4,000 African Invaders land in Spain in One Week

At least 4,000—and likely many more—African invaders have landed in Spain since November 9, with 461 arriving at the southern port of Cartagena on Saturday after being “rescued” from 44 different boats over the previous twelve hours, and another 40 found on two boats in the Straits of Gibraltar.

According to the latest statistics provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for the period November 9 to 15, a total of 3,261 invaders landed in Spain—a dramatic 292 percent increase on the previous week (November 2 to 8), when “only” 832 invaded Europe via that route.

Spain has now become the preferred route to invading Europe after the crypto-communist fake “charities” were halting from acting a free taxi services to Italy.

The invaders have now decided to focus on the shorter crossing route into Spain after their free transport services have stopped, and this has resulted in a steady increase in the invasion numbers across the Straits of Gibraltar.

According to the IOM, so far this year some 17,687 nonwhites have invaded Spain by sea this year in total—which means that more than 20 percent have landed in the last week alone.

A further 5.473 have invaded Spain by land, bringing the total this year so far to 23,160. For all of 2016, “only” 13,246 landed in Spain, according to IOM figures.

The 461 fake refugees who landed this past Saturday were on boats reportedly launched from Algeria, and they were “rescued” by the Navy, and the Guardia Civil police—and tended to by the Red Cross, media reported.

Francisco Bernabe, the Spanish representative in the region of Murcia, was quoted by media as saying that the invasion was a “coordinated and unacceptable attack on our borders.”

Other media reported that the number of invaders plucked from the sea was as high a 600, with patrols intercepting more than 110 Africans in the Alboran Sea, between Morocco and Spain’s Andalusian coast.

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  1. The African continent is made up of 57 countries, although three of them are not officially recognised by the African Union and the United Nations. The population in total is around 1.2 billion, Europe cannot even take in 10% of this number (120 million).

    There are also so called “refugees” now flooding into Europe from the Asian continent, many from Bangladesh and Pakistan, the total number for this region is 4.436 billion…….As for the Middle East there are 17 countries and a population of around 411 million……

    The stark reality is that both Asia and Africa are growing at an alarming rate, with many African nations set to quadruple their numbers in the next two to three decades, this is of course totally unsustainable, as the world as a whole does not have an infinite supply of resources.

    My own belief is that these African countries will perish long before they manage to increase their numbers four fold as they will starve to death, or perish as a consequence of disease, civil wars, and last but not least total lack of fresh drinking water.

    One thing is certain though the western world CANNOT take in even a small percentage of these super breeding wretched people, if we even attempt to we will perish along with them.

    Sadly its time they were now left to face the inevitable fate that awaits them, a fate that they to a large degree have brought upon themselves, due to to inbreeding and over breeding. Procreation with close relatives has resulted in physical and mental genetic abnormalities, and of course a low IQ, which decreases further with every generation that partakes in this vile method of reproduction.

    Over breeding speaks for itself, they have stripped their own nations ability to provide sufficient resources for them to survive, that’s why they are now heading in droves to avail themselves of land and resources that they have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO TAKE……

    Europe and the UK must push these unruly invaders back or face annihilation.

    1. Africa to perish ?? That is exactly the plan. Five million little working beavers from a big rich Asian nation are operating , pillaging in Africa and destroying the locals by way of dispossession , starvation, slavery etc. One documentary recently told of impoverished starving African families producing foetus’s as a cottage industry for organ harvesting. Gee, I wonder Hu would have set that up ??

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