3,000 Invaders a Day Landing in Italy

Up to 3,000 nonwhite invaders—almost all from sub-Saharan Africa—are currently landing every day on the coast of Italy—all fleeing their own self-created chaos and backwardness which they are bringing with them to Europe.

If the current invasion rate is allowed to continue, more than half a million of these low-IQ nonwhites will land in Italy this year alone.

Marina Militare

A picture released by the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) on April 12, 2016 shows invaders at sea off the coast of Sicily.

It is difficult to get accurate figures on how many Africans are invading Europe at this present time, mainly because no one actually knows. The “rescue” missions therefore provide at least one measure of the extent of the invasion.

However, some idea of the flood of African invaders can be gained from the fact that Italy’s coast guard revealed on Tuesday this week that it had plucked over 4,000 nonwhites from the sea off the Sicilian coast over a single twenty-four-hour period.

On Tuesday, 2,154 Africans were pulled from their leaking boats in the Strait of Sicily between Italy and north Africa. This followed the 1,850 found in the area on Monday, the coast guard said.

This figure does not include all those who slip through the coast guard and make it to shore.


A picture released by the Italian coast guard on April 12, 2016 shows a boatload of African invaders off the coast of Sicily.

European Council President Donald Tusk earlier identified the invaders as not being Syrians—and that they are “nationals of African countries such as Nigeria, Somalia, Gambia, the Republic of Guinea, and Ivory Coast.”

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None of them are “refugees” by any stretch of even the European Union’s twisted interpretation of “asylum seekers.”

Instead, they are, as a Daily Mail report on the increased invasion rate revealed, all just looking for money.

“There are no jobs for me back home,” one African from Ghana was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

A Nigerian, identified as 39-year-old “Joe,” told the Daily Mail that his “life was not in danger back home. There are no Boko Haram in my area. But there are no jobs or work at all.”

In other words, the Africans are coming to Europe not because their “lives are in danger” but simply to parasite off European taxpayers.

The intelligence level of sub-Saharan Africa varies between 60 and 70—which, according to the internationally-accepted Sanford Binet intelligence scale, is officially classified as “moron.”


With IQ levels that low, it is little wonder that these “countries” from which Africans are “fleeing” are disaster zones.

And, to make matters worse, these Africans are not, as liberals appear to believe, suddenly going to transform into high-IQ capable Europeans now that they are on Europe’s shores.

All that will happen is that they will bring the chaos and destruction of the Third World with them.

If they are allowed to stay, Europe will, inevitably, become like the countries from which these hordes have fled.

* Meanwhile, the far-left Italian government has asked local authorities to immediately find an additional 15,000 beds to house the Africans.

Italy has usually relied on the invaders to quickly pass through that country on their way to richer pickings in northern Europe, but now faces the real possibility that the Africans will be unable to move north after landing.

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The Austrian government in particular is threatening to close the Brenner Pass border crossing between Austria and Italy. The country’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil said the “extreme” measure would be implemented if Italy fails to stop the invaders from crossing the border or doesn’t accept those who are sent back.

Austrian police have already started construction work this week on the border, laying concrete foundations for a planned control area off the northbound motorway at the Brenner Pass—the most active invasion route used by the Africans on their way up to Germany.

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  1. Sink the boats. It is extremely harsh but it is the only way to stop the invasion of Europe. It’s what the armed forces are for. To STOP invasions!

  2. Briefly reported on government controlled news media last night was that a rubber dinghy and half a dozen non-whites were fished out of the English Channel by rescue services and brought to the UK. The first of a sustained onslaught as the weather improves: it is only a few hours drifting to achieve the crossing with a favourable breeze from France. England is the new Lesbos.

  3. Theses creatures hate us whites, yet they cannot stay away from us. They want to look like us, dress like us, talk like us, think like us, use all the stuff we have invented.
    They are parasites, we are the hosts, if you do not eradicate the parasite, the eventual outcome is that the host will die. You can not increase their IQ levels with any form of education, you cannot change their genetics. All that will happen is, is that they will try to bring us down to their level, in doing so, our civilization will crumble.

  4. I DO NOT want to be surrounded by non whites diversity is fine as long as we are not in the minority in some schools and towns ypu can find it difficult to spot the white face its all getting out of hand. Why do they allow this to happen why arn’t they sent back straight away Europe is ruined, will be a place just for the rich the rest of us will be fighting for survival those who are not affected by all of this at the moment will not see the importance of Brixit hope they wake up before the 23rd of June.

    1. It’s time the British took to the streets & scare the crap out of the politicians. This is the ideal way to get their attention very quickly.

      Sounds crazy? What’s your plan then. Just sit & let it all happen?

      1. Yip, agreed march en force to Parliament and start pelting it with eggs, tomatoes, etc and demand resignation of the traitors and bring London to a standstill until they go. What that clown Merkel has done is endangered the safety of legitimate refugees and the peoples of Europe. Like Bush and Blair she should be made accountable

      2. Problem is, this has been in the planning for decades. The time has allowed various Governments to progressively put in place legislation which will automatically put “objectors” to the seeding of the UK or Europe with Islam at odds with the law. The ordinary objective Brit is no longer seen as a threat.

