211,000 Invaders Arrive in Germany

In the first six months of 2016, some 211,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be asylum seekers arrived in Germany, although the numbers entering are starting to slow significantly, new figures have revealed.

The number of invaders arriving dropped to 4,900 in June, a large decline from the previous month, when at least 16,300 arrived.


The figure of 4,900 is less than the number who were arriving in one day at the height of the 2015 invasion, spawned by Angela Merkel’s open doors invitation to the Third World.

According to a report in the Rheinische Post newspaper, which claimed to have exclusively acquired the figures from authorities in Berlin, the police’s computerized catchment system, known as EASY, had recorded 3,050 crossings on the German–Austrian border in June.

The rest appear to have presented themselves inside Germany, after entering the country via unknown means.

The figures do not however, include those coming in directly from Turkey in terms of the “EU deal” with that country, whereby an “asylum seeker” is airlifted straight into Germany in return for each one sent back from Greece.

According to the newspaper, the EASY system recorded some 16,300 entries in May. 16,000 in April, and 20,000 in March. In February there were 61,000, and in January there were 92,000.

November 2015 saw 216,000 registrations—so a drop to “only” 4,900 is a significant reduction.

The Rheinische Post pointed out that although the numbers of new arrivals is dropping, the number of new “asylum applications” is significantly higher. This has to do with the fact that the system was overrun in 2015 by the mass invasion, and it has taken months to even start processing the over one million invaders who arrived.

There are still close to half a million “asylum” applications yet to be decided upon, and it will take several months to process that backlog, never mind the new arrivals this year.

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  1. No wonder the EU will demand the UK has to pay its contribution of £12 billion next year, Germany could be running out of cash soon. The taxpayers of Germany should demand how much it is costing in hours spent by their civil servants to deal with these people, then add on accommodation, meals, travel, pocket money, education to name a few. The cost for each individual over one year will be very high but then to ask for it, that’d be racism?

  2. Having heard gimmegrants on their phones the police noted their most used word so the immigrant recording system was named “EASY” .

  3. But for those of us who can add up, how do these figures square up with the sporadically reported several thousand sub-saharans being shipped into Italy each day…? Where are they going to?

    1. That’s her job destroying Germany, together with all their party collegues from the Landers (provinces) to the towns and viallages. I wonder what are the people thinking ,if at all, who voted for: CSU/CDU ( Merkel Party) SPD GRÜNE LINKE PIRATEN FDP and probably AfD.
      The reason why I put the Afd in there is because they don’t seem to understand the severity of the situation. It is impossible to discuss about quotas of so called refugees. No parliament and government will ever solve this and especially not while yielding to Jewish interests. And the AfD doesn’t seem to be independent enough form the Jewish lobby.
      Now that not only poor Germans are affected they are worried about their own backyard.
      “refugees” yes, but not in my backyard. I’m not a racist why aren’t they not in another town district etc. These are the common excuses amde by the typical Block party voter ( Block party bascially every party in Germany except the NPD, which serves as a valve to warn against the “brown swamp.” There the Antifascists and Block parties, bourgeois could and can still feel as social justice warriors.
      The brown danger, not another Hitler bla bla bla….
      Adolf Hitler is one the most lied man about in known history. Fortunately this changing, thanks to the hard work of TNO, Dennis Wise, countless youtubers, bloggers and people standing up for the facts.
      I hope they (AfD) prove me wrong and that their voters push them to the line where they have to stand up a 100% for the up-right German people.
      [The leftists we can leave out 😉 ]

  4. Potsdam article, stated that the “purpose of this article was not to encourage or legalize the expulsions, but rather to provide a basis for approaching the expelling states and requesting them to co-ordinate transfers with the Occupying Powers in Germany.

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