3 More Invader Centers Burned

Three more invader centers have been burned down in Germany—one in the northern port town of Bremen, another in Spremberg, Saxony, and a third only two miles from Berlin—as German patriots continue the struggle to ward off the nonwhite colonization of Europe.


The planned invader center in Spremberg goes up in flames.

A school that had been set aside and equipped as invader accommodation in Spremberg (Spree-Neisse), Saxony, was burned down on Monday evening, police have confirmed.

The former high school structure was in the process of a €2.4 million conversion to provide accommodation to some 180 nonwhite invaders. The fire was spotted by a security guard, who had been assigned to watch the building after a series of arson attacks had destroyed similar buildings all over Germany.

According to the local fire department, the fire broke out in the basement of the building, and by the time fire trucks arrived, it had spread up to the second floor. The building will now have to be repaired to a substantial degree before it can be used, a spokesman said.


The invader center in Mahlow goes up in flames.

Just a few days earlier, a planned invader center in Blankenfelde-Mahlow, a municipality in the Teltow-Fläming district of Brandenburg, some two miles south of Berlin, was burned out in another arson attack.

The former daycare center was, according to local media, being rebuilt to specifications, and the damage was only discovered last Sunday after the fire had been extinguished by itself.


The remains of the invader center in Nauen.

* German police have also now offered a €20,000 reward for information about the arsonists who burned down yet another invader center in Nauen (Havelland), Brandenburg, in August this year.


Firemen attend to the blaze in Findorff, Bremen.

In the western town district of Findorff, Bremen, police have offered a reward of €3,000 for any information related to an arson attack on a gymnasium, local media have reported.

The fire, which was started in the hall, damaged a large part of the flooring of the building, and has rendered the building unusable, a police spokesman said.

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  1. The problem are not people who work for 3-4 euro, at least they work and don't rely on benefits! The real are people who don't have any intention of working, people who have different values and don't respect the laws in the western world! Those who come to exploit our welfare system are the real problem!

  2. Im half hungarian. Good for hungary. Must stop invasion. These are not people,they are animals. They want to be given free money &then attack people who r giving the money

  3. Why call them non white invaders. The problem is they r muslims who want to change countries laws&culture. Russia and china don't allow this. Britain is destroyed. The muslims are violent and want to kill non muslims. Majority r young men. Send them home. They were fine. They come for welfare. Stop welfare,they go home.

    Editorial comment: So are you saying that if they were all Christians or Rastafarians, it would all be good? That the Third World could colonize European nations as long as they are not Muslims? You need to understand that this is primarily a racial issue, and that Islam is just a by-product of the nonwhite racial colonization of Europe.

  4. Merkel needs to be ousted right away – by the time scheduled elections in 2017 come it'll be too late!
    I can't comprehend what Germans are waiting for? I'm afraid that all "Wessis" fell asleep!

  5. Right on! Hungarians rose to the occasion once again like they did in 1956 in Budapet!
    Small but brave nation for sure!

  6. Definitely will vote AfD. Merkel however must be ousted as soon
    as possible! Her name must be spoken
    with disgust and loathing, by the generations to come!!!

  7. German patriots are doing tremendous job – those parasites need to feel some pressure and the message will soon get "home" where they actually belong!

  8. Is there at least any trace of public debate of this madness? Perhaps German elite should start questioning publicly the state of Merkel mental health? To many people it seems she's gone mad for unknown reasons – time to oust her from her post before more serious damge is done to Germany and to Europe!

    1. all of the comments on this article have the same exact date & time stamp. i am wondering if these are real comments? they sound like they are real comments. i like to read these because we do not get to hear anything REAL as to what is going on in germany here in the USA. i feel terrible for people of germany & truly do not even know what your status is with the refugees at this time, as this is now a year later from these comments. it is very similar here in USA with the jobs situation because of all of the immigrants. our middle class has been all but vaporized. they have really amped up the white genocide. every thing is turning black, black, hispanic, everything is white persons fault.
      every body must know for sure, this is all by design and long term planning by Zionist Jewry.
      Here it is, May 14, 2018, and still, every single day in the USA you can turn on your TV and flip around the 800 channels and you will find at least 2 or 3 Hitler Nazi Holocaust programs on the History channels and Military channels. Oh and the BBC is just as bad with all of the Nazi programs, every single day reminding us of the biggest lie of 6 million Jews murdered, but nothing about Dresden bombing massacre of 300,000 murdered Germans, and nothing about what allies did to German people at end of war when they came to “save the day”.
      I hate living in the USA but have no idea where to go, it seems there is no good place for white people to go. It is becoming a very scary world for white people, and here in USA we cannot be respectful of our European ancestry and culture, where we are german, irish, polish, english, italian, no, if we are proud of our culture we are called white supremacist nazis.

  9. This is EXACTLY what bothers me the most. I am German and our system sucks BIG time! Foreign get help before the German citizens! We have people in need, families who suffer hunger, people who live on the streets because our rent is so high and can't be hardly afforded anymore. BUT when foreign enter, they get money, homes and whatever else right away. And WE, the real citizens who are born here, worked our asses off for this f* country, get a pile of shit in our hands when in need! We have to bring all kinds of documents if we need an "EXTRA" Euro or any other help. I have nothing against foreign, but the way our government is handling this, is not fair to us. Our whole Job-System is down because of immigrants working for less money. We would not work for 3 or 4 Euro per hour, but they do which f*cked up our whole Job-System over the past years. And that is the main reason why we do not want any more invaders here! They fled from War and in return bring their War now to us! I tell you; ISIS has this long planed. Over half of those refugees are not fleeing from War, they are ordered to come here to take over our land! Civil War is just around the corner thanks to our stupid government. Watch!

  10. You see, the difficult part of your plan is that nobody is asking Germans their opinions – she could be ousted by CDU cauces or the ruling coalition members during their 2nd meeting today, for instance … just wait and see.

  11. A better strategy is needed? Oh yeah … what do you suggest instead?

    BTW. Next elections in Germany are scheduled in 2017 – did you know that?


  13. All that will happen is that the German taxpayer will foot the bill for the repairs and restoration, and that the arsonist, when caught, will go to jail for a long time.

    No. A better strategy is needed. Germans need to vote AfD and dump Merkel.

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