40% of Germans Seek Ban on Muslim Immigration

Some 40 percent of all Germans seek a complete ban on all Muslim immigration to Germany, according to a report published by the University of Leipzig.

In addition, 11 percent of Germans think Jews have too much influence in society, and 12 percent consider Germans to be superior to other people.


The survey findings, published in a report in the Local newspaper, also said that one in 10 Germans wants their country to be led by a “Führer” or authoritarian figure who “applies a firm hand for the common good.”

Describing the findings as “hair-raising,” the Local said that the survey had been carried out at regular intervals by the university since 2002.

Hostility to Islam has shown a particularly marked increase since the last report in 2014, when 36.6 percent of people didn’t want any more Muslims migrating to Germany.

Half of respondents in the most recent survey of 2,240 people also said they feel like “foreigners in their own country” because there are too many Muslims. That result marked a seven percentage point rise from the 2014 poll.

Overall, three in ten complained that Germany had been “infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerous way,” added the survey, which was carried out a year after the mass invasion of 2015.

The Local said that “skepticism appears to be running high against migrants,” with three in five Germans saying that most of the nonwhite invaders “are not really at risk of any persecution in their home country.”

“There has been no increase in extreme right attitudes, but in comparison with our study from two years ago people who have far-right attitudes are more prepared to use violence to achieve their aims,” Dr. Oliver Decker, one of the report’s authors, notes on the university website.

The report also claims to have found “a clear polarization and radicalization” in German society, with more respondents also likely to completely reject violence this time around.

“The two groups exist next to each other. We have people who actively engage to help refugees and there are people who actively reject refugees,” said Decker.

Titled “the uninhibited middle,” the study argues that rejection of the nonwhite invasion has become more acceptable in mainstream German society, leading to the increased popularity of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

A desire to protect the German people through the opposition to the mass importation of Third Worlders is also increasing, the report said. Some 30 percent of Germans were said to “harbor xenophobic opinions.”

“The potential for extreme right or populist right-wing parties is still higher than what electoral results have yet shown,” report co-author Dr. Elmar Brähler stated.

The survey noted an increase in negative attitudes toward Gypsies, with half of respondents saying they should be banned from city centers.

A dislike of homosexuals also appears to be on the rise: 40 percent of people said they found it “disgusting” when homos kissed in public, an increase from 25 percent in 2011.

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  1. If a survey was carried out in the UK with regards muslims and the electorate were honest, 90% would say that they are not wanted at all!

  2. So 60% quite like the idea of a non-white takeover… and the same would be true in any western european population now, especially the UK.

  3. Jews control most of the media – and they also control most opinion survey companies. The simple fact they use such vocabulary as ‘xenophobia’ to mean dislike of being thrown out of work etc shows this survey is unlikely to be honest.

  4. All these studies, polls and surveys are all very nice, but the fact is the people have NO VOICE whatsoever in how they are governed. The New World Order is not coming, it is already here. Every western nation is now being ruled by an Oligarchy that couldn’t care less what the people want or think.

  5. Great news that many in Germany feel the same way as very many of us here in the UK .
    Hope it finally picks up pace across other EU countries.
    We`ve been taken for granted and trodden on for far too long. At last the worm is turning.

  6. What a pity that the ruling government takes no notice of what their taxpayers are either saying or expecting of their government. Walking through one of the mainline stations in London, I hardly hear a word of English spoken, and it’s been like this for the last 5 years. There comes a time when the people of Germany and other countries that have been overtaken with so-called immigrants need to take drastic action against their elected representatives at all levels.

  7. It is obvious that many Germans think they are superior to other people by the way they are in charge of the EU. Merkel says this and all other member states jump to it. Sadly Germany still has dreams of world domination from the past. They lost 2 world wars, caused the deaths and suffering of millions, destroyed many cities with wonderful buildings, all for control of others.
    I believe the UK should leave the EU and form out own destiny regardless of the difficulties we may face. Freedom to form our own destiny.

    1. Yes let’s blame it all on the Germans. Let’s pretend that the German people are in charge of the EU and that Germans crave world domintation, instigated 2 world wars, caused the deaths and sufferings of millions, destroyed cities and wonderful buildings all for the sake of controlling others. That’s why its so important to wipe them off the face of the earth. These evil white devils! I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we flood their country with non-whites, suspend their civil rights and round them up and throw them in prison if they dispute the face that 6 billion jews were baked, fried, poached, fricassied and turned into furniture and cleaning products. This comment wins my vote for comment of the year. I want to congratulate the New Observer for not censuring it and also a big pat on the back for everyone who gave it a thumbs up.

      1. Great comment ((Just me))! Let’s institute the Kaufmann plan. Exterminate all Germans and turn their country into a cow pasture. Oy vey, gewalt! It’s annuda shoah!

    2. Merkel is definetely no german. She’s a communist almost- russian from the former DDR. She hates all Western Christian nations and what she’s doing is some lunatic vengeance.

