2019 is D-Day for Belgium

The 2019 general elections in Belgium are its D-Day, because after this date, nonwhite mass immigration will overwhelm that nation, the leader of the Vlaams Belang (VB) party, Tom van Grieken, has warned.

He pointed out that the majority of the population of Brussels is already Arab, and that in the second largest city, Antwerp, 52 percent of the schoolchildren are Muslim.

Tom Van Grieken

Speaking during an interview with the Righton online radio show, Van Grieken said that mass immigration was “huge. When you think that there were 50,000 new asylum seekers in Belgium in the past year alone, and that they will all have the right to bring their families, this means 200,000 people alone will be added to the country.

“This is like adding a city the size of Ghent to my small country,” he said.

All these figures mean that “if nothing drastic happens, we will be replaced.”

Van Grieken (30), who was elected leader of the Vlaams Belang party in October 2014, has been a member of the Municipality Council of Mortsel since 2007 and the Flemish Parliament since 2014.

Asked about the relationship between Islam and the terror attacks in Belgium, he said that despite the controlled media trying to cover it up, the incidents had “everything to do with Islam. Denying that the attacks have anything to do with Islam, is like denying that the sun shines,” he said.

The media in Belgium, however, competes with the media in Sweden for its censorship, and is perhaps even worse.

“At least the media in Sweden writes about populist or anti-immigration parties, even if in negative terms,” he said. “In Belgium, the media refuse to even mention that they exist.”

He pointed out that the VB and its predecessor party had warned for over twenty years about the dangers of mass immigration and the Islamification of Europe. Despite this, the Belgian media have refused to mention or interview a single person from the VB even after the recent attacks.

“The government and the establishment refuse to even use the ‘I’ word,” Van Grieken said. “Instead, they all say that the worst thing that could happen now is that people might become opposed to immigration.”

He pointed out that he was recently asked by a Swedish journalist if the VB was not “trying to take advantage of the attacks for their own interests.”

He replied that the journalist should be ashamed of even asking that question. “Would the journalist,” he said, “have asked that about the Green party after the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

“Even though the Greens had warned about the dangers of nuclear power for over twenty years, the journalist would never have said that the Greens commenting on Fukushima were taking advantage of it.

“But as soon as it comes to commenting on the effects of mass immigration, of Islamification, of the failed state that Belgium is, the VB is accused of ‘taking advantage of it,’ even though they have been the only party which has been warning against the dangers of Islamification for all these years.”

Van Grieken went on to add that the reality is that by denying people a voice, the media and the establishment are succeeding in making the people in the street very angry.

The VB and its predecessor, the Vlaams Blok, were the largest single party in Flanders a few years ago, but the establishment had created a party, called the “New Flemish Alliance” which had used the same language and policy of the VB and, with mass media promotion, had become the government.

Along the way, they had “crushed” the VB, said Van Grieken, pointing to his party’s fall from 25 percent of the vote to 5.9 percent in the 2014 elections.

“Of course, once in power, they [the NVA] did nothing at all, and things have just got worse,” he said, adding that recent opinion polls had shown that the VB support base had doubled in the last month or so alone, and that the party was growing once again.

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  1. I lived in Belgium as a child due to family illness in England and loss of my mother, and I go across to Antwerp twice a year. I a so deeply saddened by this. Heartbreaking.

  2. It is ultimately still the fault of the politicians. They know who they are, what they are, how different their culture are but still want to import them in large numbers. Its an evil plot to divide and rule forever.

    1. Victor eventually they will run their own candidates and the useful idiots will be gone, very gone. All the white people will be gone as well. Eventually the Vatican will be gone too.

    2. Not ‘want’ Victor, but are being ‘blackmailed’ or threatened is some way [Pedophiles, Gay, Sexual Affairs or even Criminal activity] as to comply. There are some, Cameron & Blair who are out and out Zionists and don’t need to be bribed, though Blair has done well since becoming PM with just £150,000 in the bank?
      Ever wondered why we can’t catch a Pedo, yet they can tell when we’re to be attacked? We don’t hear of any MP’s having affairs any more, because the media don’t report, unless it can be used for promoting their agenda. i.e. UKIP who are against EU.

    1. The ‘media’ are owned by the same Corporations who are part of this plot! The only people to gain are Corporations & Bankers. It’s their One World Government move [TTIP] dressed up as a Trade deal, yet they exclude 48% of world population? No BRICS nations, who will be forced in by war, because they wont use the ‘sinking’ dollar or bow down to become US vassal states, as UK and EU have!

    1. Yep, I predict that Western Europe, America, Australia and Canada are going to be entrenched in much civil unrest in the next few years. If we whites want to survive as a race and have our nations back, it’s not going to come simply from elections. It’s going to take being aggressive and willing to fight. I don’t want it to get this way, but what other choice is there at this point? At least Eastern Europe is smart enough to keep this chaos and savages out of their part of the continent.

    1. Muslims are a Religion, not a race!
      Ask a Muslim were they’re from, they will reply, “I am Muslim”, because this is brainwashed into them, irrespective of what nation they come from.

