305,000+ More Chinese for Canada

The Canadian government has drawn up plans to substantially increase the number of Chinese and other Asians coming to Canada next year, eclipsing even this year’s record influx of 305,000.

Liberal Party of Canada Minister of Immigration John McCallum announced this week that the number of immigration application offices in China will double by next year.

chinese parada vancouver

McCallum made the announcement while meeting with senior Chinese officials at Beijing’s Foreign Affairs and Public Security ministries.

He has asked for approval to “quickly open” new visa application centers in five secondary Chinese cities: Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, Jinan, and Shenyang.

If McCallum’s plans goes through, the offices will open as soon as next year. Chinese can currently apply for Canadian visas in five locations, including Hong Kong.

The Canadian government wants the further five visa application locations “to smooth the path for Chinese to come to Canada,” bringing the total number to 15, and is asking for additional air links between the two countries.

The plans also include boosting the number of Chinese students in Canada, and opening the path to permanent residency for them. Chinese students already form the biggest group of temporary visitors to Canada, with some 120,000 already in the country.

“But we want to get it even bigger,” McCallum said in Beijing on Tuesday.

The Liberal government wants “the highest growth we can of tourists coming to Canada, of qualified foreign students who want to study in Canada. If that’s a doubling [in numbers], that’s great,” he said. He described Chinese officials as “actively on board” with the idea.

The government’s bid to attract more Chinese workers and students comes as the Canadian economy sheds jobs and critics worry about the influence of foreign investors on fast-rising house prices in cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Canada’s unemployment rate increased to 6.9 percent in July.

McCallum, though, said Canada has a “legitimate need for temporary foreign workers” in some regions and industries. He cited fish processing, meat packing, and the high-tech industry as examples.

Later in the week, McCallum stopped in the Philippine capital of Manila where he once again announced his intention to boost nonwhite immigration to Canada.

Speaking to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, McCallum said, “So why not substantially increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada? And that is, I think, I hope, what we are about to do.”

The Trudeau government is already seeking to admit between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016—a record increase from the 260,000 to 285,000 newcomers the previous Conservative government had planned to welcome by the end of 2015.

McCallum is due to unveil his “three-year immigration plan” this fall. This “plan” will include doing away with the currently existing requirement known as the “Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

This is the rule which requires employers to first prove that they are unable to hire a Canadian worker before giving the position to an immigrant.

“So we’re going to make it easier for international students, we’re going to reduce some of the barriers in our immigration system … we don’t think that every immigrant needs to go through what we call a labour market impact assessment process. We think it can be simplified. We think there are some rules which are no longer necessary,” McCallum said.

The Philippines is currently the top source country for permanent residents in Canada, according to data published by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as of May 31.

The immigration minister also said that processing times for reuniting families from the Philippines has dropped “dramatically” to 12 months, “cut in half in just a year.”

In 2013, the top twenty countries of origin for immigrants to Canada were as follows:

People’s Republic of China; India; Philippines; Pakistan; Iran; United States of America; United Kingdom and Colonies; France; Iraq; Republic of Korea; Algeria; Nigeria; Egypt; Haiti; Mexico; Bangladesh; Colombia; Morocco; and the Ukraine.

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    1. Well, Vancouver then Calgary and Edmonton: When the Chinese can achieve a decisive majority there then Canada as European nation will cease to exist sooner or later.There is a good chance of accomplishing that. Brought to you by liberal voters. “we are all the same”
      The leftists and liberals as materialist by nature always forget the collective consciousness of the ethnic group.

  1. If the West is to take any immigrants from outside the “Western” world at all then the majority of Chinese are among the most desirable: intelligent, hard-working and respectful. They may not integrate fully but they will keep to themselves and crucially, not seek to impose their beliefs and values on us. Those from India are the same. No jumping up and down demanding that they get their own way. Very, very different from Muslims.

    Of that list of 20 countries, some stand out as being problematic – Pakistan; Iran; Iraq; Algeria; Nigeria; Egypt; Bangladesh; Morocco. No prizes for guessing what they have in common.

    1. Other ethnic groups are not as dumb as whites. Do you see Chinese inviting, sponsoring their own replacement/genocide?
      When their numbers grow so will confidence. And naturally will take over. I do not expect most whites to understand this.
      Chinese think of themselves as superior and use and laugh at whites. Rightfully so.
      Their population exploded, they have destroyed, polluted the land and want to expand.
      Whites are paying to be annihilated and lands taken over. A dream opportunity for Chinese and rest of Asians.

  2. Nothing against the Chinese or any other Orientals coming to Canada. What I object to is ANYBODY at all from ANYWHERE coming to this country. Canada is a very large country, but most newcomers wind up in the major cities. Toronto is the main city that has to accommodate most of them. The city can’t cope with the endless numbers of people who flock to it. Its infrastructure is crumbling, as anybody who lives here can attest to. Traffic is becoming a major pain in the ass with incompetent 3rd-world drivers putting other ones at risk of collision. . .

    Canada ought to halt immigration for at least five years, probably more, to give the country a break from the relentless inpouring of unnecessary newcomers. The country is full!

    1. Seems you have the same problem now which the populations of Europe has suffered for decades: no democratic mandate from the peoples of the individual nation states. The elite knowing what’s best for the voter and clearly they think what’s best is to flood their nation with the worst kind of people – Muslims. Watch what happens to Europe shortly as it will be an indication of what you are heading for.

    2. But even if immigration would stop today it won’t save Canada any more. Muslims, blacks and chinese should be deported back to their home countries without any delay, otherwise Canada will be gone by 2040.

  3. People need to think about this. Chinese people are basically making their own independent city states in places like Canada and the USA (think China Town in LA or NY) while the Chinese government would never let the opposite happen in China. The Chinese emperor once banned Christianity when some Jesuits or Catholics answered they were loyal to the Pope above the emperor and I feel Chinese living abroad have that same “loyal to home first” mentality that has always been historically expected of them. I know a Chinese guy living in America who literally said, “China number one! America number two.” That sums it up perfectly and now they are even in places like Italy. When are people going to realize we have a problem? In fact I even hesitate to call Zionist or Muslims our number one enemy at this time. For example, by the time Italy gets rid of the Muslims they will have several China Towns (all who insist on following their own rules as fiercely as Muslims as article here have pointed out) and all the property will belong to the Chinese or all the jobs shipped overseas… Just ask the USA. So all I can say is don’t focus on any one problem (Muslims, Black, etc.) too much because then the other will sneak up behind you without you noticing. Like in my small town worried about illegal Hispanics and their ever increasing hordes of anchor babies, there is a subtlety increasing number of ladies dressed head to toe in Burka who clearly represent “refugees” or the like that they admitted they are relocating to small towns that won’t notice til it is too late. So pay attention and stay sharp my friends as the enemy lurks all around (perhaps some who are not even of this dimension)!

  4. Why can’t Canada train the people they already have? Oh, right because the Chinese bring money with them, training Canadians here would cost the liberals money. Its all about the money.

  5. trudeau and mccallum are destroying canada .mccallum is a liar .He claimed to have consulted with canadians about immigration increases including 40k+ syrians and we canadians enthusiastically supported this which is complete BS. He consulted only the immigration lobby.
    This self-serving buffoon actually said in Halifax that mass immigration would reduce labour costs for employers in his speech to business owners He should be thrown in jail


    1. Sorry Marion Mann, they may well be destroying Canada and I personally have no doubt that they are, but the plot is bigger than that. They have all agreed with the UN to cram as many ‘poverty stricken’ Third World immigrants/refugees into the West as quickly as possible and your Government (whatever that is) has agreed.

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