185,853 Fake Refugees Invade Germany in 2018: Only 26,114 Deported

Only 26,114 rejected “asylum applicants” were successfully deported from Germany back to their home countries in 2018—while at the same time, another 185,853 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees entered Germany in that year.

Official German Federal Police statistics on the number of deportees, as reported by the Spiegel newspaper, a total of 57,000 nonwhite invaders whose asylum applications were so bogus that not even the race-denying German authorities could believe them, were ordered deported.

However, of this number, only 26,114 were actually deported, a failure rate of 55 percent. At the same time, another 8,658 nonwhites were deported to other EU states of their “first entry,” in terms of the Dublin Treaty which says that applications have to be handled in the country in which the invader first ties to claim asylum.

This was the rule which German Chancellor Angela Merkel unilaterally abrogated in 2015 when she invited the entire Third World into Germany under the guise of “asylum,” sparking off the million of fake refugees who have poured into Europe since that time.

According to the police report, more than 7,000 deportations “failed” in 2018  because “deportees were not found, were ill, or lacked papers.”

Another 3220 repatriations had to be stopped after their transfer to the Federal Police because of “active passive resistance” against deportation—i.e. the nonwhites physically resisted being sent back.

A spokesperson for the German Interior Ministry, Steve Alter, told RIA-Novosti that “in most cases travel documents are missing or the deportees evade the authorities and therefore cannot be handed over to the Federal Police for repatriation.

“The foreigners are required to obtain a passport or a replacement passport themselves, but often don’t do so. In 7,849 cases last year, deportation failed in Germany because the police simply couldn’t find the deportee in time.

“To tackle this, authorities are now detaining some migrants ahead of their scheduled deportation,” Alter said.

He pointed that while “Austria succeeds in deporting migrants through coercive measures, in Germany the formal requirements for grounds for detention remain very strict and overtax the authorities. According to the police, they can only be arrested if deportation is ordered or if there’re any grounds for preventive detention.”

According to Alter, in many states, it is illegal to enter properties to search for deportees, so authorities have to try and find the person outside their homes. 

“At the moment, there are hardly any monitoring possibilities for offenders whose deportation is not possible,” he added.

A former judge at the Federal Administrative Court Harald Dörig told a recent conference on the topic that many invaders were using unexpected tactics to stay in Germany, including admitting to being a member of ISIS or any other terrorist group.

In this way, the invader argues that he or she would be tortured and killed if deported to a number of countries, often including their home country. 

“Some individuals resort to such tricks,” Dörig said regarding these self-reports. He also added that since Germany has a rather complicated and time-consuming process of investigating such cases, for some it may well be an appropriate way to stay in the country for an extended period of time.

* As long since proven, there are no genuine refugees in Europe at all. Most have not even fled “war zones” where there is an imminent danger to their life, and even those who have fled war have all crossed several, if not dozens, of safe countries before reaching Europe. There is therefore no “European refugee crisis” as the controlled media claims: there is only an organized nonwhite invasion of white nations, and nothing else.

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  1. ..and how many spouses and family members of invaders were ‘sponsored’ into Germany in the same year?

  2. The invasion is always presented as something beyond their control, but if the German establishment really did not want 185,853 bogus asylum seekers invading their country then the number could be substantially reduced. The reality is that the entire liberal establishment have formed a united front in support of a policy to offset the ageing and shrinking of the population with large scale net immigration extended indefinitely into the future. They have been reluctantly forced to reduce the scale of the invasion since 2015 in response to the increasing electoral support for the AfD, but they try to set the numbers of invaders to the maximum possible without pushing so many voters into the AfD camp that they could pose a serious threat to the status quo. Here we see cultural factors at work that enable an extraordinary number of bogus asylum seekers that would be unacceptable in other countries. In Britain, for instance, asylum applications reached 100,000 a year under Blaire’s New Labour administration in 1999, but the outcry from the tabloid press was so great that they were forced to retreat and substantially reduce asylum applications. Had they ramped up bogus asylum applications to 185,853 a year then eventually this would have enable UKIP to gain representation in parliament.
    All the legal barriers that the article reveals to frustrate effective deportation of failed asylum applications demonstrates that the system for deportations is set up to fail and that if the German government really wanted remove these invaders then they could do so.

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