        Question: How can those European States shed their migrant numbers quickly to satisfy their own ‘voters’ [not that I’m suggesting voting counts for anything in Europe]? Answer: Give them naturalisation ultra-quickly then remind them of the EU’s policy of ‘Free Movement’ and recommend they may prosper better in the UK…………………..

  5. It is for this reason that everyone should back the ‘leave’ campaign in Britain’s forthcoming EU referendum.

    Hopefully, the EU will begin to unravel.

  6. What happened to all this talk about stopping the boats and breaking up the smuggling rings, all the navies do is ferry these illegals to Italy, one day Italy will say they won’t take them and we will end up with a navy ship with a couple of hundred illegals with no where to go other than Britain.

    1. According to a BBC report broadcast this morning (and if you can see through the BBC’s subtle manipulation), the Italians are increasingly hostile to the arrival of the so-called, “Refugees”. The closure of borders by surrounding Nation States means that the “Refugees” are backing-up in Italy with little or no chance of moving on. We are witnessing the death of the EU by a, “thousand cuts”.

  7. They are not just ‘landing’ in Europe. They are being ferried across courtesy of European naval and coastguard vessels under instruction to facilitate the destruction of a continent.

    1. This is why us patriotic whites the whole world over, need to get our heads together, and work out the perfect solution.

  8. BOMB the parasite BASTARDS out of the water to send a clear message they are not welcome. THAT is the ONLY definite way these Economic Asylum Seekers will ultimately get the message that they cannot force their way into Europe in their mindset attempt to want to reach the United Kingdom. We had a similar problem in Australia where those parasitic vermin paid Boat People Smugglers substantial monies to ferry them across from Indonesia to Australia. The Australian Prime Minister at the time was Tony Abbott AND HIS government had the committed determination to STOP THIS TYPE OF ILLEGAL BOAT INVASION to the point where it has now been more than a year that these Boats have since stopped arriving. IF the Europeans keep rescuing these people the numbers attempting similar invasions will simply develop into a massive snowball effect. The situation is now reaching drastic proportions and, as such, needs drastic action to be taken to shake the entire matter into serious public debate discourse. It is quite apparent that these Economic Asylum Seekers believe they are Refugees and that IT IS TODAY THEIR INHERRENT RIGHT TO BE ENTITLED TO BLUDGE!!!! AS we say in Australia “Fair Dinkum … at all costs STOP these bastards dead in their tracks!!

    1. @ Reg “It is quite apparent that these Economic Asylum Seekers believe they are Refugees”.

      Thanks to mad Merkel – the ass-holes think white idiots are all stupid enough to BELIEVE they`re refugees.

  9. A few countries like Hungary, Austria, Denmark and Poland are smart and not letting these vermin in. I wish the rest of Europe wakes up and realizes they are signaling the end of their civilized country’s lives by allowing this garbage to enter. For me it is particularly dismaying to see Italy allow the junk in because it is my native country.

    1. And you’re about to get stuck with a lot more, because we’re finally going to slam the Brenner shut. Apologies from Austria.

      1. It’s worth looking at Google maps (and the air views) for example at the Brenner Pass. Motorway going north from Italy to Austria. I’m guessing the people shippers, paid by jews like Soros, drive overcrowded van near the border, then dump their invaders. Looks like a sound scheme to block the area round the motorway.

  10. The UK needs to stay in the EU. The EU needs to continue but with much stricter immigration and return of non white non EU national economic migrants from outside the EU to their country of birth. If the UK does choose to leave the EU it will still have EU migration and pay more to the EU to access the EU markets and the UK will be forced to accept unfair harsh global trade agreements in full such as TTIP. The EU needs a strong UK as much as the UK needs a strong EU. The EU can be a force for good and support and protect the indigenous EU populations with a change of leadership and policy including supported repatriation of non white economic migrants born outside EU yo their country of origin. However if the UK does leave the the EU it could mean Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland leaving the UK and joining the EU and leaving England to join the US.

    1. Serf’s last sentence: Without the ‘crutch’ of the Barnett formula supporting them and the discrimination that brings, its not going to happen. But, otherwise, Bravo! I cannot wait!

  11. Federica Mogherini is complicit with the people-traffickers. So is the interfering tainted Peter Sutherland of the UN. They insist on “search and rescue”, as if this is all a tear-jerking humanitarian issue. These are illegal invaders. The governments have failed their people.

  12. There’s no work in Nigeria, but these people are not going to find any work in Austria or Italy either, they won’t qualify for the lowest job like street sweeper. They don’t speak Italian or German or English. They don’t know proper hygiene or how to behave in a first world country. They have no women with them. You know what will happen, they will send for their old parents and huge extended families and the EU will be swamped and won’t be able to afford to keep up. Hospitals will be overrun and the economy will collapse.


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