20 Invader Centers Burned in Germany

German patriots have carried out at least twenty arson attacks at invader centers from September to October, a figure, which like the number of attacks in Sweden, is another significant escalation in the war for Europe’s survival.

According to a list compiled by the far left Tageszeitung (Taz) newspaper, the following attacks have occurred since the beginning of September (they specifically excluded incidents where the invaders themselves had been the cause of the fires, or where attacks had taken place by firecrackers and smoke bombs).

October 8: Grimma: A fire completely destroyed an apartment building earmarked for invader occupation.

October 7: Dresden: Four Molotov cocktails were thrown at an unused school building set aside for invader housing. Minimal damage incurred.

October 4: Xanten: Molotov cocktails thrown at a planned invader residence. In addition, traces of accelerant were found on the ground floor.

October 4: Friemar: Outbuildings used as a toilet complex for invaders next to a hotel were burned, and the fire spread to the hotel facade.

October 3: Altena: The attic of an invader center was burned down just as the invaders arrived to take up residence.

September 29: Oberteuringen: The exterior facade of a planned invader accommodation was damaged in an arson attack.

September 26: Bremen: The floorboards and the plastic holding of an invader tent accommodation was set on fire from the outside with unidentified accelerants.

September 20: Breesen near Rostock: A residence set aside for invader housing was burned down.

September 20: Wertheim. A hotel set aside for invader use was burned down. Police confirmed that the fire was deliberately set.

September 19: Riedlingen: A fire broke out in storage dumpsters at an invader center.

September 18: Bad Aibling: A fire was started underneath the concrete foundations of a container housing unit.

September 14: Porta Westfalica: A Molotov cocktail was thrown against the facade of a hotel set aside as invader accommodation.

September 12: Wiehl. A stationary train carriage, selected for use as invader accommodation,was set on fire and daubed in “xenophobic slogans.”

September 11: Gerstungen: A house set aside for invaders was burned down in an arson attack.

September 9: Berlin-Marzahn: An invader tent camp was set on fire with a device described as being similar to a “Bengal fire” incendiary device.

September 9: Gersheim: An unused school set aside for invader accommodation was burned down.

September 8: Bleicherode: An unused hotel building set aside for invader accommodation was damaged in an arson attack.

September 7: Ebeleben. The roof trusses of three invader residences were completely burned out in an arson attack.

September 6: Dortmund: Molotov cocktails were thrown into a former school set aside for invader accommodation.

September 4: Heppenheim: Five invaders were hurt when the hallway of a hotel occupied by “refugees” was set on fire.

September 3: Witten: A building set aside for invader accommodation was burned down from the inside. Police detected evidence of a forced entry and accelerant.

The Taz article goes on to list a number of incidents earlier in the year, claiming that there have been sixty-six arson attacks in total.

In reality, the final total is likely to be higher, as it has become apparent that police are suppressing reports of incidents involving the invaders in any way, whether it be invader crime or attacks on their centers—the latter for fear of encouraging copycat attacks.

In this way it can be seen that there have been only two reported incidents in November—something which is highly unlikely given the record to date.

The two incidents about which the media were allowed to report occurred as follows:

November 24: Woldegk, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A residence housing thirty-five invaders had to be evacuated after a fire was started in the basement of the apartment block. The inhabitants were alerted to the blaze by smoke filing the stairwell, and many had to be evacuated by fire brigade ladders from the outside. Two were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

November 19: Barnstorf, Diepholz. Invaders were forced to evacuate their residence after an attempted arson attack on an outbuilding. The accelerant, apparently placed on a piece of material, failed to spread because it was thrown onto a concrete floor.

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  1. Sign this petition, post it everywhere.

    Rücktritt der dt. Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel und sofortige Neuwahl der Bundesregierung


    This madness must be stopped!!

  2. Rowena . . it's about the EU. It is THEIR decision to let these invaders in. Neither Germany, the UK or any other country in the EU can protect their own borders. Unelected Commissioners in the EU make that decision. UKIP is the ONLY party campaigning to leave the EU and WILL make a difference.

    Ian Robertson, UKIP Candidate.

  3. Germany, you must keep up the fight to save what is rightfully yours, your home, your nation. All the invading parasites must now surely realise that they are not wanted and not welcome. As for the authorities telling its own people that if they don't like mass immigration they can always leave, where are they supposed to go to Herr Merkel ?
    Why should they leave, you should be deporting en mass the parasites invading, not instructing your own citizens to leave, shame on you. Sweden is almost a failed state thanks to its government’s determination to wipe out its own people, Germany is now also following this pattern of self-destruction. As for Britain, we too are being flooded with immigration from all EU states, in particular the poorer countries whose citizens are choosing Britain over their own in a bid to cash in on our generous welfare system. We are also being flooded with third world Muslim immigrants whose sole aim is to leech off our welfare system, whilst breeding us out of our tiny Island which they fully intend to turn into a Sharia controlled state, just like their own toilet nations they have run away from, after trashing them. The deliberate extermination of the white people of Europe is now almost complete, it’s just a matter of time before it reaches the point of no return. All European people you must rise up against your governments and fight for your life and home. Bring down Angela Merkel and we will bring down David Cameron, but first we fully intend to leave the vile EU that is the driving force behind all this. Once we have left the EU can whistle for its money, but they won't get any, and hopefully it will be just a matter of time before the whole experiment collapses. All leaders must then be tried for treason against their own people and nations. We want Nigel Farage and UKIP in power, we want to deport all illegals and failed asylum seekers, and then we will block anymore parasites from coming in. We do not want anymore people that will be permanently welfare dependent. We only want immigrants who are skilled and can afford to support themselves. Keep up the good work Germany, don't let the bastards grind you down and evict you from your own homes.

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