2.8 to 4 Million Nonwhite Voters in UK

There are at least 2.8 million—and potentially as many as four million—nonwhite voters in Britain, the product of decades of legal immigration, and who will play a pivotal role in ensuring a “remain” victory in the upcoming referendum on European Union membership.

The large number of nonwhite voters was revealed in a press release by the official “Operation Black Vote” (OBV) organization, announcing its new viciously racist anti-white poster portraying white people as thugs.


According to a statement on its website, the UK-government funded OBV said that it had “partnered again with the advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi” to create a hard-hitting poster to encourage black and minority ethnic (“BAME”) communities to register to vote in the EU Referendum.

The poster shows a white man dressed up as a “skinhead” shouting abuse at an elderly Indian woman while both are sitting on a see-saw, with the slogan “a vote is a vote.”

Any poster which portrayed the opposite stereotypes—a nonwhite thug threatening an elderly white woman—would of course be instantly attacked as “racist.”

However, because of the establishment’s institutionalized anti-white racism, the OBV campaign will proceed without protest from the controlled media, their political parties, and their allies.

Explaining the poster, the OBV said that the campaign “aims to empower the BAME community” and “shows that their vote carries as much weight as the other, frequently more vocal sides of the political spectrum.”

The OBV statement went on to say that the EU-referendum campaign has been “characterised by anger, not much objective information, and at times the demonization of foreigners and in particular people of colour. Our campaign poster illustrates that.”

“The poster features an Asian woman being berated by an aggressive looking thug. The pair are seated on a see-saw—demonstrating the balance of their equivalent power—with the strap-line: ‘A vote is vote.’”

The image will run “across digital poster sites in London and Manchester, and will be accompanied by a social media campaign to raise awareness and provide easily accessible links and guides on how to register,” the statement continued.

Simon Woolley
Simon Woolley

Then it revealed that there are approximately four million nonwhite voters in the UK, “each of whom can help to shape the country we live in the future.”

However, the OBV said, “30 percent are not even registered to vote, and many of those registered do not make it to the polls.”

Thirty percent of four million is 1.2 million—which means that the already registered number of nonwhite voters is 2.8 million. This is more than enough to swing the referendum, as Simon Woolley, Director of OBV, said in the statement: “These potential voters could easily decide one of the biggest questions of the last three decades—whether we remain in the EU or leave.”

Magnus Djaba
Magnus Djaba

Magnus Djaba, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi London, was also quoted as saying that as “a member of the BAME community, I understand better than most why mainstream political campaigning fails to cut through with this audience.

“This campaign turns its back on the usual political posturing and talks to the BAME community in a language we understand.”

In other words, the portrayal of whites as vicious abusive thugs is the “language” the BAME community “understands”—a statement which is in itself a searing indictment on the total failure of nonwhites to “integrate” into white society even after decades of multicultural propaganda.

The racist, anti-white, OBV poster serves as conclusive evidence therefore that complete physical geographic separation provides the only real solution to the issue of race and racial differences—separate states in which each race can live in peace and achieve their maximum potential without the stress of racial conflict and division.

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  1. The fact that even TPTB don`t know how many non-whites are ensconced in the UK says it all.
    “Cheapo” Saatchi and Saatchi advertising ( HOW much ???????) and government funding ( thought things were tight???) show the extent of the measures employed to ensure we remain in the corrupt EU.
    Just how low will the`Remain` camp sink to secure victory and ensure subjugation of white culture.
    As an afterthought …wonder which exotic country Blair and his traitorous ilk will decamp to when things finally kick off as they surely must at some point ? Perhaps another planet would prove safer.

  2. Regrettably, we know the system. A bunch of imams will be swanning around helping those who can’t read and write among their followers fill out the forms. It’s a disgrace but you know our government – doesn’t give a sheet. Cameron wants to remain for some perverse reason. He’s obviously getting something out of it.

    1. It`ll be promises of “jobs for the boys and a seat at the EU top table on retirement ” after the Remain stitch up.

  3. Of course, it’s in the interest of non-whites in the UK to vote ‘remain’, since EU law – which takes precedence of UK legislation – more or less completely outlaws any form of ‘racial discrimination’. Therefore, as long as the UK remains in the EU there is zero prospect of any possible nationalist government of taking any meaningful anti-immigration action, let alone restricting council houses or employment to the invaders.

    Strangely enough, a whole host of invaders are dumb enough eg Priti Patel, to align with the ‘leave’ camp.

    1. Priti Patel is obviously capable of thinking for herself and anything but `dumb` She`s made something of herself which is to be welcomed. Personally I`ve no problem with immigrants from wherever who are happy to live and fit in with a westernised life ( but always subject to numbers .)
      The ones I detest and want a blanket ban on are those gimmegrants who sponge off UK taxpayers especially the ones with a religious mindset from the dark ages who try to impose it here while hoping to establish their evil Caliphate.
      In other words – no Muslimes whatsoever …. in order to purge Islam in totality from the UK.

      1. Anything but dumb? She’s just another immigrant subsidised by the education system. She has shown no independent thought – she’s an MP for god’s sake. Why be impressed by these absurd lightweights?

        1. She is a typical opportunist Indian. Learn about the treacherous Indian majority during the Raj & Winston’s view. At least with the Muslims their views are seen at first sight.

  4. If the “people of colour” are demonized, then isn’t that an indictment of the British government’s importation of nonwhite peoples into historically racially homogeneous Britain? Why create a race problem in a land that had never before had any basis for one?

    Ever heard of the United Nations Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? The British government is a signatory to it. This declaration defines an indigenous people, and the white Germanic/Celtic native stock of Britain fits the definition. The declaration states that an indigenous people is not to have its culture or its people altered by the importation of foreign cultures, religions or peoples. The indigenous are to be allowed to preserve who they are and their way of life without anything foreign in any way being imposed on them. But what white indigenous people inside western Europe is granted this protection? Numerous western European governments that are frenetically importing alien nonwhite peoples and trampling on the rights of self preservation of their native white peoples are signatories to the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. What gives? Nowhere in the Declaration does it specify which indigenous are, or which are not, to be protected according to the Declaration: All are. By why are the indigenous whites treated by their own governments as if this Declaration did not exist?

  5. This is laughable, it does not represent England at all. Most of the true immigrants who actually have enriched our country want out of this madness as much as we do they they will also be affected by lack of housing, low wages, school places . Also my son works with a lot of Eastern Europeans funny enough they would vote out.

    1. I love it when someone from an ethnic minority declares themself to be a Brexiter – they totally get it. They understand that everyone who lives, works and contributes in the UK is under threat from EU policy, whoever they are and wherever they come from. Greater numbers of people means less quality of life for us all.
      I don’t need to say any more as those who ‘get it’ get it!

  6. There was a discussion about this on LBC this morning. The supporters of mass immigration seem to miss the point time after time; in the middle of the discussion the travel news came on saying there were miles and miles of gridlock on the M25. Does this not address the point perfectly?
    Do they not join up the dots these people? Infracstructure is crumbling under the strain yet millions more arrivals are planned!

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