2016: Only 905 Legal “Asylum Seekers” in Germany; All the Rest Broke German and EU Law

Only 905 Third Worlders qualified as genuine “asylum seekers” in Germany in 2016—and all the rest arrived in Germany in violation of German and European Union laws on asylum and refuge, the German police have admitted.
According to a report in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, a police spokesman admitted that according to their records, only 905 people entered Germany from unsafe countries in 2016, and that would have been the total number had all the laws been applied correctly.
“In 2016, a total of 903 asylum seekers came to Germany not via a safe third country or were from a safe country of origin,” the police spokesman said, adding that all these 903 individuals landed at German airports on flights from their home countries.
The remaining two “asylum seekers” came by boat from ships docked in German harbors, and were found to have come directly from their home countries (Ghana and Senegal) and although their asylum applications are being considered, they have not come from unsafe states, according to the official classification.
This means that out of all the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in Germany in 2016, only 905 have any legal right to seek asylum in Germany according to the provisions of the German Grundgesetzänderung (Basic Law) of 1993 and the European Union’s Dublin Agreement—because all the rest came from countries that are all officially classified as safe, the newspaper said.
The article went on to quote Article 16a of the Basic Law” which deals with “political persecution and asylum,” as saying that the right to asylum (paragraph 1) “may not be invoked by anyone entering a Member State of the European Communities or from another third country in which the application of the Agreement on the Status of Refugees and the Convention for the Protection of Human rights and fundamental freedoms is ensured.”
All of Germany is surrounded by safe third countries, and the wording of paragraph 18 of the Asylum Act (which states that all those “entering from a safe third country must be refused entry”) is actually a “legal obligation on the state’s part to reject all applicants at the border,” the Welt newspaper said.
The Federal government had ignored this law because of the Dublin Agreement, which states that an asylum seeker has to lodge an application at the place where he or she first entered European soil.
They are using the excuse that it is not possible to send all those claiming to be refugees back to those states (mainly Greece) and that therefore the asylum process must be conducted in Germany, the article concluded.

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