20,000 “Armed” Nonwhite Invaders Attacking Bosnia-Croatia Border, Austrian Govt. Warns

A mob of at least 20,000 nonwhite invaders—most armed with knives and sharp weapons—are launching continuous attacks upon the Bosnian-Croatian border, seeking to break through to western Europe, an official in the Austrian government has told the Kronen Zeitung newspaper.

A nonwhite invader armed with a knife attacks a border guard on the Bosnian-Croatian border.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the government official told the Austrian newspaper that the invasion mob was made up of “young men of Pakistani, Iranian, Algerian and Moroccan descent,” and that at least one border official had already been attacked with knives after trying to stop the nonwhites breaking through.

The invasion crisis has been steadily growing over the past few weeks at the Croatian border at Velika-Kladusa, only 224 kilometers (140 miles) from Austria, as the nonwhites have pushed north from Greece where they have been holed up after the “usual” invasion path to liberal white welfare handouts was blocked by the Hungarian border fence.

“The Croats are really trying to handle this alone. They have also positioned special forces at this transition point,” the Kronen Zeitung quoted analysts of the Group III (Migration) unit at the Interior Ministry in Vienna.

“But there are worrying developments, officials say,” the newspaper continued, quoting the officials as follows: “Now others are coming, no more families, and there are hardly any women left. 95 percent of those who want to break through are young men, almost all armed with knives. A border policeman has already been stabbed.”

“The majority of them come from Pakistan. And there are many Iranians, Algerians, Moroccans. Their goal is not Austria,” the officials added, saying that the invaders want to go to Germany or the Scandinavian countries.

Most of the invaders have prepaid credit cards supplied by the United Nations’ High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the officials explained.

“Europe does not want to force the Croats to accept help,” the Interior Ministry officials continued. “At the same time, a breakthrough in Velika-Kladusa should be prevented because this would become a signal for the departure of tens of thousands more.”

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  1. That knife man – under recognised ‘rules of engagement’ – should have been instantly gunned down with no mercy.

  2. The Croats 20 years ago seemed to have no qualms about killing and attacking their brother christian Slav Serbs.

    Yet, today they are abject cowards against hostile invading aliens.

  3. When the phony 2015 migrant crisis occurred it was obvious that something sinister was going on. I have always suspected that the migrants were being paid by forces unknown to invade Europe and that this was part of a plan to replace the indigenous peoples of Europe and socially engineer a post-national societies. Well, the evidence has come to light to show that the UNHCR and the EU, in cooperation with MasterCard and Soros are handing the migrants pre-paid debit cards to support them though their journey across Europe. The article in English revealing the conspiracy is titled ‘UN, EU and Soros provide migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to and through Europe’ and can be found at the Voice of Europe website. The original report came from the Slovenian website Nova24 and is titled ‘[Foto] Zdaj je jasno, od kod ilegalcem denar: Evropska unija jim v BiH pošilja kar bančne kartice!’.

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