25% “German” ISIS are Turks

At least 25 percent of all legally-resident nonwhites living in Germany who volunteered for active service with ISIS are Turks, the government has admitted.

The statistics come just one day after a secret German government report was leaked revealing Turkey’s extensive ties to the Al-Nusra Islamist terrorists in Syria.

Turks in Germany

According to German media reports, a “significant portion” of the recruits from Germany who went to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) “were of a Turkish background.”

The statistics emerged from an answer from a parliamentary question submitted to the Federal Government by the far-left Die Linke party in the Bundestag.

“According to the findings of the security agencies, about a quarter of the 760 German [sic] Islamists and Islamists from Germany who travelled to Syria / Iraq in 2015, were of Turkish citizenship or of Turkish origin,” the official Interior Ministry response said.

In absolute terms, this means that at least 190 ISIS fighters recruited from Germany were Turks.

Furthermore, the numbers of legally-resident nonwhites in Germany who travelled to join ISIS has “risen sharply” in 2016, the report continued.

According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, by mid-May this year, the total number of ISIS supporters who had left Germany for Syria and Iraq was at least 820.

By the end of June, the figures stated, at least one third of this number were now back in Germany.

In total, about 140 of the “German” Islamists had been killed while on active service for ISIS in Syria or Iraq.

The number of Turks—many of them second or even third-generation born in Germany—who signed up for ISIS is yet another indication that legal Third World immigration poses as much, and perhaps even more, danger as illegal immigration and the ongoing massive fake refugee invasion.

Successive German governments have been encouraging Third World immigration for decades into Germany, and from Turkey in particular.

In the German city of Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, no less than 100,000 of the total 500,000 inhabitants are Turks, and vast stretches of that city have been completely colonized and turned into Turkish ghettoes.

Turks make up the single largest nonwhite group in Germany, and form the second largest Turkish population in the world, after Turkey. The German government does not classify Turks with German citizenship as Turkish, or their descendants, so there are no official figures of their current numbers within Germany.

However, it is known that about 1.55 million Turks in Germany still hold Turkish citizenship, and estimates of the total Turkish population in Germany vary between 4 and 6 million.

A 2009 report in Der Spiegel said that Turks were “poorly integrated” and lagged behind in education and employment rates.

Immigrants of Turkish origin were also found to be the least successful in the labor market: they were often jobless and many were dependent on welfare, the report said.

In 2014, the annual German police report into organized crime said that there were 57 Turkish gangs in Germany, and that 10 percent of all gang members in Germany were Turks. The report also added that alongside their more traditional field of drug smuggling, Turkish gangs are increasingly engaging in burglary, car theft, and fraud.

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  1. Just wait until Turkey gains visa-free travel to the EU as they “demand’ and will more than likely get. As the saying goes “you aint seen nothing yet”

  2. Germans have a great scientific and technological mind, but their prob!em is their political mind, which is very stupid. The proof of that is allowing such a large number of grey wolves, ie, Turks. The Turks are barbarians and have nothing common with the Western values. I think Germany will have in the future a big problem called the Turkish problem.

    1. Agreed. I don’t get why Germany simply can produce good politicians. 25 good years after ww2, then some dude started importing the turks. Then problems started with rapes and crime and parallel muslim societys. In the 80ies Kohl-Birne tried to send them back to turkey and payed each of them 5000 DM if they would leave Germany (how dumb can you get???). Of course they took the money and came back after a year. And brought along a lot of friends. Then the cold war ended and a lot of communist politicians swindled and lied their way into former democratic positions because they were not banned from political jobs. And now we have the results…maybe I should dye my hair black and apply for asylum somewhere else. But no nation would take us. Thanks to Merkel germans are hated again all over the world.

  3. The German Problem is not the FLOOD of “called by Merkel”, new Germans, the problem is the intelligence leaving Germany for years. Germans new product line is rape safe under ware, sold on the internet.

  4. The Turks were originally invited to Germany as so called ‘guest workers’ to remedy claimed labor shortages in the auto industries. I wonder how many of those jobs have been automated out of existence.

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