$1bn US “Aid” to Syrian Terrorists in 2015/2016

US President Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving weekend was kicked off with a $406 million gift to terrorists in Syria, part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by the White House late on Wednesday.


The latest allocation brings the total amount given by the Obama regime to encourage the war in Syria to just over $906 million when the 2015 allocation of $500 million is added in. When the “secret” budget allocations (such as those used by the CIA’s covert operations, or the National Security Agency’s spying technology, which are never publicly declared), are included, the final figure is likely to rise substantially higher than $1 billion.

The NDAA is the most important legislation that the Armed Services Committees in both houses of Congress write and pass every year. The bill spells out what programs the Pentagon is authorized to conduct, what resources, installations, and weapons systems are available, and what investments the US Armed Forces are required to make over the next year.

According to Subtitle C—Matters Relating to Syria and Iraq, Sec. 1225, “Matters relating to support for the vetted Syrian opposition” of the latest NDAA, the US Secretary of Defense will, within the next three months, submit a report “setting forth a description of the military support the Secretary considers necessary to provide to recipients of assistance.”


Specifically, the US “aid” to the “vetted Syrian opposition” will consist of the provision of “assistance, including training, equipment, supplies, stipends, construction of training and associated facilities, and sustainment.”

The bill goes on to assert that this “aid” must not end up in the hands of ISIS or any of its affiliates, or the Syrian government.


However, as the whole world knows, almost every single “vetted Syrian” group supported by the US has defected to ISIS, resulting in that terrorist organization gaining millions of dollars’ worth of sophisticated weapons (“Four Years Later, The Free Syrian Army Has Collapsed,” International Business Times, March 14, 2015).


The ISIS Toyota trucks are identical to the ones supplied to the “moderate rebels” by the US.

Even more incredibly, the latest NDAA does not even specify exactly how all this money is to be used, only saying that the Secretary for Defense must provide a “description of means by which the assistance will support the political and military objectives and end states for Syria.”

In addition to the “aid” to terrorists in Syria, the NDAA has also allocated $3.6 billion to the “Afghanistan Security Forces Fund,” and $715 million to the Iraq “Train and Equip Find.”


In total, this means that the US taxpayer has handed over $4.7 billion in military aid to three war-ridden countries—where the wars were started by George W. Bush and Obama administrations in the first place—all at the behest of the American Jewish lobby.

* The NDAA also allocates $300 million in “security assistance” to Ukraine, to prop up the ongoing conflict between that nation and Russia.

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