22,491 “Refugees” Admitted to US Last Year; 87% from Third World

In the Financial Year 2018 (which ran from October 1, 2017 to September 30, 2018), a total of 22,491 people claiming to be “refugees” were resettled in the United States, with 87 percent of them coming from the Third World, and the remaining 13 percent from the Ukraine and Russia.

According to a study of official figures released by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the top five countries of origin were Congo (DRC and ROC combined), Myanmar (Burma), Ukraine, Bhutan, and Eritrea.

“FY 2018’s total admissions of 22,491 are also the lowest number since the beginning of the resettlement program. Total yearly admissions have at times been lower than others (for instance, following 9/11, admissions fell to 27,131 in FY 2002 and 28,403 in FY 2003 – both years had a 70,000 ceiling), but FY 2018 is an all-time low,” the CIS said.

“Ceilings remain targets that can be out of reach. Fiscal year 2018’s discrepancy between the ceiling of 45,000 and actual admissions of 22,491 happened because admissions were hindered by travel bans and the setting up of enhanced security and integrity measures. Improving the vetting process for refugee applicants seeking resettlement in the United States has in fact meant admitting fewer refugees.”

FY 2018 Refugee Resettlement Admissions (data gathered from the Refugee Processing Center portal):

Total Admissions: 22,491 Refugees

Top 10 Nationalities

* Congo (DRC and ROC combined): 7,883

* Myanmar (Burma): 3,555

* Ukraine: 2,635

* Bhutan: 2,228

* Eritrea: 1,269

* Afghanistan: 805

* El-Salvador: 735

* Pakistan: 441

* Russia: 437

* Ethiopia: 376

In December 2017, Presidential Proclamation 9645 restricted entry into the United States for nationals of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, and Yemen for security reasons (the “travel ban”). A total of 369 refugees (1.6 percent of all admissions) were resettled in FY 2018 from these eight countries:

* Chad: 1 (Muslim)

* Iran: 41 (23 Christians, 8 Muslims, 5 Bahai, 3 Sabeans-Mandean, 1 Jewish, 1 no religion)

* Libya: 1 (Muslim)

* North Korea: 5 (4 Christians, 1 Buddhist)

* Syria: 62 (42 Muslims, 20 Christians)

* Somalia: 257 (all Muslims)

* Venezuela: 0

* Yemen: 2 (Muslims)

(Note: 140 Iraqis were admitted in FY 2018, 106 of them Muslims.)

Earlier the CIS correctly pointed out that it is impossible to properly vet anyone coming from Somalia because it is in a perpetual state of “pure anarchy of civil war and absence of government.”

This means, the CIS pointed out, that “in Somalia meant no one was issuing birth certificates, driver’s licenses, diplomas, passports, marriage or divorce documents, or any other government records reflecting that citizens even existed. Just as surely, no higher order of bureaucracy was tracking criminal histories or intelligence as to who belonged to terrorist groups.

“Fast forward to that security-checking challenge today. Somalis show up at a U.S. embassy, consular office, or refugee camp tent abroad with a refugee application in hand reflecting a name, birth date, and tale of woe. Could American adjudicators simply call up the current Somali government and ask for an identity check or criminal history on any Somali adult? No.”

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  1. What? ONLY 22,491 of these. You are lucky, very, very lucky. Well, that’s seen from Euroland…

    PS: Thanks however, for taking in Christians, genuine refugees. Merkel does her “best” to make their lives miserable, to expose them dangers. Some went ‘home’ saying it’s safer there than Germany.

    All shit, isn’t it?

    Salute folks.

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