350,000 Invaders Land in Europe in Six Months

At least 350,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees have made applications for “asylum” in Europe during the first six months of 2017—and that number does not even include all of the 100,000 who have landed in Italy, Spain and Greece during the same period.

According to the latest figures from the European Union’s “European Asylum Support Office” (EASO), during the month of May 2017, EU countries recorded 59,128 “applications for international protection.”

In April, a total of 49,916 such applications were made, and in March,

66,908 applications were made.

In February, 59,036 applications for asylum were made, and in January of this year, 61,697 applications were made.

The total for these five months was 296,685—but the EASO figures for June 2017 were not available at time of writing. They are likely to be in excessed of the number for May, which would put the total number for the first six months at over 350,000.

Only 14 percent of all these applicants claimed to be “Syrians”—and even that number is doubtful, given the huge numbers of fake Syrian passports and identification documents in circulation.

Three percent of all applicants claimed to be unaccompanied minors (UAMs) when lodging an application. The largest share of claimed UAM applicants were, as in the previous months, Afghan citizens (17 percent), closely followed by Gambian citizens (8 percent).

In May, the top four citizenships of origin of applicants was composed of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria. In May the groups of Iraqi and Nigerian applicants were almost as numerous as group of applicants from Afghanistan, each consisting of approximately six percent.

The list of the 10 most frequent citizenships of origin was completed by Pakistan (5 percent), Albania (4 percent), Bangladesh (4 percent), Eritrea (4 percent), Guinea and Iran (3 percent each).

According to the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), as of June 29, 2017, there had been 96,945 “arrivals” in Europe since January 1, 2017. Of this number, 95,768 had invaded Europe by sea, and 1,177 by land.

The difference between the EASO and IOM figures is because the “asylum” application reporting process always lags behind the physical invasion by several months—which means that not all of the IOM’s figures have as of yet been included in the EASO totals.

According to the IOM, the main nationalities of arrivals (in descendant order, for the month of May 2017), are to Italy: are Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia; to Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Algeria, Afghanistan; and to Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran.

The IOM also reported that a total of 22,841 invaders had been “relocated” from Greece and Italy and “moved” to other EU countries as of June 28, 2017.

Some 15,487 invaders had been moved by the EU from Greece, and 7,354 from Italy.

Recipient states, ranked by the number of invaders “relocated,” were as follows:

Germany: 6,400; France: 3,641; Netherlands: 2,055; Finland: 1,739; Norway: 1,481; Portugal: 1,391; Switzerland: 1,058; Spain: 886; Belgium: 745; Sweden: 656; Romania: 634; Ireland: 459; Luxembourg: 327; Lithuania: 324; Latvia: 317; Slovenia: 199; Malta: 137; Estonia: 136; Cyprus: 104; Croatia: 64; Bulgaria: 50; Slovakia: 16; Czech Republic: 12; and Liechtenstein: 10.

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  1. 350,000 invaders and all unemployable, what is the welfare bill for this lot and wait until they demand family reunion so that means you are getting nearer two million than 350000.

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