25,000 Fake “Child Refugees” in France Cost €800 million Per Year

There are now more than 25,000 nonwhite invaders who are officially classified as “unaccompanied minors” in France, costing the state over €800 million every year—all because French law guarantees any “minor” asylum no matter where they have come from.

According to a an article in the Le Figaro newspaper, the number of newly-arrived nonwhites posing as “child refugees” has risen from 4,000 in 2010 to over 25,000 this year.

Each of these nonwhites costs the French state between €40,000 and €50,000 annually, and they are actively used by their parents as means to establish a foothold in France, Le Figaro said.

The article went on to report that the influx of “unaccompanied foreign minors” is now a “well-established pattern, with human smugglers transporting these children to Europe’s borders, where humanitarian organizations care for them before handing them off to states.”

“Children are considered perfect clients for traffickers, given that they are automatically granted asylum,” the article continued.

“Moreover, according to French law, once they arrive in the country, they can invite their parents,” the article said, a fact which “provides an incentive for parents to push their children” to invade Europe by themselves.

“In some cases, the issue of who is really a child also becomes a problem, with young men without identification and with the biological features of men in their twenties claiming to be between 15 and 18 also treated as minors,” le Figaro continued.

France has seen over 323,900 “asylum applications” registered between 2014 and 2017, all of them fake, as all of them came from safe countries before reaching France.

Nonetheless, the race-denying liberals who form the ruling elite in France continue to play host to these ever-growing host of parasites, speeding up the day when France—and much of Western Europe—becomes completely overrun by nonwhites and collapse into a replica of the Third World from where the invaders originated.

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  1. These desperate children need to be given asylum, to escape war in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg & Monaco. They should spend more money on them, so they have enough for razors for shaving & hair dye to eliminate teenage grey hair.

    Diversity is our strength & will benefit people-kind.

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