3,000 Haitian Invaders Per Month

More than 3,000 invaders from Haiti are pouring into America every month, exploiting new routes, special policies, and “lax enforcement” by the Obama regime, a secret government intelligence assessment has revealed.

The document, revealed by the Washington Post, said that the African invaders are “spreading out across the border, testing crossings in Arizona and Texas.”


There, the Washington Times report said, the invaders have been “told they will have an easier time getting through,” quoting analysts in a November 17 bulletin from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s office of intelligence.

It is not only Haitians, but also invaders from the Middle East who have been apprehended on the border, the bulletin added.

The bulletin also warned that word had spread to the 40,000 Haitians now living in Chile, and many of them have also started moving north.

“Haitian arrivals at the U.S. southwest border (SWB) have continued to exponentially increase,” the intelligence analysts said.

U.S. officials met with Haitian government employees in Haiti on November 14, and tried to speed up repatriations, but they were told that Haiti could take only 60 deportees per flight and could handle a flight only every other day.

As of November 12, the U.S. had 4,425 Haitians in the immigration system, up from 619 on Sept. 24. Of those in the system, 2,451 have been given final orders of deportation.

Once in the United States, many of the Haitians claim “asylum” and fight deportation in cases that can drag on for years, guaranteeing them a foothold in the country.

Other Haitians who are apprehended are put on a slow deportation track, giving them a chance to hide in the shadows along with other illegal immigrants. Southern Florida is a particularly attractive destination for Haitians, the document said.

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  1. Madness.

    One would have thought that due to bitter experience, Americans would shun west African descended people at all possible cost.

  2. Same old story the World over: the Blacks move to where the whites have money. They cannot make it themselves so they line up to take it from those who can. As Obama ignores the law and welcomes unrestricted black masses and muslims moving in to the USA, perhaps he could consider redressing the balance by going to live in Haiti or, perhaps the Middle East. Permanently.

  3. Just so this finally becomes widespread, public knowledge, TNO, please have a thorough investigation into the so called “aid” from USA and Europe, to other places like Haiti, Africa.
    Our countries are crumbling, falling into Jewish debt, citizens homeless, masses of children in need of help, including medical, for which insurance, government, claim to have no funds.
    We are taxed, and forced to ( overall) give away more then half of our earnings.
    Preventing us from starting families, meantime populations of those so called “third world ” countries skyrockets as a result of our labor for them.
    Cut all foreign aid permanently. Why do we work to support the world at our expense? Because we are dumb whites? Laws must be changed. Let them support themselves.
    All so they can freely breed, invade our countries, steel our identity ( they would love to be known as Europeans, for example, not possible) , rape, destroy, and wipe us out.
    WTF are white people thinking.
    Why are we so [email protected]&!ng dumb?

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