      1. Eva I want to apologise to you and to every German who read the outrageous and ill informed comments posted by ‘Just Me.’ Unfortunately the biggest problem we have in this struggle are white traitor and those who turn on other whites. Just Me – you talk about forming your destiny – Newsflash! You already formed your own destiny when you turned on the Boers in South Africa and set up the world’s first concentration camps to imprison white women and children in. More of these civilians died in that war than soldiers. You formed your destiny when you chose the Jewish lead atheistic Soviet Union for your ally in the second world war. They caused the brutal death of tens of millions of whites. You formed your destiny when you destroyed Germany – a white Christian nation. When you couldn’t defeat her soldiers you firebombed her civilians. After killing 8 million during the war, you ruthlesslyand deliberatly murdered 12 million AFTER THEY SURRENDERED UNCONDITIONALLY. So please – don’t talk to us about Germany. If Hiltler had won Europe would still be white and the jews would not be in control. Sorry, but I must speak plainly. You and anybody who gave you a thumbs up should be ashamed of yourselves.

      1. The thumbs up / thumbs down ratings system will not let me vote 95% of the time. Could someone please comment and let me know if they are experiencing the same problem.

    3. I think the editor needs to explain how this comment made by Just Me is allowed on this site. In my opinion this is anti-German and borders on hate speech.

      1. TNO`and editor are brilliant precisely because we`re each allowed to express differing apects of the same
        argument…. within reason and enforced with editorial fairness.
        Merkel has proved to be a front for the statist EU rather than acting in the best interests of Germany and Germans. Germans as a race can hardly be held responsible for her current megalomaniac policies.
        I doubt many of them realised the monster in their midst when they originally voted for Merkel. Did we non-German`s realise the full extent of her evil plans ?
        Although I don`t agree with the speech content I don`t consider it to be `hate` speech`.
        FREE speech…. yes…..which I see as far more important given current EU policing of speech.
        One man`s meat is another man`s poison.
        Don`t like it? Don`t agree ?……then use the ratings widget.

        1. Re: Free Speech – The EU is unanimous – they all want Turkey’s membership to be accelerated. ‘Free Speech’ in Turkey? Think again! If people are unhappy with Justme’s comment above, perhaps they would be happy in the knowledge that if Justme was in Turkey, he/she would be locked up for a very long time by now. So, ‘Just a girl’, should get real, synthetic outrage won’t work here.

          1. This is in response to G. If free speech means the right to attack the German people without fear of consequences than I totally agree with you. We have free speech not only all across the world, but even in Turkey, and on this website. Now let’s imagine that Just Me is not a Brit, but a German living in Germany. Suppose she stands up like 75 year old Ursula Haverbeck did and questions the holocaust. What would be the result. We already know – 5 years in prison. Then let’s have Just Me stand up in a court of law like young lawyer Sophie Stoltz did to defend her client and see what happens (loss of license to pratise law and two terms in prison). How about if in her twenties Just Me is hired at a work camp and never charged with mistreating anyone. What can she expect when she’s a 95 year old WW2 veteran. Five years (effectively death) in prison. When I hear about things like this it makes me sick to my stomach and my body literally shakes. It that’s ‘synthetic outrage’ and ‘not being real’ so be it. It will comfort you to know that the overwhelming majority of people who commented on this issue are in your corner.

          2. Fact is, Just a girl, if we all want to extricate ourselves from this mess politicians across Europe have got us into, it will be only be by a proper Leader taking control. ‘Talking Shops’, debates and such niceties will not do it. Point being, if (and it is a big ‘if’) there is a leader out there, he/she will have to take some pretty awful and no doubt controversial decisions that, certainly the ‘Luvvies’ will not like or perhaps even much of the population of Europe. This will be the penalty for putting things right.

        2. I would use the ratings widget if it would ever bloody well let me. But thanks for answering. I appreciate your point of view friend.

  8. “…..and 12 percent consider Germans to be superior to other people.” That’s not difficult seeing who and what they’re letting in…………………

    1. The Germanic race is superior. Note that a huge majority of people of Germanic race – blood-brothers of the indigenous people of Germany – reside outside of Germany. They are the indigenous peoples of the British Isles, Scandinavia, most of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria. They are the great majority of “white” people in the USA, and an even bigger majority of “whites” in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

      Trace where the Germanic tribes and their offspring settled. Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Franks, Flemish, Lombards, Swabians, Burgundians, Frisians, etc.

      1. Totally agree Lee! Wanted to give you a thumbs up but once again the thumbs up system only works sporadically. What am I doing wrong?

      2. Yes and where ever we all are we are all Europeans its a pity we cant feel as one to stop the muslim invasion of our lands I think its too late now they will keep letting them in until our country haemorrhages from the strain. On a lighter note from my families hair colour and location we think we might be of a Jute line

    2. G, thank you for taking time to reply to me. My answer to your comment would be identical to the comment that Celtic Princess below (June 20th) about a strong leader. It begins “Thank you for your videos….”

