400-Strong ISIS Attack Force

Officials from European and Iraqi intelligence services have revealed to the Associated Press (AP) that ISIS has already trained and deployed four hundred terrorists into Europe.

A senior Iraqi intelligence official said people from the cell that carried out the Paris attacks are scattered across Germany, Britain, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden.

ISIS traiing camp

The terrorists have also already been given orders to find the right time, place, and method to carry out their missions, and the latest group has only recently crossed in from Turkey, the Iraqi official said.

The security officials quoted by the AP said that the ISIS men had been trained in specialist camps set up in Syria, Iraq, and “possibly” in the “former Soviet bloc”—presumably the remote rural southern parts of the Muslim breakaway republics which emerged when the Soviet Union collapsed.

The training in these camps includes “battleground strategies, explosives, surveillance techniques, and countersurveillance.”

The AP report is being given great credibility, as the ring leader of the Paris attacks is known to have claimed to have entered Europe in a multinational group of ninety terrorists who “scattered more or less everywhere.”

At least 5,000 nonwhites living in Europe—mostly legally—have been known to have gone to ISIS-occupied Syria. But this is only an estimate.

Despite assurances to the contrary, the European security services, hampered by the liberal policy of “open borders,” have long since lost track of the nonwhites’ movements in Europe—or even how many there are.

For example, two of the suicide bombers who took part in the Brussels attacks, brothers Ibrahim and Khalid el-Bakraoui, were completely unknown to the security services until an apartment one of them rented was traced to now-arrested fugitive Salah Abdeslam, according to Belgian state broadcaster RTBF.

airport bombers

The Brussels airport bombers.

In the same way, the Algerian invader killed in the police swoop on a Brussels apartment on March 15, only had a petty theft record in Sweden, even though it now transpires he had gone to Syria in 2014 and had returned specifically to take part in the attacks in Paris.

When ISIS claimed responsibility for the latest attacks, it described its operatives as “a secret cell of soldiers” dispatched to Brussels for the purpose.

According to Europol, these cells are being led by French-speaking nonwhites from North Africa, France, and Belgium.

The AP claim of four hundred terrorists is a more likely assessment of ISIS terrorist capability in Europe than the previous speculations of “thousands” of such operatives. A team of that number can—and will—inflict a great deal of damage before they are caught.

The admission that Europe stands on the brink of a series of attacks confirms once again that the core of the problem is mass Third World immigration into Europe.

The mass influx of nonwhites into Europe—over a period of decades and speeding up dramatically with Angela Merkel’s open invitation to enter Germany last year—has meant that the radicals have a large pool of potential recruits from which to draw.

These young nonwhites have been unable to advance in European society in any meaningful manner, because of inherent racial differences linked to low IQs and other inherent psychological differences.

As a result, they are largely disaffected with white society in general, and, in addition, have been fed leftist propaganda which routinely blames white people for all their ills.

In this manner, white people, or “racism”, is blamed for social deprivation (as if there is some “white conspiracy” to force them into lower living standards), low employment rates (as if there is some “white conspiracy” to deny them work), academic failure (as if there is some “white conspiracy” to make them fail at school), and high arrest and imprisonment rates (as if there is some sort of “white conspiracy” to force them to commit crime).

All of this has served to inflame these millions of nonwhite invaders even more against Europeans in general.

Finally, the ideology of Islam—and its command to wage “holy war” against all infidels is mixed in with this devil’s brew to create the unrest, violence, and terrorism which Europe is now experiencing.

This nightmare will continue until Europeans decide to resolve this problem in the only manner possible: ending all Third World immigration, and the repatriation of every nonwhite back to his or her country of origin.

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  1. You couldn’t sell this total suicidal stupidity in a book of fiction, no-one would buy it and the author would probably be found ‘of feeble intellect’.

  2. I’m living in Dusseldorf. We’re supposed to be traveling to Amsterdam this weekend. My wife wants to cancel the trip. Everyone is a little on edge here now. Waiting for the next shoe to drop.

    1. Unfortunately many terrorist will have entered Europe, Belgium will not be the only target and they are not going to lay around for too long. They may wait long enough for people to become complacent and for summer crowds of holidayers so now may be a good time. Stay diligent.
      If there are four hundred specially trained terrorist it will be in bomb making and shootings. Governments should keep a close watch on the chemicals required and on illegal arms dealers.
      The European Union has failed the people.

  3. “the European security services… have long since lost track of the nonwhites’ movements in Europe”

    Re. the last 1.5 million admitted by Merkel, they didn’t lose track, they never tracked them at all.

    1. I have no sympathy whatsoever. I reserve that for the people who do not vote for socialists and those who are injured or have people they are related to killed or injured by the fifth column and their terrorist friends.

    1. @ victor The same reason we keep camoron – no people power. Political Correctness mission accomplished – citizens all brainwashed.

  4. Just like those german teddy bears, they will run their course.Don’t worry though, we have a fresh supply of candles, weepy hankies and political bs to repel them.

  5. So.. yet another 400 moslime monsters crawl amongst us.
    That`s two down …..due to EU incompetence ….only another 380 in the pipeline.
    Meanwhile in order to reinforce our hardline response our EU nincompoops convene yet another gab-fest.
    The bombing basturds must be absolutely petrified.

  6. But we never learn do we? In the Daily Mail today it is reported that a man who asked a Muslim female to explain what happened in Brussels has been arrested for ‘inciting racial hatred’. What next?

    1. This is the society of black/brown entitlement. Give them even a millimeter and they will hang you out to dry! Why is the awakening of Europe still moving so slow? We are supposed to be 15 IQ points on average more intelligent yet WE are the ones being made monkeys of!

  7. “This nightmare will continue until Europeans decide to resolve this problem in the only manner possible: ending all Third World immigration, and the repatriation of every nonwhite back to his or her country of origin.”

    It really is that simple.

  8. Europe will have civil war before you know it. The local inhabitants will be fighting the invaders, your police force and army. The elitists and politicians like Merkel will insist that they fight on the side of the invaders and you will be under their total rule. The end of Europe, just around the corner.

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