34 Afghans Kicked Out of Germany

The German government has forcibly deported 34 Afghan invaders back to their home country—including at least 11 convicted murderers, rapists, and robbers—and hopes to send back 500 more per week from January.

The deportations serve as final confirmation that there is no justification at all for Afghans to seek “asylum” anywhere—because if their country was “not safe,” return deportations would not occur.

To add insult to injury, the deportation cost the German taxpayers €350,000—in addition to the years of welfare and benefits they have consumed while living in Germany, some for the past five years or more.

The German government has said that it is “looking” at deporting 12,500 more—a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of thousands of Afghans in Germany.

Even though Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière pointed out that a third of the deportees were convicted criminals, race-denying leftists and members of his own party opposed the deportations on “humanitarian” grounds.

The deportation program offers “volunteers” some €700 per person to go back home. This is nearly double the average annual salary in Afghanistan.

Those invaders who are convicted criminals and who are being deported against their will are paid €50.

Those who withdraw their asylum applications get a further €1,200 per person, and those who do not take legal action against a refusal of their “asylum” application are given €800 extra.

The Afghan government has signed an agreement with the European Union (EU) agreeing to take back its nationals. The pact was signed by the Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani during his recent visit to Europe.

The only stipulation that the Afghan government has put on the deportation program is that there can only be two flights per week with no more than 50 passengers each time.

The first deportation was supposed to be of a full complement of 50 invaders, but some had their deportations halted by legal action, and at least 10 just “vanished” before being brought to the aircraft.

The German ambassador to Afghanistan, Franz-Michael Mellbin, confirmed in a recent interview with Deutsche Welle that it was safe to send Afghans back home, as most cities in that country “offer a normal, and safe everyday life.”

Mellbin pointed out that the “proportion of people returning from Europe to Afghanistan will not even be 1 percent of the total” of the numbers of Afghans being kicked out of Pakistan and other countries.

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  1. Oh wow. What a small number. Two
    million would be much better.
    Moron merkel is playing her old
    political tricks. The old hag should be
    destroyed in Germany’s next election.

    1. Dutch here, according to the reports, the right wing party will tear Merkel a new one so to speak. We are taking our continent back!

  2. quote:”there can only be two flights per week with no more than 50 passengers each time”.
    On the first deportation some had their deportations halted by legal action, and at least 10 just “vanished”.

    So out of the 50 just how many were aboard the plane? One? Two? Ten? Any??
    At this rate they`ll all be old men before anything happens….. if ever !

    1. Exactly. It’s merely a token gesture to make it appear like the German government is “doing something” about their self-created immigration problem without doing anything of substance to actually correct it because in reality…they have no intention of doing so. This is just to temporarily placate the brain dead media masses.

      1. It is temporary until after the election , when Merkel is reelected you won’t hear another word about deportations or German law or burka bans . This is all show until the election .The German people have been shown to be the most spineless people on the planet through this crisis.

  3. 34 deported while a thousand come through the porous borders. As soon as they get back to Afghanistan they will start their journey again, but under another name.

  4. Afghanistan said only 2 plane loads a week can come home??? I have an idea, load up B-52’s full of them and drop them from 20,000 feet. That way no plane will touch their precious soil and they can expedite their departure!

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