the local authority is not expecting it to be paid, and is preparing to shoulder the extra debt by itself—in other words, from the local citizens’ taxes.

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  1. What is it about ‘migrants’ defecating all over the place?

    Perhaps it’s some sort of subliminal subconscious self recognition.

  2. It is beyond comprehension that such stories are not published within a week of it being seen. Does the German Government threaten to sack every person within their public sector for highlighting the true cost of these major crimes.

      1. We know the German government are muzzling the press – and all its public servants and even money says that no-one is allowed to withdraw their labour because of such
        dictatorship. Still amazing that this is going on in Germany.

  3. Addendum , DNA evidence should have been collected and used for purposes of deportation.
    Did the police do that ? Does anyone know ?

  4. 2 month stay, 180 people, 620,000$; they were moving at a clip of almost 60 bucks in damage per person per day.

    If anyone still believes the broken window fallacy, europe should soon have an astonishing economic boom from all these repair costs.

    1. Of course the employment would all go to these talented, skilled people who are promising to make such a positive contribution to our society.!

  5. This behaviour is intended to show their contempt for us and their power over us. They view our hospitality as a sign of weakness.

    Still, we don’t have to burn down a invader centre if hey trash it themselves.

  6. Thats 180 who should be kicked out with immediate effect, it is send the wrong message completely by keep repairing the damage they create, the ungrateful barstewards should have been removed at the first sign of damage.

  7. The former residents should be put to WORK fixing that place. This is obvious to me. Consequences they will never be forced to learn…like cleaning up after 180 babies with no diapers. Good grief that’s gross.

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