50,000 Nationalists March in Poland

Around 50,000 Polish nationalists demonstrated today in the city center of Warsaw against the nonwhite invasion of Europe and the European Union—and in particular the latter’s demands that Poland “absorb” invaders who have flooded into Germany over the past few months.


The massive demonstration—the largest such event yet in Poland—comes only two weeks after the populist Law and Justice party, described by the controlled media as “right wing”—convincingly won elections in that country, forcing out the previous administration which had not taken a firm enough line against the invasion of Europe.

The nationalist rally, which attached itself to the official Independence Day commemorations in Poland, was addressed by Ruch Narodowy (the National Movement); Member of Parliament Tomasz Rzymkowski; the head of the All-Polish Youth, Adam Andruszkiewicz; and a guest speaker from the Hungarian Jobbik party.


The parade was attended by Jobbik’s Farkas Gergely and Kepli Lajos, the parliamentary representative of Jobbik’s Youth Division. A speech was delivered by László Toroczkai, Jobbik mayor of the city of Ásotthalom.

In his speech, Rzymkowski said the Polish parliament’s first major test would be the issue of “illegal economic migrants from Islamic countries. We do not want them here,” he said to rousing cheers.

Andruszkiewicz devoted his speech to an attack on the structure of the European Union, saying that their “mission was to rescue the Republic from the hands of the people who brought about the fact that we have to say goodbye to our people who have gone to London to wash dishes . . . We are here to stop these criminals who have created that system, and return our country to rule by Polish patriots.”

The large crowd repeatedly chanted “Poland for the Polish” and “Yesterday Moscow, today Brussels, taking our freedom away.” Other slogans reported by the Polish media included “Let us hurry and finish off the communists …” and “Stop Islamisation.”


Some participants burned an EU flag, while thousands of others carried the red-and-white flag of Poland, making an astonishing sight of a sea of flags moving over the heads of the crowd.

This march was, in strong contrast to far-leftist street demonstrations, completely peaceful and ended without incident.

The only violation of the law, the police reported, was that many in the crowd let off red handheld flares, which are illegal in public places. The police however, declined to intervene in view of the peaceful nature of the march.

Polish-nationalists-02 Polish-nationalists burned-eu-flag


Update: Please be aware that there were two distinct parts to the celebrations on 11 November: the official celebration, state-organized, National Independence Day. This included parades, commemorations and more.

The second part is the demonstration referred to in this article. 

Some sources have claimed that more than 100,000 people attended the celebrations. This is certainly possible–for all the events.

It would however, be incorrect to claim that everyone who attended the National Independence Day belonged to the “nationalist” group.

We have therefore relied on our correspondent’s estimates of how many attended, as the figures are backed up by the photographs.

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  1. I can't believe what's happening in England, I feel so sorry for the Brits that don't want this. You work so hard all your lives for your pensions, NHS etc just to be screwed. This wouldnt have happened under Churchill's watch

  2. God bless the Poles ,well done. A lesson for us all, be proud of your country and who you are. High time the African and Arab peoples woke up to themselves

  3. they're not against non-white immigration, they're just against muslims coming in raping their women and children like they are across the rest of europe.

    and well done poland.

  4. I am reading these comments with tears running down my face..
    Makes me very proud to be Polish, and I believe our country will once again shine, even brighter before our great grand fathers had to fight for our freedom during the war. I believe in Solidarity and Poland's united voices will hopefully lead Europe into a better future by an example!
    I hope Australia will also learn and not make the same mistakes as Europe as I am currently living here, empathising with European citizens.
    "Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła kiedy my żyjemy! Co nam obca przemoc wzięła szablą odbierzemy!"
    God Bless You All!
    Pozdrawiam Wszystkich Polaków!
    Jestem z Wami i trzymajmy się Razem!


  5. Wow, the points you have made have made are incredibly correct and have really touched me as I can fully empathise with you since I am a Polish living in Australia. I would like to hear more about your views on that matter.
    Best regards!

  6. Poland is my new favorite European Country. We could only hope to have this kind of unity in America. In these.. very Un-United States.

