200 Patriots Brave Snow to Support Poland

More than 200 patriots from Austria and Hungary braved sub-zero temperatures and a snowstorm this weekend to demonstrate their European solidarity with Poland outside the Polish embassy in Vienna.


According to a press release issued by the organizing committee, the Wiedeńska Inicjatywa Narodowa (Vienna National Initiative), the demonstration took place on Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m., outside the Polish Embassy in Vienna’s 13th district.

“Austrians, Hungarians, and other nationalities—including some Polish people—came to demonstrate their opposition to the negative media coverage by the German media of the newly elected Polish government,” the press release continued.

“Representatives of the Identitarian movement and Wiedeńska Inicjatywa Narodowa praised the far-seeing Eastern European governments on the ‘refugee’ issue, and warned against increasing Islamization.

“Among those present was Polish Law and Justice Party senator Artur Warzocha.”

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A statement by the Austrian Identitarian movement said that it was important to express solidarity with Poland’s patriots “especially against the background of the current invasion of Europe by illegal immigrants.”

The statement went on to highlight the difference between the governments of the Visegrad nations, “whether in Warsaw, Budapest, or elsewhere,” where there are “popularly elected governments that represent their people’s interests and do not allow any invasion of their countries,” and the attitudes of the governments of Western Europe.

“The difference can also be noticed if New Year’s Eve in Cologne and New Year’s Eve in Warsaw are compared,” the statement continued.

“So with this demonstration, we want to show the governments in Vienna and elsewhere in Europe, that we demand a patriotic government and no diktat from Brussels!”

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  1. Ah….German negative media reports. Well, Poland is proving a stumbling block to Merkel taking over the rule of Europe. Good. The last thing Europe needs is another mad leader. The last time the Germans tried this on we all know what happened.

  2. If you do not have the same agenda as the EU masters in Brussels you will be criticized and perhaps even toppled. Be very careful Poland. The next thing you know a small but effective revolution will be underway with the full backing of Brussels. They cannot have you rocking the boat at a critical point in their plans for Europe. Look what their interference in Ukraine did.

    Poland, Bratislava, Prague & Budapest would be wise to look to Moscow for “moral” support.

    1. My concern in this is Russia, only a few days ago this same Polish government were asking for more NATO troops to guard their eastern frontier. I wish the Poles all the possible best, but you can’t have it both ways, which is it to be? I could actually see Russia standing by the ‘EU breakaway’ countries of eastern Europe.

      1. No way, never.

        Please remember, that Poland was occupied by Soviets for 50 years. We know that nation well, we will never trust them.

        NOTHING good comes from that direction. Any kind of support is out of question. It would be perceived as treason here- thats an effect of last 100 years of Russian aggression.

        Make them stay in Asia at all cost!

        1. I hate to say it, given the stance which only Poland and a few other eastern countries are taking, and for which you have my admiration, but if the feelings are so strong against Russia, then you could find you really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

          Best wishes to the Poles and all others taking a stand against this invasion – we’ve just had Cameron backtrack on his refusal to take any ‘refugees’ from within the EU, saying that he’s willing to take “unaccompanied minors” now.

          Well, we all know they are taken at their word that they’re 15, even if they’re pushing 30.!

  3. Ostrov Dr. Moreau se vymyká kontrole ! Co na to frau Makrela ? Má klidné spaní a nebo je bez citu ke svému národu ! Cožpak si Německo neprošlo svojí historií ? Všechny války potupně prohráli a prohrají i tuhle až dojde na nejhorší uteče do USA !

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