20M Invaders Waiting: Macedonia

There are another twenty million nonwhite invaders from “Sudan and Egypt alone” waiting to enter Europe, and among them are thousands of Jihadists, the president of Macedonia has said.

Speaking in an interview with the German Bild newspaper, Gjorge Ivanov said that his country had already seized over 9,000 fake Syrian passports.


Nonwhite invaders, pretending to be “refugees,” halted at the Macedonian border.

Macedonia—which is in an ongoing dispute with Greece over its name, and is also known as the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (FYROM)—has been forced to “do the EU’s dirty work in closing its border,” Ivanov said.

“Our country has been forced to pay for the mistakes of the EU,” he continued, adding that Macedonia’s security had been severely impacted by the invasion.

“But no one has the courage to say what still lies ahead. Between Sudan and Egypt alone, twenty million migrants are waiting to come to Europe. And what about Africa? The refugee flow won’t end, because everyone knows everything via Twitter and Facebook.”

He went on to illustrate the security risks: “Look at these passports and papers. They are all forged or stolen. We have already seized 9,000 of them.

“Some so-called refugees are travelling through the whole of Europe with false identities, and Greece is simply stamping their papers so that they continue on their journey.

“We have to assume that many of these people who were travelling with forged papers want to enter the EU via the refugee route as radical fighters.”

fake passports

Fake passports and identity documents seized from nonwhite invaders by the Macedonian police.

Ivanov also charged that the EU had “completely lost sight” of security concerns. “If we had relied on Brussels rather than react ourselves, we would have been flooded with jihadists,” he said.

He then got stuck in the European Union for its dithering over the issue: “And what is Europe doing? It takes more than six months to organize a summit. By that time, one million new migrants have arrived. And concerning Germany: how can it be that 130,000 refugees have simply disappeared in your country?”

His country’s border closure with EU member Greece has, along with similar moves by other Balkan states, stopped all but those who have some basis to be able to claim to be Syrians from getting through—but this has left tens of thousands of invaders piling up in Greece.

“We are now paying for the EU’s mistakes; we have already spent 25 million euros ($28 million) of our taxpayers’ money and had to declare a national crisis,” he said.

“And what did we get from Europe in return? Nothing! Not a cent! Instead, we, as a non-EU country, are now forced to protect Europe from an EU country, namely Greece,” which he said, had “been simply waving through refugees arriving from Turkey.

“We have always been the victim of EU institutions. For 25 years, we have been lied to and manipulated. A potential EU membership for Macedonia has been discussed seven times already, but there was always an obstruction, caused by Greece.

“No one in the EU gets along with the Greeks and we are supposed to solve this conflict on our own with this country.”

When asked what would happen to the tens of thousands of invaders now piling up in Greece, he said that they were “waiting for Merkel to pick them up in planes or trains.”


A Pakistani denied entrance into Macedonia.

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    1. The phenomenon was meticulously explained by the
      American scholar Kevin MacDonald in three voluminous
      books of a sociobiological perspective which have not
      helped his career: The Culture of Critique, A People
      That shall Dwell Alone and Separation and its Discontents.
      Impressive and exciting!

    2. #1 – even if there are a billion people with IQ >117, the fact remains that IQ does NOT equal being ‘smart’
      #2 – Jews are by nature anything else, but definitely NOT smart people, much like most arabs and the rest of the tribes in Middle East. Their ‘success’ is anchored not in them having high IQ and being smart, but by blindly following the ‘rules’ of sticking together ONLY with their own kind. And that’s something a ‘Christian’ man can not understand. In other words, it’s not the ‘smart Jews’ who are ‘oh so successful’ in politics and finance, but the simple fact that they only cooperate with their own kind for their own benefit. And that’s the simple fact which European governments and liberals can not grasp. All this nonsense about diversity is exactly what Jews invented to destroy the Europe and the rest of Christian nations all across the world. And that’s exactly why they were persecuted and expelled from Spain in the 1400s, but it’s a convenient detail nobody likes to talk about.

      1. The last people left standing will be the ones that support their own kind, tribe, skin color, or nationality. The Liberal idiots will breed themselves into the dust bin of History. Dogs don’t breed with cats; horses don’t breed with pigs….why don’t humans understand that breeding is based on survival, not on being so-called enlightened?

        If you mix races, you end up with a mess…Duh!

      2. Most people have no clue, and those who do have some info know how powerful the Holocaust card has become. That said, I do not think that every single Jew is a bad person but their elites definitely have an anti-white agenda.