  7. Poland never ever attacked or tried to invade another country???learn some history….by the way im with you on this topic though…

  8. The problem with Britain is that, as in Poland and France the 'Brit' has no legitimate focal point to rally around. I suspect that if one existed, it would be oversubscribed in a short space of time.
    Anyone who has watched the brilliant performances of UKIP's Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament cannot escape the feeling that he should be turned loose on the British Parliament but come the last election in May 2015 unfortunately this was not to be. I detect that presently Nigel is not so controversial as he used to be.
    The only other options is the likes of Britain First whose members apparently mainly prefer the appearance of the private security guard: overweight, the shaved head and black garb (you know the sort – every major store has one standing just in inside the entrance looking menacing).
    Brits, anyone any ideas?

  9. We Poles demonstrate to fight for free Europe and free Poland. We fight against islamization, against genocide and to stop extinction of our civilization. We put our voice to protect all Europeans and western culture. We will never stop it. Our front is growing stronger with more and more people joining in, including other East European countries. We are a few nations in Europe that were not overrun by corrupted ideas, we haven’t been brain washed as Western countries were. The result is that Western countries can not stand to oppose this crazy mass islamization, but we still can and we are not afraid to do that. No other organization or country will force us to believe these lies imposed by EU. We are not against helping people in need, but we will not let others manipulate us, destroy us, destroy our culture and our right to live a free life according to christian basic values that our European societies are built on. We know that if we don’t stand up no other country will. That’s why we take action as our obligation to protect our European brothers against constant islamisation of Europe. We don’t want to be muslims by force, be raped, killed, were burka, go to Mosque or read Koran. We don’t want eventually be killed by Muslims. Our old continent is under threat. We all Europeans are in danger and must wake up. White race is on the way to extinction and soon we become a minority in our home land. We don’t want to lose our identity. You Brits and other Western European were born to freedom. We Poles were born to communism. You have no idea what it is to live in an oppressive system which violate human rights, kills people for free speech and send them to Russian camp in Siberia. You take freedom for granted that’s why you easy undervalue it. We had to fight for our freedom bloody domestic wars. As a punishment from Russia we had no food and bread to eat because stores were empty. It has been a long bloody war and many of us were dead and killed on our streets. Poland never was a communist country. It was imposed on us by force after ww2 so other countries could live in freedom in Western Europe. Your freedom but our hell. We paid the price, but we Poles fight on many front lines during ww2 including Britain and France. We fight to save Europe and we become alienated, punished for nothing. Poland is a country that never ever in a history attacked or invaded other nations, instead we go and fight for common good. That’s what we are Poles. We believe that now is time to fight again, but this time danger is much greater then Russian communism was. If we let it be the current problems, we will be genocide, this is why we stand up and become a role model to other Europeans, that do nothing, but wait for their slow death. What kind of future do you want to give to your children? No identity? What do you tell to your kids…that he is no longer European, christian?? What do you say to your kid… that we must forget whom we are and pretend to be someone we are not…artificially made creatures by hypocrites? EU is not protecting our citizens but letting us slowly die, extinct and shut up so now we can not even say what we really want to say. No way, Poles will not let it happen. We had to fight our freedom that now this freedom is under threat.

  10. Stand with Sweden. God bless Poland the Brave but don't forget Sweden in your prayers and words of encouragement.
    Sweden is really suffering under socialism and a horrific rape and crime crisis.
    Get up swedish men and defend your woman and children for Gods sake.
    Swedes must stand together demand closed borders and the death penalty for paedophiles and rapists. The swedish people are being decimated by rape and crime in front of our eyes. World opinion counts. Stand with Sweden and help shake her awake

  11. Eastern European are smarter than their rich counterparts.
    Way to go Poland. Muslim countries should take care of Muslim refugees. Oil rich Arabs do not want them.

  12. God bless the Poles! Maybe it is the inspiration of Jan Sobieski stirring the hearts of the Polish people who will never shame his memory. Go Poland!!!!

  13. The way to go, Poland!
    Have anyone thought why there are no terorist's acts in Germany!? Think about what will happen with migrants and muslims if/when German nationalist and neonazist react on something like in Paris !?

  14. Im jealous for you polish ppl. You're doing it right, others aren't. Luckily my great grandfather was polish so that's something I can be proud of.

  15. What's definitely missing here in that equation is some British pride and action (!) we hear so much on many boards – you guys need to change you attitude and clean London first. I don't mean Kensigton & Chelsea – perhaps Woolwich! London could be the first and foremost example, ya'know?

