“3 Million” Invaders Wait in Turkey

There are a further three million “refugees” right now in Turkey aiming to move to Europe, EU Commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Monday.

Another 500,000 “refugees” are standing by in North Africa, but Greece will be the first to be impacted in the summer, he added.

refugee camp turkey

Speaking to the media after a meeting with the president of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, in Athens yesterday, Avramopoulos said that the “refugees” intend to cross to Europe through Greece.

He said that if the agreement between Turkey and the European Union on curbing the refugee flows to Europe fails, then Greece will face huge waves of migrants and refugees arriving at its shores.

Pavlopoulos added that the “cohesion of the European Union now depends on the outcome of the battle to deal with the refugee crisis.”

He said that if Turkey “shows disregard for the agreement, then Europe will face a tremendous problem in the middle of the summer.”

The threat of Turkey withdrawing from the agreement seems ever more likely, as Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has announced that it was “impossible” to meet the EU’s demand that Turkey change its notorious anti-terror laws in exchange for the visa-free travel to the Schengen zone.

“We have told them ‘we are not threatening you’ but there’s a reality. We have signed two deals with you (the EU) and both are interlinked,” Cavusoglu told media yesterday. “This is not a threat but what is required from an agreement,” he said.

Building on a threat by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, Cavusoglu said Turkey would use “administrative” measures to block the deal if needed.

The two critical EU demands which Turkey has failed to are the anti-terror legislation—which the EU hypocritically claims suppresses “freedom of speech” (as if there is genuine freedom of speech in the EU), and the practical issue of biometric passports.

Cavusoglu took advantage of the EU hypocrisy over the anti-terror legislation, saying that it was difficult to see what the EU’s problem with the Turkish law was, bearing in mind that every EU country persecutes people for expressing opinions which the elite do not like.

“Which definition are you talking about? Each country in Europe has different terror definitions,” Cavusoglu said, pointing to stringent measures in France.

* In reality, the EU-Turkey deal has hardly dented the nonwhite invasion. According to Cavusoglu, Turkey has now taken in “about 400” invaders sent back from Greece—a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands landing in Europe every day.

At the same time, at least 130 “Syrians” from Turkey had been “resettled” in EU member states.

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  1. This is an all out invasion of our lands and the military should deal with the situation in such a manner.

    1. Oh Michael, please don’t wait for the police or military to come and rescue you. That’s exactly what 3000 people did as they waited, trapped in the burning towers on 9/11. The military was ordered to stand down and that’s exactly what they did. The police were ordered to release Mossad agents they had arrested in a truck full of explosive and that’s exactly what they did. Until our police and military make the hard decision to do what they swore an oath to do, I’m afraid it’s up to us. It’s a sad reality, but it is time for all of us to face it.

  2. The ONLY solution is to SHOOT every last one who tries to land in Greece. That will soon halt the sc*m coming!

  3. I do hope Merkel has met her match in Erdoga – he`s equally practised at devious bullying tactics.
    However the current spat doesn`t bode well for Europe and Greece in particular. Perhaps if Greece hadn`t been so keen to curry favour with Merkel by rolling out the welcome mat at the very beginning we might not be in such dire straits now.
    If another invasion hits Greece, Merkel wil be no doubt be strapping on the jackboots and kicking ass and “refugees/economic migrants ” all across the EU.

  4. Greece should have left the EU years ago and reverted to the drachma. Things would be on the up by now and this invasion would not be happening. Of course the socialist scum Tsipras couldn’t do enough grovelling to Merkel and Juncker and betrayed the Greeks!

  5. It’s time for Greek citizens to defend their coastline. If enough of them take action the authorities will be powerless to stop them.

  6. Do all those dumb Englishmen know what’s coming their way??

    Even if they do vote out it will be in vain unless a new PM can slam the borders shut quickly.

    No doubt though the idiot soft politicians will fuck around for another 5 years with the borders wide open.

    Watch it unfold.

    1. Once we’re out of the EU, we can scrap the one-sided Human Rights Act and then deploy full-time, armed border guards. Eventually, this will be the only answer across Europe to efficiently deal with this problem. ‘Try to invade our borders and you will be shot’. If we’d used this threat from the start we wouldn’t be overrun now. I’m not saying everyone should be shot, but that if they believed they would be they’d probably think twice about it.

  7. Merkel and the EU don’t give 2 hoots about free speech, the Turks are right about that. People are arrested and imprisoned or lose their jobs for the smallest non-PC comment.

  8. The Jews and Ottomans are joining hands to invade the Christian countries and expand in Mideast. WW1, WW2 and EU were their brainchild.

  9. The 3 million already in Turkey should stay there… the photo shows no problem re living conditions or the weather.
    Turkey can easily accommodate the half million “refugees” now queueing in Africa as well.
    Turkey may as well keep the whole bloody lot from now on – they`re used to them.

  10. It’s not a “refugee crisis,” it’s a “bankster terrorists creating war crisis.”
    Let’s be sure and call it what it is.
    It’s like saying “the economy is bad” instead of “the massive fraud and theft by banks is leaving us homeless on the continent our fathers conquered.”

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