      1. Worryingly, 85% agreed with him. No facts, bizarre figures, a racist rant. Glad a white person didn’t say that.

  2. Three words in International Law need to be carefully considered, Reciprocal, Reciprocate and Reciprocity. The earliest use I am aware of is in the Treaty of Adrianople September 2/14 1829 Article VIII …. so that the payment of this amount shall terminate any claim or reciprocal expectations between the two contracting parties… simply it is a balanced budget for foreign exchange etc. The Reciprocity Treaty of 1875 uses silver and gold coinage to balance the obvious unbalanced trade… and Reciprocate is not mentioned in my perusing the treaties etc. in my possession. There is another interpretation and that is a reciprocal is 1/2, 1/20 or 1/20 000 000 and so on and as the diminishing willingness to reciprocate precipitates a condition of non-performance on one side of the arrangement. A time will come a time when Angela’s good will to the Arabs will result in non-performance and a condition of scorched earth for those people will result. I can only sit back and watch the increasing pressure knowing she will deny for as long as possible the reality of the situation, and then what will be the result?

    1. Heavens ! Gazillions of EU Treaties,Laws, Constitutions, Obligations, Imperatives,etc; plus squillions of sub headings, clauses etc;
      I`m not surprised that bugger all actually happens at their monthly Brussels/ Strasbourg gab-fest circus.
      Apart from generating a load of hot air plus another layer of matching EU bumph to add all the others.

    1. The man in the picture has been deluded into believing that being a human automatically entitles him to the European welfare. Naturally, one must be close to illiterate to swallow such propaganda.

  3. just goes to show that there are some sensible patriotic leaders left in the world it,s just that there are none in the EU..every single one of the Eu countries leaders bar the old balkan states should be driven out along with their administrators and all their families to a barren state..That should be their reward!!

  4. All this mess because of Merkel. Merkel must be stopped otherwise Turkey will soon become part of EU and EU president will soon be a radicalised muslim which will bring enormous uncertainties and unrest to europe and the people.

    1. Merkel is planning on giving Erdokan 6000 million euros a day to stop the refugees from coming to Europe. Erdogan has promised her that, she will get 1/4 of this amount back in her secret Cayman island bank account.
      They have set the whole thing up from its very beginning. A couple of million on navy boats and personell to prevent refugees from entering European waters would go much further. The Greek’s attitude is disgusting.

    2. The EU bribes Turkey to take back excess and illegal migrants.EU grants Turkey membership.Turkey provides those it took in with EU passports.Mass exodus of not only Turks, but the millions it took in through EU treachery. See it?

        1. Germans are not blind, they are helpless.
          If they open up, they are jailed for socalled
          opinion crimes and croak in prison.

    3. Cameron has said he wants to see a Muslim PM in the UK. Also there are ‘too many white Christian faces in the UK’ Says it all doesn’t it?
      I’m with the Macedonian leader on this one. He’s quite right closing his borders, I just wish we had a leader of the same calibre instead of that thin lipped invertebrate we are saddled with.

  5. Well the Pakistani got it right! Were I faced with that ‘Open or die’ sign, I’d be a tad annoyed, why do the govrnments put up with it? With a squad of soldiers I’m damned if I would.

  6. They really believe they`re entitled to just swan into Europe with free board and lodgings .
    Our Ange should explain if they form an orderly queue they`ll soon be joining in the ” Refugees Rape and Robbery Fest ” currently in full swing across Europe.
    Frau Dictator just needs to issue another of her EU diktats first.

    1. it started with live ammunition. If Europe and USA did not destroy their countries for fun and profit, these people would have stayed at home. just look at Livia – what was done to a prosperous country!

  7. “Open or Die?” Being a well armed American I can give you my choice to that question, like myself, there’s millions just like me here in the states just waiting.

  8. Is it just me thinks it odd that even the president of a non-EU country is able to cut straight to the chase yet frowsy Frau Merkel, self appointed EU dick-tator needs the migrants to tell her what`s happening next.

  9. Are Germans fools ? Brussels and Greece is loading your country up with Jihadist. And Greece is getting paid billions of Euro for screwing Germany. Defies logic. Germans have been Merkeled .

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  11. What does it benefit the world if all EU countries become like Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and so on? Then there is no place to turn to for help.
    There are those who are productive and peaceful and those who are not.

    1. The destruction of Europe would benefit the strategic goals of the United States
      as envisaged by the American oligarchy of today. To keep up their hegemony
      on the planet they think they must prevent a cooperation between West Europe
      and Russia. Therefore the coup d’etat en Ukraine and the international press
      campaign against Putin and Russia and now the invasion of Europe by culturally
      alien populations.I recommend reading Zbigniew Brzezinski,The Great Chessboard,
      and more recently i.a. Kelly M. Greenhill on massmigration as weapon and Paul
      Craig Roberts on the methods of US policy.

      1. Dude, there is no such thing like ‘American’ oligarchy today. All there is in the world are handful of gew criminals who steal and lie, who manipulate weak minded white dudes for their own interest. But majority of sheeple still can not see the truth.

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