200,000 “Children” Invade Germany

No less than 77,600 nonwhite “minors and adolescents” invaded Germany last year, and at least 42,300 of them arrived without any parents, according to new figures from the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis).

This brings the total number of “minors” to enter Germany unaccompanied to over 200,000 since 2010.


The wholesale invasion data was revealed in an official statement on the Destatis website, which said that the number of unaccompanied minors had “increased significantly” during 2015.

Around 42,300 “children and adolescents unaccompanied by an adult person” were taken into custody after crossing the border into Germany, Destatis said.

Of this number, almost 30,700 were minors—that is, 16 years or younger—an increase of 263 percent over the previous year.

Around 38,700 (or 91 percent) of these invaders are male, and 3,600 were female.

Of the 42,300 “unaccompanied minors” who entered Germany in 2015, some 22,300 (or 53 percent) have applied for asylum.

In 2010, some 36,343 “minors” posing as refugees entered Germany. In 2011, the figure rose to 40,227, and by 2013 it had risen once again to 42,123. The year 2014 saw 48,059 Third World “minors” invade Germany.

The figures show that the Third World invasion of Germany—and Europe—was in fact already occurring when Angela Merkel issued the open doors invitation in 2015, and that the events which followed that declaration only sped up a process which was already underway.

According to German law, minors cannot be deported, and if they do not apply for asylum, they are legally “tolerated.”

Destatis has been collecting such statistics since 1995, and within the past 20 years, 2015 was the “absolute high point,” according to Dorothee von Wahl from Destatis.

In comparison, just 2,800 refugee youths travelling by themselves were taken into protective custody in 2010.

A Family Ministry spokesperson said that the high number of children and adolescents who arrived alone in 2015 has “created challenges that are almost too much to handle for some communities.”

In April this year, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) newspaper reported that 5,835 “refugee children” had vanished during 2015.

The missing “minors” came mainly from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea, Morocco, and Algeria, an Interior Ministry spokesman told the WAZ.

In addition, the European police authority Europol announced in February that at least 10,000 “unaccompanied refugee children” have disappeared over the past 18 to 24 months after their arrival in Europe.

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  1. There are some traitorous politicians, along with the lefties, who take great pleasure in the genocide of their own people. We all know what should happen to them!

  2. Invaders were found with UN holdalls and leaflets by Soros funded organisation telling them throw away their passports and say that they are minors to ensure extra treatment.

  3. Sending child invaders into foolish European nations is a highly cunning and highly effective strategy, and thus is rapidly growing.
    The point is that a child invader is always allowed to stay. Secondly, the child invader acts as a catalyst to bring in the entire extended family, due to absurd EU ‘family reunification’ laws.

  4. Another case of politicians colluding with bankers to scam the eu people. EU gov will have to sign up huge debts to support these refugees. The bankers will keep smiling. The people will keep paying.

  5. Have a look at
    Migrants are an underground army
    Soros is kingpin of Zionist conspiracy
    Off topic but maybe relevant

    Stabbing in Westfield shopping centre in London, apparently…
    I believe Westfield also owned the hotels attacked by “terrorists” in India a couple of years ago…also the Nairobi shopping centre. Have an idea he also owns Brussels airport, but not sure. I believe the same Jewish company – not sure if it owned by Westfield- was responsible for Security at the Bataclan and Brussels airport…what co-incidence s.

  6. Alarming that many of these people are males that have already been indoctrinated since birth by their sick parents and clerics. Rest assured theyll never assimulate theyll just demand Germans change to suit their own backward behaviour. Talk about inviting the devil into your home

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