  9. On a final note. After all that has happened, minority do not want more, but are fine with blacks/muslims that already own them. Just stop reporting on that place, they are gone like Sweden, … , whatever. Our way of life is gone, history in the “erase” phase. The government wants us annihilated, the military abandoned, law enforcement protects replacements, the US military occupies Europe to enforce Jewish “White genocide agenda”, most white females embrace it and if all the suicidal, brain dead crowd is set on the other side of the equation, then we have been overwhelmed long time ago. Our women had best conditions on the planet. Then, discarded their own kind in their own home. And now we are expected to tolerate and sponsor white females having African/whatever offsprings. And ignore lessons of Haiti, South Africa … Because, our civilization/home was just “too white.”

    1. Forgetolerance, I Agree with all you said except for what you said about white women. Most white women I know do not embrace it. The women you see holding up the signs to welcome the turd world are whores bought and paid for by George Soros. Please do not throw us all under the bus. There are plenty of white males in the anitfa rent a mobs Soros organises but I don’t consider that most white males fall into the traitor category. Please my beautiful white brothers, I know you are discouraged but stop driving away the women who love you and who are fighting for our people with your hurtful words! We need one another to win this struggle.

      1. Yes you are absolutely right. It’s out of love and respect that I’m trying to reach our women. It’s impossible majority of real Germans want to be raped and annihilated. Most likely a manipulative tactic. Plus they are overrun by blacks and muslims, who’s vote takes precedence over Germans. Traitors made sure of that. And, as some point out, ” make NO mistake, Chinese are not our allies.” Part of the above comment turns out to be an example of enemy’s tactics: separation of white men and women, infiltrate, divide and conquer. Demoralize, normalize filth, … , destroy family and values. Core of our existence.
        We can not go our separate ways, it’s not who we are:

        And a sample of what our enemies advertise in black lands:

        Comes from following link, graphic content!

        Follow Israel’s example, be racist, be race realist, be phobic, and survive, simple. Fear is a gift, just like faith. When you very own existence is threatened, do you really care what enemy labels you?
        Does a lion care what a monkey calls him from a tree?
        They are not like us and can never be. Do not tolerate anchor babies, and definitely rape offsprings. That’s how your tolerance is groomed. Abortion should be mandatory for victims of non-white rape, followed by his public execution. Forget tolerance, it’s getting us killed.
        We are not dealing with people like us, anti-white speech right in the open:


        Europe, do you want that to happen to you?
        Mixture is what’s killing USA, obviously. Following Brazil’s footsteps into poverty, crime and disease. Just facts…
        A word to intelligence community, why are you letting this happen?
        You have the “means” to deal with traitors, you can unleash the military ( with live rounds to protect your own, not the NWO type of takeover ).
        Why preach to believers? To spread the info. Few comments are not changing the world.
        For starters, let me remind everyone:

          1. Sorry I put my answer in the wrong spot on the page. Please scroll down. Thanks and keep strong!!

  10. The germans,indeed all europeans,are facing a threat to their existence and all this survey can muster is 40% against muslim immigration.That is unbelieveable.

    1. Who conducts these surveys? Who oversees the results? Who takes part in them ? Are they self-selecting?
      From the number of survey results published on a monontonously regular basis surely some of us would be aware of at least one doing / having done the rounds.
      I don`t know anyone who has ever been asked to take part in one. But then as we`re in a high Mudslime population area the survey takers wouldn`t like the results from the majority of whites.
      Even if the final results are tamper-free if the areas polled are virtually immigrant-free then it`s anything but a balanced representation of the peoples` views.

    2. Well, that’s easy to explain. The 60% muslim-likers are Muslims themselves. In fact they are just about to form the first türkisch “democratic” Party in Germany. We are overrun and wiped out…l really hope that i’m too old to see how this will be at the bitter end.

  11. The elites imports terrorism into the country to create mess so they can profit from the situation, shifting public money from pensions and education and healthcare into their own private pockets under the big name defense. In additional, they can use the terrorism as an excuse to invade mid east and conduct more plundering.

  12. Thank you for your videos. I watched every one of them. I just love your comment “Fear is a Gift”. I understand what you mean, but in another sense Fear is also a gift I’d love to give to every white traitor, because they and not our enemies have created this entire situation. Did you ever read about Kolokotronis, a Greek General. When the Turks were terrorizing and exploiting his people, Kolokotronis rode into every Greek village and asked for volunteers to ride with him to fight the enemy. If the people responded that they were too afraid to fight and would rather pay tribute to the Turks, he would burn down the entire village. He said, “Every place and every village that betrays our nation and it’s long battle to freedom, I will smash it, burn it and destroy it! Fire and axe to those who kneel!” How sad that we don’t yet have heroes like this to lead our people. You would think that our police and military would step up, if only to give their own children a future, but it seems they are more interested in a weekly paycheck. Nevertheless, we must stay strong and stand united. Remember Gott Mit Uns! Victory or Valahalla!

    1. You will also find this interesting:
      Plus, word is that in Germany, for example, nonwhites pimp white women and traffic them to their lands. Where do you think beautiful white women in Saudi Arabia come from.
      Try being a white man and get that one through to them.
      Law enforcement is either incompetent, powerless, or money is more valuable.

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