200,000 Syrians Go Home from Turkey: Proof that the “Asylum” Claim is a Swindle

At least 200,000 Syrians who were living in Turkey after fleeing their home country have returned home, Turkish president Recep Erdogan has announced—confirming the bogus nature of all Syrian “asylum” claims in Europe and elsewhere.

Erdogan made the announcement this week in an election rally in the runup towards an election on June 24, in which an anti-“refugee” mood has emerged among Turkish politicians, who have long been sympathetic to giving Syrians refuge.

According to reports, the electorate’s mood towards “refugees” in Turkey the country has shifted and many candidates are now openly campaigning on platforms which include the demand that all Syrians now go home.

Erdogan, who is also campaigning for re-election, has not been slow to spot the trend, and said on Tuesday that 200,000 Syrians went back to areas of Syria that were controlled by Turkey.

“They continue to return. Why? Because it is their own land, we open the path, they return,” he told a rally.

* Meanwhile, seven Iraqis pretending to be refugees were caught wrapped up in aluminum foil in a bid to go undetected through x-ray detectors at an Turkish port as they tried to smuggle themselves to Europe.

The invaders were on a truck trying to head to Italy when they were caught on Wednesday, and were found in a shipping container on the truck which was meant to be carrying car parts.

When the container went through the x-ray scanner in Istanbul, customs officials noticed an unusual weight. When they looked inside, the officials saw feet and arms peeking out of aluminum foil.

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  1. LMAO! Did those Iraqi invaders really think they would get away with going through an x-ray scanner covered in tin foil?

    I’ve a question for any progressive: If there was war in western Europe & as a man, I tried to run away rather than be enlisted, what would you refer to me as?

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