25,000 Strong Invasion Force Gathers

A 25,000 strong nonwhite invasion force, built up in just four days, is about to be unleashed on the “Balkan route” up to Germany after Greek ferry crews ended a strike on Friday.


The four day strike halted all ferry transports between the islands of Kos, Lesbos, and the Greek mainland, cutting off the flow of invaders pouring across the eastern Mediterranean Sea from Turkey.

All of these invaders are, of course, “fleeing” an already safe country, Turkey. In fact, their point of departure, the city of Bodrum, is so peaceful and calm that it is most famous as a holiday beach and tourist destination.

There is therefore not the slightest justification for any of these nonwhites claiming “asylum” in Europe. Asylum seekers are, in terms of all official definitions, those fleeing a territory where they are being persecuted. This is not the case in Turkey, and thus none of them are “asylum seekers” at all.

The first ferry has already departed for the Greek mainland from Lesbos, containing 1,800 of the invaders, and the rest are set to follow in due course, German media have confirmed.

The vast number of invaders on the islands has turned them into ghettoes, with local inhabitants too scared to go outdoors and the invaders turning all public areas into litter and feces-filled slums.


The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) have said that their staff have “worked throughout the week to provide emergency shelter and support” to the invaders on the islands of Chios, Kalymnos, Kos, Lesbos, Leros, and Samos, “straining limited reception facilities” and forcing many to sleep out in the open.

On Lesbos, which is separated from Turkey by a six mile channel, there were an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 invaders present midweek, most of them in and around the main city of Mytilini, the UNCHR said. At least 1,700 arrived on the island of Chios on Thursday, and 900 on Samos, exacerbating an existing shortage of accommodation.

A buildup of 25,000 in four days indicates that at least 6,250 are entering Greece through this route alone each day—the equivalent of 187,500 per month. This does not, of course, include all the other invasion routes being used to enter Europe.

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  1. Europe does not want any of these third worlders, we simply cannot take millions of parasites from all four corners of the world, and why should we. It is entirely their own fault that they are living in the poor conditions that they do. They breed uncontrollably, they are brainwashed by a vile, evil, ideology, and they spend their time fighting and killing one another over religious differences.They believe that they should be given a free meal ticket for life provided by us. They are all leeches, and don't want to work, not when they can simply invade and take it all from civilised hard working, educated people in Europe. The parasites that have recently landed on the Naval Base in Cyprus are demanding to be taken to Britain, saying it is their right to be given a new life. They have made it crystal clear that they only want to go to either Britain or the wealthier nations in Northern Europe, they are demanding access to the welfare states of these countries. These freeloaders are just what we have been saying all along, welfare benefit scavenging parasites, but the leftie loonies in our tiny Island all insist that they are genuine refugees….
    They must return home or we will die at their hands when they kill us or as a result of being infected with the terrible diseases they are bringing into Europe. Return them forcibly or be killed yourself, that's the bleak choice facing us all, its no joke.

  2. A wall surrounding the entire continent? Niaaa, all what is needed is the Australian way to deal with these parasistes – believe me!

  3. Who knows what the EU`s hellish intentions are but having thrown open the floodgates only a suicidal madman
    (or woman) would try closing them …..Where`s Merkel???

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