30,000 Afghan “Refugees” in the US

At least 30,000 Afghans have been resettled in the US as part of the 1.5 million Muslims imported into the country between 2001 and 2013, it has emerged in the wake of the Orlando homo club massacre.

According to the Pew Research Center, 99 percent of Afghans support the imposition of Sharia law—which demands the death penalty for homosexuals.


According the Pew report, titled “Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the US and around the world,” there were 2.75 million Muslims in the US in 2011, and that the majority—63 percent—were recent immigrants.

Furthermore, Pew said, the Muslim share of immigrants granted permanent residency status increased from about 5 percent in 1992 to roughly 10 percent in 2012, representing about 100,000 immigrants in that year.

Even more worryingly, the Pew survey of Muslims in 39 countries asked them whether they want sharia law to be the official law of the land in their country.

Some 99 percent of Muslims in Afghanistan answered yes to this question, as did 91 percent in Iraq, and 84 percent in Pakistan.

Furthermore, 39 percent of all Afghan Muslims said that suicide bombings are justified. This view was echoed by 29 percent of Muslims in Egypt, and 26 percent of Bangladeshis.

All this is of importance when it is considered that Green Card totals—that is, permanent residence grants issued by the US government from 2010 to 2013, included 83,000 grants to Pakistanis, 83,000 to Iraqis, and 75,000 to Bangladeshis.

Other Green Card grants were as follows: Iran (73K), Egypt (45K), Somalia (31K), Uzbekistan (24K), Turkey (22K), Morocco (22K), Jordan (20K), Albania (20K), Lebanon (16K), Yemen (16K), Indonesia (15K), Syria (14K), Sudan (13K), Afghanistan (11K), Sierra Leone (10K), Guinea (8K), Senegal (7K), Saudi Arabia (7K), Algeria (7K), Kazakhstan (7K), Kuwait (5K), Gambia (5K), United Arab Emirates (4K), Azerbaijan (4K), Mali (3K), Burkina Faso (3K), Kyrgyzstan (3K), Kosovo (3K), Mauritania (2K), Tunisia (2K), Tajikistan (2K), Libya (2K), Turkmenistan (1K), Qatar (1K), and Chad (1K).

As reported earlier, current immigration projections aim to import at least 680,000 Muslins over the next few years—a population larger than the entire city of Washington DC.

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  1. You have to be impressed by the unassailable belief in ‘Sharia Law’ by these simple folk. How many of us have simple faith in jewish-controlled fake democracy?

  2. Next to nothing compared with Merkels small Germanistan (see here http://bit.ly/1UqSZoZ)! But enough for 30k suicide attacks. In Hamburg alone (1.7m inhabitants) they have 22k of them. Feels like camel market in Kabul.

  3. Also the Islamization of Londonistan is in full swing with its new Paki mayor http://bit.ly/1S277z7. He twitters: “No one’s confidence or body image should be undermined by ads on our transport system. I’ve strengthened policy”. One step forward on Britains way to Burka.

  4. The root of the problem is US foreign policy making a mess of this world so there are so many refugees. The second root of the problem is UN refugees policy making a mess of this world by allowing all these refugees to seek refugees in other regions/continents. The mastermind is out to make a mess of this world so they can profit from the chaos.

  5. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are responsible for allowing a large number of Muslims to settle in the US. This means that an anti immigration party, especially anti Muslims immigration, has become a necessity now in The US, just like those parties in Europe. This necessity imposes itself if this evil traiter, Hillary Clinton, wins in the next election. The Muslims started killing the American people, So they must wake up and start taking action to protect their lives, their freedoms and way of life from Islamic barbarism.

  6. They want to ban guns in the US, and allow more of these creatures into the States.
    Wrong move, they should be arming all the white families and banning these creatures from all
    European countries!

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