      1. I don’t want nonwhites in Europe. All nonwhites that entered any European nation, regardless of how long they’ve lived there, should be booted the hell out of Europe once and for all.

  3. if you don,t do it this year you are sunk…the belgian people should get out of the country…like any other country where they are the majority they (islam) balls it up and leave it derelict then move to another white enclave and just like the blacks in africa will f… that up as well!

  4. I suppose that if you’re young, white, and have useful skills, you can emigrate to Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, or Hungary, but they’d better not let you vote, seeing how wisely you voted in Belgium. Elderly and unskilled whites will be left behind, becoming, as in South Africa, a desperately poor and despised minority for the rest of their very short lives.

    In a few decades, after cold winters with no welfare benefits have thinned out the Muslim population, your descendants, assuming you bothered to have any, might reconquer Europe.

    1. That is a very deeply sad and troubling opinion, but one which increasingly seems the outlook to come. One shakes the head and wonders why the people who benefit the most from such a calamity have not already been shot.

      1. Agreed. Too many defeatists who wish to run. However, the multi cultists will find your enclave, and enrich you there. It is YOUR homeland, so fight for your existence.You want to run, fine, but you leave behind you pretty aryan girls with nobody to defend them. Man up!

        1. and who’s to say that the whites fleeing to Eastern Europe won’t bring their toxic, delusional liberal views with them? Most often, whites that flee a nation aren’t conscious (racially) of WHY they left a city, neighborhood, and now state or nation that became nonwhite. We can’t keep running away from lands that our ancestors fought and died for. Besides, do you think the Eastern Europeans will just ANY white person in? Sure, they don’t want nonwhites there, but what skill would you offer them? Are you going to offer money to help them build up their infrastructure? We see this in America as whites fled California for other “Red States” and brought their same anti-white, liberal, communist views with them and are turning those one great conservative (white) areas into growing marxist multicultural hellholes.

  5. Belgium has had it. Sweden’s on the way out. Sad times for those non-mulsims living in those countries. They’ll be slaves, never knowing when their time’s up.

    1. Ferguson riots didn’t need “Islam.”

      Rhodesia’s transformation into Zimbabwe didn’t need “Islam.”

      Islam is nothing more than a symptom of anti-Whiteness. This has very little to do with Islam. This is White genocide and most of the perpetrators are Jews.

      1. I think this ‘banning Islam’ is a cop out. Why not just say ‘no nonwhites’? I’m tired of whites always using code speech. Nonwhites know what you mean, us whites really know what we mean, and if you’re too afraid to speak out now–when there is a clear obvious threat to our very existence in our midst–I really don’t know what to say for you.

      1. The Americas are NOT good places to be, and I’m American. We have blacks rioting and attacking whites, a ramped up anti-white government, many stupid brainwashed whites, racemixing, growing socialism, adopting nonwhite kids, transgenderism, weak “conservatives” who are all tough/patriotic talking until called a ‘racist’, they are dumping off nonwhites into areas deemed ‘too white’, etc. America might not be as cucked as say Belgium or Sweden or France, but it’s not perfect.

        Frankly, I’m tired of whites running away all the time. Why not stay where you are and fight? Our ancestors didn’t flee when they were invaded. They fought. At some point you might run out of places to flee to. Then what are you going to do?

      1. We became tax slaves when our governments first began importing moslimes.
        Little did we know then what was in store for us.

  6. It’s hard to believe that 100 years ago the British Empire (including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, South African and other nations) sacrificed their sons and daughters to defend Belgium from German aggression. What a waste! And now Belgium is self-imploding with muslims (the enemy in 1914-18 in Ottoman Turkey), and Germany is still ruining Europe but this time with self-loathing, bleeding heart leftie migration policies.

  7. Belgium is finished unless the people act! The time for talking and voting is long gone. Even if the vote is in the indigenous Belgians favour they will STILL be out-bred within a very short time. Then there will be no voting because the yoke of Islam will be imposed on them all. Convert or die.

    1. Put like that Brit, the choice – such as it is – is horribly stark.
      Not just in Belgium but across Europe.
      One thing is for certain, half measures won`t work and neither will pussy-footing around.
      How long until the dam finally breaks is anyone`s guess now.
      Tick tock…

      1. Well, Eastern Europeans are already smart and not allowing this hell into Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,Romania, etc. Western Europeans will be forced to fight for their people, just as whites elsewhere around the world will.

        While I want nationalist parties in power, we are going to have to literally fight to survive.

  8. “Denying that the attacks have anything to do with Islam, is like denying that the sun shines,”

    Islam is being used by US / UK having ISIS use ‘Wahhabism’ as a means of ‘scaring’ the general public. They need to create panic as they release mass migration across Europe. This has been purposely done, in order to destroy nations identities and make them easier to take-over by Corporations, TTIP!
    The majority of Muslims don’t use this form of Islam, the crudest form, which is why ISIS are killing Muslims too. We are being led towards One World Government, NWO. The TTIP-TPP-CETA ‘trade deals’ don’t include BRICS nations, these Countries have been purposely excluded, because they wont sign Sovereignty away, or use the US Dollar. These nations will have to be forced in by wars, as the US can’t survive, with 48% of World population missing from the Trade Economy.

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