183,112 Invaders Landed in Europe 2017

At least 183,112 nonwhites pretending to be refugees invaded Europe from January 1 to December 31, 2017, official figures from the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) have shown—bringing the total for the past three years to over 1.7 million.

According to the IOM’s latest figures, at least 171,802 Third Worlders invaded Europe by sea, and another 11,310 by land. In 2016, 387,895 nonwhites landed in Europe using those two invasion routes.

The decrease in 2017 is mostly attributable to the halting of the fake “rescue” ships run by pro-invasion activists under the guise of “charities,” who actively collaborated with smugglers to pick up boatloads of Africans off the Libyan coast to give them free taxi rides to Europe.

According to the IOM, for the period December 25 to 31, at least 375 invaders landed in Italy, (as opposed to the previous week’s 50), 343 landed in Greece (previous week 648), 4 landed in Bulgaria (previous week 12), and 155 in Spain (previous week 1,113).

This meant that the total number of invaders for the last week of 2017 stood at 877, compared to the previous week’s 1,823.

The main nationalities of the invaders (in descendant order) were listed as follows:

To Italy: Nigeria, Guinean, Cote´d Ivoire, Bangladesh, Mali, Eritrea.

To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Algeria.

To Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan.

For the period from 25 December to 31 December, 1 invader was registered in Hungary, the same as the previous week, while in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 10 invaders were registered in the period from December 14 to December 20.

The ongoing mass invasion—even if slower than usual—of Europe by the Third World is therefore proceeding apace.

None of the invaders have any reason to claim “asylum” in Europe at all, as even by the lax definition of a “refugee” invented by race-denying liberals (someone fleeing persecution in their home countries”) none of these nationals listed qualify under any stretch of the imagination.

Often, the controlled media will then claim that these nonwhites are “fleeing poverty”—but deliberately ignore the reason why their home nations face such “poverty”—particularly in Africa which is without question one of the most natural resource rich continents on the globe.

The reason why the controlled media and the race-denying establishment will never try to explain why these nonwhites are “fleeing poverty” is because they will then have to explain the link between IQ and achievement.

Furthermore, they will then also have to admit that low IQ individuals are always poorer, no matter what the environment, and, most importantly, that race and IQ and clearly linked. To admit this would be to admit that the entire liberal world view—of impossible equality based on environmental factors alone—is a lie.

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  1. The last two paragraphs of this article says it all. It is the great secret of humanity that our enemies will do anything to keep hidden from the larger public.

  2. Italy, Spain and Greece KNOW these people are coming, and DO NOTHING TO STOP IT? Has the UN asked these countries to ignore the common sense demands of movement between countries where EVERYONE has to have some form of ID? It is possible that the Jewish Lobby would expect that as they don’t want even one of them within their country. It was said about 2 years ago that none of this would have happened had the first 20 boats been sank with all occupants drowning, and yes that is harsh, BUT who is paying for these people to continue to live in any European country? The UN? NO. The taxpayers of all European countries – YES. So when were the taxpayers ever asked to fund these uneducated, illegal migrants arriving in their countries? Answer – the usual phrase:- DON’T DO AS I DO, DO AS I SAY. No politician anywhere in Europe is offering to house any one of these people. Enough is enough. Bloodshed with civil uprising has to be on the cards.

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