5,000 Austrians Protest in Vienna against Invasion

More than 5,000 Austrians took to the streets of Vienna today in response to a Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria, FPÖ) call to protest against the nonwhite invader centers in the city.



According to a statement released on the FPÖ Vienna website, the “citizens of Vienna will no longer be shamelessly ignored.

“At today’s FPÖ rally, over 5,000 Viennese protested peacefully against the mass ‘asylum centers’ in the federal capital,” the statement said.

“The citizens have been expected to put up with the socio-political madness of the government’s botched asylum policies for months on end,” FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache told the rally.

“Let us also not forget the almost daily violent attacks on our people being carried out by refugees and asylum seekers. On both social and financial levels, it is the Viennese people who must bear this burden, and they do not accept it.”

The rally was also addressed by Vienna’s Deputy Mayor, the FPÖ’s Johann Gudenus, who noted that the “red-green welcome culture” (meaning the ruling coalition between the Socialist Party of Austria and the Green Party) are the “culprits behind the security emergency which now faces Vienna.”



The head of the FPÖ in the Vienna suburb of Liesing, council representative Wolfgang Jung, revealed that the party had collected over 7,000 signatures against the invader center in that suburb.

Earlier, the Krone newspaper had revealed that official statistics from the Austrian Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Agency) had shown that fully half of all “asylum seekers” who invaded Austria from 2003 to 2014 had had criminal charges filed against them.

Most of these crimes were committed by invaders from Algeria (155 per 100 asylum applicants), Georgia (151), and Nigeria (129). The statistics did not include the 2015 year, when the vast majority of invaders arrived in Austria.

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  1. l am very glad to see that more and more people are protesting. l hope it grows and spreads to every European country. These traitors MUST be stopped !!

    1. The problem is, as was shown yesterday, the despot Merkel is simply ignoring the will of the people. This breathtaking display of lack of democracy is the hallmark of anything connected with Europe and the EU.
      This needs to be a message to every UK voter in the forthcoming referendum on EU membership: If this particular despot continues to have any say in EU politics, the British can see what can be expected if the UK remains ‘in’.

      1. Invaders are let in, through the back door already in the UK, whilst they pan the populace’s focus on new restrictions concerning fellow white EU nationals and the brexit show.

    2. Well done Austria, having said which, what we are seeing is the obviously mentally disturbed leader of one EU nation out of 28, trying to lead the other 27 down the path of madness. That nation would of course have to be Germany, a nation with prior convictions for delusions of grandeur. Merkel has hijacked the EU and is being allowed to use it as her instrument to vpromote mass invasion of the whole of Europe, whether EU or not. This must be challenged and defeated for sake of the continent’s survival, Merkel must be deposed in Germany, and Juncker should be replaced as being unfit for duty. Safeguards need to be enacted to ensure that further hijacks to fit one person’s agenda, cannot happen again!

  2. Peaceful protests are of no use whatsoever…the lunatics in charge of the asylum will just ignore it…its time for action before we are all slaughtered…!!!

  3. It gives me heart, too. But we only see reports on sites like this, not reported in MSM, so spread the news however you can, if the press won’t, we must. The more who protest, the more others will become brave enough to do the same. SPREAD THE NEWS, PEOPLE!

  4. Let’s Just FACE-IT, Educated People, (Except Corrupted Governments) have No-Use for these people, who Add NOTHING to the Beauty of Such a Wonderful Country.—Instead they Only TAKE, TAKE, RAPE, EXPECT FREE MONEY, KEEP EXPECTING MORE, CAUSE VIOLENCE, and Deliver NOTHING AT ALL, BUT MISERY.—-GET-RID-OF-THESE-SCUM. Maybe in 20-30 years, you will REALIZE The Massive Mistake You Have Made, or Allowed to Happen.—–Very SAD and Totally UNPRODUCTIVE.

  5. ‘155 crimes per “asylum seeker ” ‘. So each ‘asylum seeker’ committed more than one crime.
    Strip out women and children from that, and it gets even worse.

  6. Well done protestors, but what the establishment needs to see is 105,000 protestors in order to get their attention!

  7. The politicians are well protected and live in wealthy areas so don’t see or feel threatened by these invaders, the EU citizens have been treated with contempt by their leaders and you can notice the rise in hatred towards refugees and the EU leaders, why do governments treat their own citizens as second class while giving everything to these invaders.

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