  16. FINALLY! A nation that won't let historic "white guilt" blind them to the truth of what is happening TODAY! Very proud of Poland and know you have a lot of supporters world wide!

  17. Agreed! Europe must resist! Poland is giving whites all over the world hope. They will take everything you have worked for and leave it in ruin.

  18. good job Poland, Germany we are disappointed in you. and to you to Norway. we have German in us and we feel very disgraced as to what you have done, you have caused death t come to your country. I hope all the rest of Europe follows Poland's lead.

  19. Good truthful comment SJC,like most of the posts on here,by you,English Patriot,and others,so far,the ones still with heads in sand,and continue to be in a state of denial,are now showing that by their agreeing with what is,and has been happening because of the invasion,is proving that for most of the denying ones, it's mostly for monitory reasons only,they care little about the damage being inflicted on a daily basis for many.

  20. Looks like the people act and don't whine about petty things like we do here. They have scum bag president and politicians like we do. Would you see a large number of people here march on washington to make changes here? We have too many muslims and illegals living here. Our country isn't any less corrupt than any other ones. Most Americans are stupid.

  21. @ SJC Not just prison meals – school and hospital meals are also halal. Unbelievable that this civilised nation actually turns back our clock of evolution so as to appease Third Worlders who refuse to move with the times.
    Crazy ain`t it?

  22. Swedes have been brainwashed for decades now so no news can change their leftists' attitude, anyway 🙂
    I feel very sorry for Swedish taxpayers – what the government has been doing to its own nation for years is a pure madness!

  23. You're absolutely right – Europe id heading toward a disaster! An organization with esentially only economy based ties forgot about defending its borders? That's a sad joke!
    "The EU has agreed to a €1.8bn (£1.3bn) fund to help Africa tackle "the root causes of irregular migration".

    But some African leaders have already criticised the sum being offered as insufficient." – another meaning of BLACKmail 🙂

  24. Not a word about it in the Swedish media. And there was close to nothing about the election to the Parliament, just a brief note that Polish nationalists were to take over. On the whole Poland, a neighbour country, is seldom mentioned in Swedish media, unless there is something very negative to report, such as "Polish anti-semitism" and bakwardness. Strange that this manifestation was ignored, as it would fit very well the usual anti-Polish agenda.

  25. Wll done Poland and your proud Polish people, we in the UK should be doing the same, but I am still waiting for action. Our Muslim loving government cannot import them into our tiny Island fast enough, they rape and abuse our women and not enough is done to bring them to justice. Our prisons are full of them and they then demand special privileges, and demand that pork is banned and all meat should be Halal, which our pathetic Human Rights Laws usually grant them, then they intimidate the other prisoners, even threatening them until they are forced to convert to Muslims or be beaten up. They leech of our Welfare systems bleeding us dry and refuse totally to go to work. The women cover their faces and bodies head to toe in religious garb which is a security threat and deeply offensive to western, white, non Muslim women. They also breed uncontrollably which we all have to pay for. They also breed with first cousins and this incestuous relationship then produces subnormal, genetically deformed offspring which then gives them the right to claim disability benefits. I could go on about them endlessly, but in short they are 100% intolerant of all other people, selfish and ungrateful, and they force their filthy culture onto our nation. Sharia Law and all the dangers it entails is slowly creeping upon us all. Poland is correct to reject them, we don't want them either, but are stuck with them, and it is now considered an arrestable offence to insult a Muslim.

  26. Our leaders are not listening . They control the media and Global business controls them . Without money they cannot control these institutions , whether it is offering that well paid job or that back hander to turn a blind eye they keep their minions in check and us in our place .
    We must start making a sacrifice for our children and culture as their end is now in sight . As business is the engine for ever cheaper Labour , promoting a Europe without indigenous rights , these organisations must be the ones we attack . It is only by affecting their profits that they will force our leaders to represent only us .
    So what can we do ? The left wing elite have infected all the positions of power wher they can stop you getting that job or house . If we take to the streets the left wing fascists arrive bussed in by the hundreds by their masters to create trouble to put you in a position to retaliate but the media only reports on your reactions .
    No our approach must be a fist in a velvet glove . They have been so clever in controlling us without violence by threatening our progression from jobs to political appointments creating a glass ceiling we could not see was there .
    I have a few ideas but I would imagine there are many more ways I had not thought of .
    The unions of which we are members peddle workers rights yet their left wing agenda encourage rights for foreign workers but not their own members who they sell out to business , write to them with a deadline of the intention of quitting membership unless they stop assisting the import of foreign workers.
    A National strike against immigration which would reduce taxes and business profits .
    A boycott of Global businesses, profits would be lowered and if this was coordinated throughout the western world would be devastating to them .
    Any media platform should be used to educate and raise attention to our cause .
    If we fiddle much longer while Rome burns then our civilisation is finished and for that matter so is the world for these barbarians bring only hate and intolerance . Stop talking start doing .

  27. Na marszu w Dniu NIepodległości było ponad 100K (tyśięcy) ludzi. Marsz jest organizowany oddolnie przez grupy patriotyczne. W tym roku była największa ilość soób. Hasłem przewodnim marszu było: Polska dla Polaków, Polacy dla Polski. Wsród maszerujących byli ludzie w każdym wieku. Od małych dzieci do osób starszych. Marsz przebiegał spokojnie. W latach przeszłych w czasie marszu dochodziło do prowokacji policyjnych za zgodą władz Platformy Obywatelskiej (Tusk, Kopacz). W tym roku w wyborach Naród Polski, wybrał Prawo I Sprawiedliwość oraz Kukiz15. Tym samym w polskim parlamencie ma większość prawica (patrioci). Po za sejmem znaleźli się komuniści i lewica. Jest jeszcze Platforma Obywatelska (centrowcy-złodzieje) oraz Nowoczesna (Banksters-złodzieje) ale są słabi, oraz ledwo zipiąca PSL (ludowcy-złodzieje). Tak więc Polacy zdecydowali się zmienić kierunek i podążyć drogą zdrowego rozsądku. Od 8 lat Polska była rozkradana przez Tuska i jego ekipę złodziei. Teraz ten złodziej (Donald Tusk), zwany w Polsce, ryżym lub kierownikiem, uciekł do Brukseli pod sukienkę Angeli Merkel. Dobrze wie, że do Polski nie ma co wracać. Polska odwraca się od wszelkich idiotycznych i chorych projektów lewicy. Naród zdecydował, że w Polsce nie będzie propagandy LGBT, gender, islamizacji czy walki z Kościołem Katolickim. Te idiotyzmy nie są na Narodu Polskiego. Pozdrawiam z Polski. Greetings from Poland.

  28. There was not 50k but more than 100k!!! Great Poland!!!

    Editorial note: Please be aware that there were two distinct parts to the celebrations on 11 November: the official celebration, state-organized, National Independence Day. This included parades, commemorations and more.
    The second part is the demonstration referred to in this article. In fact, if you read the article carefully, this was specifically mentioned.
    It is certainly possible that in total, more than 100,000 people attended all the events.
    It would however, be incorrect to claim that everyone who attended the National Independence Day belonged to the "nationalist" group.
    We have therefore relied on our correspondent's estimates of how many attended, as the figures are backed up by the photographs.

  29. A české média zatím mlčí, ticho, nic nevíme a to je Polsko náš soused. Chápete to????????Nevíme co se děje u sousedů, ale co se déje v kdejaké odlehlejšé části světa, tak to víme…Nechápu naše média.

  30. They are allowing their leaders to use their taxes to assist the Islamic Aggression (see UN Resolution on the Definition of Aggression 1974), also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article's 3, 4 Everyone has the right of life, liberty and security of person. No one shall be held in slavery or servitude:
    A tax revolt will ensure that participants cannot be held as liable in the current criminal activity in violation of the Treaties guaranteed by the UN. The Muslim people have a obligation to look after their own citizens and the Islamic tourists can pay for the services they want or get help from their own Embassy's. If a Syrian child dies in Poland from starvation the UN will hold the legitimate ruler of Syria responsible for neglecting his subjects and looking after the rights of minorities from his own country.

  31. European South Africans are being murdered every day for being white, since 1994 close too 100 000 European South Africans have been murdered, the world remains silent. Europe must resist this mass invasion of their countries, forced upon them by communists,Jews and liberals, if Europe does not resist, you will face a similar future as the European South Africans.

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